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  1. What happens to me is that I can totally understand why Axl took BH in GnR. He had everything to take Slash’s place without trying to replace him. I’d love to hear all the unheard BH guns songs. That said, Slash belongs in GNR and no one is or would be a better fit for GnR
  2. Am I the only one who imagines Slash trying to play this at home???
  3. I would never tear BH down because he might be my second favorite guitar player after Slash. We should try to enjoy both of them, each on their own.
  4. Mustaine said BH is twice as good as him and Slash combined...end of discussion.
  5. I guess most of us believe Axl is capable of bringing that Slash out. I really hope they do something together, I believe in them
  6. I insist on Elan’s “Street Child” solo being the last pure magical solo he has made. of course there are good and veery good ones like Wicked Stone...but the one on Street Child just makes my skin shiver every fkn time
  7. Favorite Slash albums

    My favorite Slash non Gnr guitar is on Elan’s Street Child. Fucking amazing...that’s Slash
  8. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    I believe they don’t and won’t play PTU because of its lyrics. I hope I’m wrong cause I love that song and believe they can pull it off really good.
  9. Hope is free...I’ll loose hope the day I close my eyes forever. Until then...I’ll wait for it
  10. I enjoyed AL and WoF but I don't like Myles either... I like Alter Bridge but get tired of his singing easily. This New SMKC songs arent doing anything on me, I feel i've heard them before.
  11. I guess we're many argentinians in this forum. We are all asking ourselves the same question 😂
  12. When he did that with Estranged ir ended up being the best song ever created... So I wouldnt mind if it happened again. I just hope Slash and Duff convince Axl to sing with REAL DRIVE
  13. No more AXL/DC? Looks like AC/DC have reunited with Brian Johnson.

    I don't know, something seems wrong...Chris Slade has been giving interviews about Ac DC and noq he's out? I still believe in Axl/DC until Angus says different.
  14. AC/DC line-up discussion

    I hope Axl is featured at least as a guest in the next AC DC record...I believe Angus would pull his best voice.