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  1. I noticed that Axl used a blue microphone again. Just as in the 90's. But with a black top (I don't know the name) Sounds a bit stupid but like to see the old mic again.
  2. Axl sounds fucking great on Better.
  3. 3 months break. What to do?

    March 3-5: Get back to L.A. March 6-7: Rest time March 8-31: Write & rehearse cca. 12 new songs together April 1-4: brake time & rest time April 5-20: Recording the new 12 songs April 20-30: Mixing & Mastering May 1-2: Rest time May 3-4: New video shooting May 5-6: Album artwork May 6 10 p.m. : Album finished send to print May 7-10: Rest, chill, train periode May 11-15: Rehearse part 1 May 16-20: Some random interviews, relax time May 21-22: Rehearse part 2 May 23: On the plane to Ireland May 25: Suddenly release of the new video on YT May 26: Suddenly realease the new album May 27: Slane Castle...
  4. What do you expect from a new album?

    I hope they will make the album from scratch. Some kind of mix of AFD+UYI(not the sound but the melodies) with some salt and pepper of CD and Smkc. And can't wait to hear Duff's addings on it. About lyrics well I don't know what to expect. I hope more reflections about the happenings in the world this time. As extra I would like to have Izzy's contribute to the album. And Steven.
  5. Holland looks like at this moment that it's sold out. Around 14.00 I bought my ticket You can buy still early entry Golden Circle for 325 euro. And sure you can also buy the tix for Welcome to the jungle Ultimate 1035 euro... But the normal tix are sold out.
  6. This. 50-50% would satisfy everybody. I don't want Frank to get fired but I would like to hear definitely more Adler.
  7. Wao Adler! Much more better than the new one. I'm sure Frank is a nice guy and nothing against him personally. It's just about the style how he adds drum parts to a song. And with his fills the song sounds not as good anymore. A drummer style/person can change the whole texture of a song.
  8. I'm almost sure it will get a huge media attention. I think footages will be everywhere in the headlines.
  9. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    As far as I know in Budapest/Hungary at this moment there isn't any stadium. The only one is demolished in the spring 2016 and they are going to build a new one. So if they want to play Hungary they have to do it in an arena or at a festival.