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  1. NEW LINK: https://bit.tube/play?hash=Qmb9E4PxMMQAopJh9fZkMw6o3H715QkJ4BLmsL8Gy8VjY3&channel=18327 Look what i found. Full Back Off Bitch live in the 80's. I think it's from 85-86.It doesn't says the year. I didn't know if to post the link considering the problems with the leaks. I have posted it anyway. If there are problems, I'll delete it. I think it's the only filmed version of the song. A true piece of history. Enjoy!
  2. I bet we'll have another video today. Or maybe two. Japanese are good people.
  3. It's also the first complete "My Michelle" we have in proshot from the UY Tour. The other one it's from the Ritz (incomplete). So on my wishlist from the UY Tour there would be : Locomotive ( has been played few times in 1991), Breakdown ( the same), Out to Get Me (Also played in 1992 even as the opener for a few dates, after Axl has been arrested for the riot show in St Louis), Reckless Life (played in 1993), Bad Apples (Rio 1991), Garden Of Eden ( some shows in 1993), Back Off Bitch (Toronto 1991). That's from what we know but take in consideration the fact that there were shows that we don't have the exact setlist too, very little documented in any way. so there might be surprises. for example, all I heard or seen fron Las Vegas 1992 sounds incredible, and we don't even have the whole setlist of that. It's good we'll have The Garden and Nice Boys soon!
  4. This setlist also has Dust N' Bones & 14 Years. Interesting. It looks like an UY Tour setlist. But it has Think About You that was never played in 91-93.
  5. Robin Fink Interview 2018

    Besides Slash i think Robin is the best lead guitarist Guns had emotion and feeling wise. Nice to finally see and hear him talk.
  6. He introduced Duff every night from 91 to 93 as " The king of beers". I was talking about that era. In the recent tour he introduces Slash too.
  7. Why do you think Axl didn't introduced Slash during band introductions on the UY Tour ? Instead he introduced him almost every night along with Teddy and the horn section before "Bad Obsession".
  8. You can close this thread. Meegan has just posted on her instagram a long message of how pround she is of Slash being in GN'R and of Axl, Duff and the rest of the guys. She also says that she is excited for the european tour next summer.
  9. Maybe we should write a petition for the Holy Grail. At least get a "no" answer and chill ourselves forever.