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  1. She's cool and should un-ironically be the social media manger for GNR.
  2. Yeah still just my opinion, don't intend to claim anything else. People on here care about the band and will have their opinions on how they personally think it could be run better, just like armchair coaches for sports teams. Very true, TB have been around a long time so they definitely get the job done and have presided over one of the most successful reunions in history. I do think it's true that artists and fans will naturally have differing priorities in terms of management.
  3. Indeed in my opinion. We're seeing the opposite of that now. Last new album released in 2008 and last live dvd 2012 and both of these were apparently wrestled away from from Axl.
  4. Copyright Strikes....

    I've still yet to see any proof that any of TB are implicit to any of these take downs. Does proof exist? "Overly burdensome on the artist" - lol
  5. Yes Axl won't want to do it. But management need to be better at telling him what he has to do. He likes TB because they don't make him do the basic behaviours a serious management team would.
  6. The fact that an image of Axl and Slash jamming hasn't been put out is simply a huge failure of management. Yep, Axl needs to be removed as creative control of GNR.
  7. Sex toys would be way more 'on brand' than 500 piece puzzles.
  8. So tinfoil hat stuff here. What if Hardschool was/is intended to be on this release? As far as I've seen there's no mock-up with the track list on the back of the LP. Could point to a tracklist still in flux or one that was hastily "updated"? Don't know if there's any more room on the LP's? Also I know that this is intended as a vinyl release but will we get a CD release with SOYL on it?
  9. If you're only referring to the teaparty then that's a different story. Though I still think the label doesn't really fit that well (any better than libertarian). They seem like a bit of a joke imo. I'm more opposing the labelling of any right leaning party as 'proto-fascism'. But if that wasn't the intent then fair enough.
  10. A bit of a ludicrous claim. But I can respect the idea that neither party really caters to liberal/libertarian beliefs. Though it might be a good year to be an independent candidate? Entirely possible tbh. I doubt Axl is a massive Biden fan but I think he'll argue he's the lesser of two evils (debatable).
  11. As far as I know Trump was referring to the standard 'cognitive test' that candidates do. I'd also suggest taking anything in the Washington Post with a heap of salt, that article read more than a little biased and failed to address Biden's gaffs. I think it's crazy that both parties have put forward someone in their 70's as their candidate. But as long as both are fighting fit they'll be fine. Be that as it may it is still Federal aid (I think?). Perhaps if it had been put to better use NY would be in a better position?
  12. All candidates that are 'of' a certain age are intended to take cognitive health tests. So imo both candidates for the race should take one. Now see the hubbub over people asking if Biden's previous words about 'testing' mean he's now doubling back on what he said. I mean they did send a literal hospital ship to NYC. As it stands I think Trump and Biden would be in a tight race. But the campaign of both parties is starting to really ramp up and depending on the likes of VP picks and debates we might see big channges.
  13. If Axl starts a solo career I'd be so happy.
  14. A band in their 50's are not going to be influential on the music scene. Doesn't mean the music can't be well received. Black Ice was a big album for ACDC, but that also went hand in hand with them putting songs in Iron Man 2. The way GNR could gain the most 'relevance' at this stage of their carrer is by putting out a biopic in a similar vein to 'The Dirt' and by signing off their songs to be used in high profile movies.
  15. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    I believe you can just get a refund via their refund webpage.