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  1. Where's Izzy?:) But I'm really intrested in the meaning of the title.
  2. What is the meaning of the title of this song? Is it about a certain person or something else? I tried to find it out but till now: I just don't know. Double talking? Jive?
  3. AC/DC line-up discussion

    Because of this? https://www.metal-hammer.de/acdc-neues-album-mit-brian-johnson-und-phil-rudd-1089989/
  4. Do we have any information about the official schedule for this show? There are 2 openers.
  5. Frank is beaten in 0 time Look at this energy.
  6. Frank is a cool guy, great drummer. A drummer with a lot of swing and taste. But he changes the drum patterns in every old gnr song. I just don't like that. I would like to have another drummer from the past. Or please Frank do it like it should be.