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  1. Locomotive Acoustic Cover - Gareth Rhodes

    He has plenty of great covers...he is very very good
  2. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    I would add the middle verses of If the World... It's amazing what Axl can do with his voice...there's too many choices of singing styles and voices hahahaha what a singer. He'll be the best singer ever in my world, no matter what.
  3. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    He also sounds old in Madagascar... I think this could be from anytime arround 2000 and 2008
  4. Am I the only one who thinks Silkworms is lacking the principal vocal layer???? This sounds like an instrumental versión with backing vocals
  5. All I kinow is that nevermind how much we trash this band for whatever reasons, we're still here holding on for them, hoping for Axl to have a good night hahaha
  6. Difference is Steven's talk voice is the same as his singing voice...Axl's venom voice is forced... The other difference in my world is that Axl's venom voice can't be matched by any other voice ever. But that's just me. Steven is a fucking great singer, I mean GREAT
  7. The last thing I’ll say is I think a scream like the chinese intro instead of those “hey” would fit this sing incredibly good.
  8. Just imagine a studio version with Axl...man even when he is shitty he’s still the one I love hahahaha
  9. I have to say I love the way he sings the chorus. His voice sucked but I love Axl imput melody-wise. I hope he improves his singing and he will rock the shit out of this song.
  10. I asked Mitch if que got an interview with Axl and slash and he answered “a currenr member of the band”...which means NOTHING NEW
  11. @Fernando hi man, thanks for this. What will happen first??? Axl/DC album or GnR new album???? Thanks so much
  12. IMHO I believe Izzy is irreplaceable, while Sorum would make most of us forget about Steven. I'm hoping to see Izzy at some point. I've seen Steven here in Argentina and it was great, but I'm not holding my breath for him to be honest.
  13. Today I was listening Dead Horse and I thought....this would’ve been great unplugged. Fuck me....why couldnt they do that. Its a pitty really
  14. Today I heard after a long time Gilby’s Dead Flowers feat Axl on it... and he definetly sounds Chinese Demoracyish on it....and it was 1994. We need to know about his vocals hahaha
  15. I appreciate the great work these guys are doing for us fans. However I dont get why would anyone consider offensive asking about an admitted change in a singing style. I guess it depends on the way its being asked, but I dont mean this in an aggresive way.