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  1. So basicaly, there is no plan for The Conspirators this year. Myles was more than reserved. " The Guns thing is going so well " - quote. Also, in the comment section, someone claims that he has a source close to 4tus that confirmed that Guns are going in the studio in February. I find it hard to believe but i thought i'd point it out.
  2. So happy for Axl that he delivered some magnificent vocals last night. And also Slash killed it. He was way sloppier when the tour started but last night he was incredible. The first half of his solo, pure class... Who the fuck plays for 4 hours these days ? Brilliant!
  3. The basicaly played all the songs that have been played this tour.
  4. Inglewood '91, you're history!
  5. Use Your Illusion Tour Compilation

    There isn't any Nightrain proshot from 91 besides the Rio one. I think Argentina 1993 is far superior.
  6. Use Your Illusion Tour Compilation

    Yes it was. In 1993 wasn't.
  7. Hy guys, just made a compilation, something like Live Era, but only from the Use Your Illusion Tour. I compiled the best performances of each song, trying to put in songs that have been filmed proshot. The most important thing i tried to do is to put in songs from as many concerts that i could, so it would be kinda balanced and be alot of diversity. I got all the files from you tube and compiled them at 60 fps, the sound and video quality differs but it's kinda good. I'm sure there are people like Frans N' Roses and Karlniceboy that can do a better job. (I want to thank them because most of the songs are downloaded from their you tube channels. I want you to tell me where can i upload it, i'm not very good at uploading stuff. The tracklist would be : 1. Right Next Door To Hell - Indiana 1991 2. Mr. Brownstone - Allpine Valley 1991 3. Perfect Crime - St. Louis 1991 4. Bad Obsession - Paris 1992 5. Live and Let Die - London 1991 6. It's So Easy - Tokyo 1992 7. Yesterdays - Las Vegas 1992 8. Dust N' Bones - St. Louis 1991 9. Double Talkin Jive - Paris 1992 10. Attitude - Buenos Aires 1992 11. You Ain't The First - Buenos Aires 1993 12. Patience - Rio 1991 13. You Could Be Mine - Florida 1991 14. November Rain ( including It's Alright ) - Buenos Aires 1992 15. Civil War - Paris 1992 16. 14 Years - Indiana 1991 17. Nightrain - Buenos Aires 1993 18. Preety Tied Up - Oklahoma 1992 19. Coma - Chicago 1992 20. Rocket Queen - Tokyo 1992 21. Welcome to The Jungle - Paris 1992 22. Sweet Child O' Mine - Santiago 1992 23. Knocking On Heaven's Door - London 1992 24. Move to The City - Tokyo 1992 25. So Fine - Chicago 1992 26. Don't Cry - Florida 1991 27. Dead Horse - Buenos Aires 1993 28. Estranged - Tokyo 1992 29. Pardise City - London 1992
  8. Destroyer 2009 + Request - VIDEO

    Can you upload all the shows from 92/93 too ?
  9. How can I subscribe ?
  10. Use Your Illusion Tour - Proshot Compilation

    I started to download and the link broke. Hm.
  11. Use Your Illusion Tour - Proshot Compilation

    Thank you! You Rock!
  12. Use Your Illusion Tour - Proshot Compilation

    Any links on the 3 dvd Live Era made by Karlniceboy ?
  13. Let's All Hold Hands

    Best GN'R song ever. Period.
  14. Use Your Illusion Tour - Proshot Compilation

    Thanks a lot! I would be so greatful. Thanks for what you're doing. Your work is fabulous. I can't wait for the Live Era. And maybe you'll release all the shows in 60 fps and remastered. They're the best versions tha exist. Cheers!