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  1. I don't know why, but I get the feeling that we are closer to having some new leaks...I hope I'm right. Only time will tell
  2. Bring Brain Back

    Well, in the interview where he recalls recording Chinese, he said he had to learn more than fifty songs...who knows of we’ll ever hear those songs. I hope we do
  3. Exactly...Studio Axl can't be beaten. I would kill to see Axl's studio sessions, really.
  4. Great song, love Axl's voice under Izzy's...
  5. Am I the only who listens to Street Child pretty often????
  6. I think the Snakepit albums are his best. I like Eric Dover's voice more that Rod Jackson's, but both albums are great IMO. I would definitely add "Street Child" by Elan feat. Slash. I think that's the best solo he's recorded out of GnR, maybe tied with Back and Forth Again from Snakepit.
  7. Chances of “Free Fallin” live?

    I mean a GREAT audio quality...it sounds good in the sense that ee can enjoy it, but I'd like it like Iron Maiden Live albums quality, if you know what I mean
  8. Chances of “Free Fallin” live?

    Axl Rose back on his prime would not only do justice to anything he would´ve attempted but he made this things even better that their original pieces. At least to me. I love his take on Free Fallin', I´d love to have a good recording of it. Nowadays I´m not sure if he could do that. I mean, we really don't know what he is capable of, I guess he is the only one who does. He seems to have lost his mid range, but sometimes in very few moments, he seems to let us know it´s still there, but it's his choice (probably to be able to make long shows/tours) not to use it. Whether he is capable of using it in a recording, that´s my only concern (IF NEW RECORDINGS EVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY)
  9. Hi there. I went to the show on sunday, and I've attended the 3 2016 shows in Argentina as well. The show was great, so everything I'm gonna say next, it's just a few observations. Axl: he was in a great mood, constantly speaking to the band through their inner chat. He seemed to give all he had voice-wise. Of couse there were ups and downs. As we all know, his mid range is the weaker one. He can't sing strongly the intro of live and let die anymore, or november rain, or yesterdays, etc. However, his performance was pretty enjoyable, and his screams just made my eyes fill with tears. His lower register is great, and I loved it especially on wichita lineman. Slash: ok, here is where I need to make some observations. I will sum this up by saying that if any hired band, played exactly what Slash is playing lately, we would be very VERY harsh on whoever it was. As it's Slash himself, we don't speak much about it. I really don't like the way he is playing most songs. He seems to make an effort on not sounding like his prior self. What happened to the "less is more Slash", the one who made solos full of melody and only sped up when needed. Now it's all the opposite. He is speeding up on everything, noodling everywhere. I just don't like it. Just listen to his solo on Yesterdays...what the fuck is that??? It only takes you to compare his double talkin jive from Paris '92 to any performance of this song in any 2016/2017 show. Of couse I still love him, and watching him perform to me is so special, but I had to say this. In regards of the band as a whole, they sounded good, with a few exceptions as DTJ (it was a sounding mess). I love this guys, and I will definitely see them everytime I get the chance. Just hope they drop some covers and play their own deep cuts.
  10. Sail away Sweet sister intro

    Me too, but I guess Axl can't do it anymore...We need to accept time has gone by for everyone, including Axl. Still the best for me though
  11. They played The Seeker in Rio, even though The Who played it before so I guess that won't stop them from playing that fucking song