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  1. NITL live videos on youtube

    People post stuff like this and then unironically wonder why TB avoids here and ignores our suggestions.
  2. NITL live videos on youtube

    lmao, moving on.
  3. And as many have pointed out so will GNR be, so what's your point?
  4. Not true at all. People seem to think perfectionists release 'perfect' products which is just silly. It just means they are not happy with their work until it fits their personal 'vision'.
  5. Live playing energy

    Why does Frank make people seethe on here so much?
  6. Same. Lyrics aside it's just a typical quiet-loud-quiet industrial rocker. Would be decent with a lyrical rework.
  7. Live playing energy

    The amount of armchair-setlist coaching is hilarious. KOHD is great in it's current form and represents a highlight of the set. No amount of forum cynicism changes that. An interesting take that you view cooperation as compromise.
  8. Live playing energy

    It absolutely does, it also absolutely does have to do with people watching every show online. Is still a highlight of the setlist so can stay as it is. Tbh I only really think his clean voice suffer on NR (Wish he'd sing it in a lower voice) . I think YCBM mostly sounds fine (again this forum just loves a dogpile) the clean voice works in the verses and he rasps the breakdown.
  9. Live playing energy

    Nah it's definitely noticeable. Just a change in his playing style (he's admitted it himself). His work on This I Love was originally great (His Las Vegas solos) so seems silly to say he'd hate the song. Nah simply wrong on KOHD. Goes down a treat every single time. The people that watch every show complain but there's few enough of them to be classed as rounding error. Some people just like his clean voice. I've noticed Axl singing clean in a live setting but never thought it sounded bad. Had a friend see Axl/DC and GNR within the span of a few months and they said they preferred his GNR vocals (surprise to me too!). Just horses for courses I guess. Don't know what show you've been to but the crowd didn't stop loving the show when I've seen them (through the whole 3 hrs and in blistering heat).
  10. Live playing energy

    I wouldn't really say it's more energetic but it feels like a close moment between the band and audience. The NITL tour is very maximal and goes with a 'shock and awe' approach. But it feels like the set would benefit from some more 'skin n bones' style I'd disagree with most of this comment really. The NITL performances sure as hell are not 'low energy' and seems churlish to say otherwise. I do like SMKC for what they are but people hype them a lil too much. Their performances are tight but unimaginative and their band gives off a 'horns in the air' vibe. Although I do think Slash and Myles are the perfect match for a 'side project' for each other as they are both so chill and talented enough to put out good music. Also shouldn't people STOP posting youtube videos?
  11. Saw this too. Assuming they have that recorded that should definitely be on the list for later releases. Though it's clear that currently they're focusing on NITL releases but Fernando has said "never say never" in regarding older stuff.
  12. I'd kind of put it down to certain people just complaining for the sake of complaining. How times have changed. I love 2006 but I think 2010 just eeks it for for me personally. But 2006 had some of the brightest spots of Axl's whole career. In similar news Reddit is trying to push for a release of sailing from 2006. https://www.reddit.com/r/GunsNRoses/comments/gphobz/fernando_please_we_want_the_2006_live_cover/
  13. Live playing energy

    Yeah Dead Horse rocks but I wouldn't swap KOHD for it. I'd probably swap out another 'fast' song for it so more likely ISO, maybe even Rocket Queen. Also Axl should start playing the acoustic at the start and end, such and easy moment that makes fans happy.
  14. Live playing energy

    Big disagree there, imo KOHD remains one of the highlights of the set and everyone I know that see's them live praised it. Also one of Axl's best vocals. Now would it be cool to switch it up a bit (acoustic like in 93?) sure. But don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Genuinely don't get the Frank hate.
  15. NITL live videos on youtube

    Played a tonne of deepcuts (including some absolute fa favs which haven't been played in decades), released a 'new' single (whole other conversation) and played some of their best covers. Couldn't really ask or more (new music aside). Personally I'm not that fussed for new music (and I love CD). It's just not going to make much of a dent in the setlist over the classic material that people actually want to hear. Will I listen to it when it comes out (and most probably like it) of course but I won't be pulling my hair out to hear it. That's already been done lol. They've said they're just picking shows at random so we'll have to see what they pick next. Would be cool to get some of Vegas 2016 of some 2017 shows (2017 gets slept on here). Might get a 'hit' song on this weeks one?