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  1. His impression is of the hole GnR sound, and he sounds reaaally good. congratulations to that guy
  2. Well, I'm visiting California in April, and I'm planning to go to his house to at least get a picture in the Gate...what for??? I don't really know, I guess I'll feel good by being so close to where my all time music hero lives hahahah we fans can be weird, I must admit... But I'm travelling from Argentina, so I don't care about being weird at all
  3. You can google Axl's adress in Malibu...
  4. This is the only guy that made me doubt a little while back in time...but even he (though a GREAT Axl impression) doesn't sound like our Axl... He sounds better that CD Axl, though....
  5. That’s not Axl guys. I insist...when his voice gets clearer you can be sure that’s not Axl voice. Impressive Axl imitation though... There’s an Anastasia clip as well
  6. That’s not Axl. But even that cover can show everybody how Axl can turn a good song into an incredible one. Just listen when he starts to sing. That’s not our Axl
  7. He should get Axl in a studio...not restricting orders
  8. Hope you get Sebastian Bach any time soon. Thanks Sid!!!
  9. Tracy and Roberta???? Hahahahah
  10. I hope this isn’t true. We need Slash with Axl. END
  11. Next GN'R Album Name Rumors?

    “Unburied” or “Just Shut Up and Sung”
  12. Our Interview with Dizzy Reed

    I'm heading to LA soon...where do I have chances to have any encounter with famous people (hopefully Axl hahaha)???
  13. Axl, Slash, Izzy, Duff...those are the big 4. None of them would be the same without the others, except maybe Axl and Slash hahahaa
  14. Our Interview with Dizzy Reed

    You should probably interview Sebastian Bach...he will talk abour CD unheard songs at least.
  15. @sidman69PLEASE ASK HIM ABOUT AXL VOCAL CHANGE... I'm really interested in their point of view. I'm not arguing about Axl's voice. I've enjoyed shows VERY MUCH. I just would like to know what these guys, who've known him for so long think. THANKS FROM ARGENTINA