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  1. 2020 shaping up to be a big year for concerts. My entertainment budget looking like this: Tool (new album, A+) Pearl Jam ( new album) the Black Crowes ( reunion tour) Roger Waters ( new show, for real) Throw in a couple country acts to keep my wife happy, a football game or two, and there you go. I’m not closing the book on seeing GNR again, but after seeing them four times on NITL, they need to bring something really different and exciting for me to want to go over some of these other acts. As far as billing this as an “All New Show” I’m not falling for that again; I spent big-big bucks on tickets, airfare, hotel, and rental car for Vegas Night 1 to see the Big 3 perform together for the first time since ‘93 (Which is how they billed it) only to have the surprise show 8 days earlier. Took some wind outta the sails for me.
  2. What’s the story about Rick getting 10-15k from team Brazil? I missed it. Somebody fill me in please.