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  1. Frank is a cool guy, great drummer. A drummer with a lot of swing and taste. But he changes the drum patterns in every old gnr song. I just don't like that. I would like to have another drummer from the past. Or please Frank do it like it should be.
  2. I noticed that Axl used a blue microphone again. Just as in the 90's. But with a black top (I don't know the name) Sounds a bit stupid but like to see the old mic again.
  3. Axl sounds fucking great on Better.
  4. 3 months break. What to do?

    March 3-5: Get back to L.A. March 6-7: Rest time March 8-31: Write & rehearse cca. 12 new songs together April 1-4: brake time & rest time April 5-20: Recording the new 12 songs April 20-30: Mixing & Mastering May 1-2: Rest time May 3-4: New video shooting May 5-6: Album artwork May 6 10 p.m. : Album finished send to print May 7-10: Rest, chill, train periode May 11-15: Rehearse part 1 May 16-20: Some random interviews, relax time May 21-22: Rehearse part 2 May 23: On the plane to Ireland May 25: Suddenly release of the new video on YT May 26: Suddenly realease the new album May 27: Slane Castle...