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  1. re listening to the Don't Cry from 86, I hope we will have some kind of tweaked version of that one... Best version of the song ever recorded in my opinion, it would really be a shame not to have it
  2. Unpopular opinion maybe but I think the cryptic marketing is going Pretty good and kinda unique so I'm happy for the band, but it's undeniable that is riddiculous to do all this for a fuckin box set remaster deluxe whatever... Such a shame, would have been great for a new album
  3. I hope things will move soon because the suspense is really too much... trying to be rational though, new music is out of the picture since they are refering way too much and obviously to AFD... Also something just show related would be non sense as many pointed out Universal Music is involved and not Live Nation, so one would think there has to be some kind on release. I'm going crazy just seeing that something is happening honestly
  4. honestly I'm a huge Slash fan, enjoyed every bit of his solo work... but at this point this kinda bums me up a lot; we will get another great rock record with lots of good riffs that will make us think "this would have been a great GNR song", we will get generic vocals and lyrics, and again I love Myles but it's just the objective truth... his writing does not have the same impact. When World on Fire was released I was all over it for a couple of months and I still like it but it got old really quick, and I'm not happy to say these things. I get it though, the album was on hold for 2 damn years, and since it's already scheduled for september I would guess that these songs are the ones that were in writing and pre production before the GNR tour kicked in, so of course they're gonna complete and release the album. Also since Slash is constantly writing I would like to think that the riffs and ideas that came up recently and are coming up now will be saved for future GNR music; he does sound pretty happy about Guns and Slash would not be this happy about it if new music was not being considered... I think he wants to add new elements to the legacy of the band, he is not the kinda guy to keep touring without any creative energy, that's why I believe it will happen. Of course I would have prefered to be sooner, but again, I get why he wanted to wrap this record up first
  5. GN'R BOOKS - Where to start from?

    Thanks everybody for your suggestions,I think at this point since slash is a personal hero of mine and I love insights about the recording process,I could start with his book, than maybe continue with canter's and so on ...what do you think about that? The only doubt would be that I don't wanna get lost in too many junkies tales and focus more on band dynamic and recording process
  6. With the new Matt Sorum book coming out and everything I wanted to ask some of you guys who know more than me, where to start from. I haven't read any of the GN'R books out... And I was curious to know your opinion on which one is the best one to begin with. I was thinking about Mick Wall's Last of the Giants, but I have read that it borrows a lot from Slash's and Duff's books. I hope you guys can help me out, I'm hungry for some GN'R news, interviews, new music and everything, reading the forum all day every day hoping to find some new rumor or something... But since it's dead silent I can take this chance to read up the stuff I've missed. Thank You!