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  1. Fly GNAIR

    The shirts look so much better that any of the normal gnr merch.
  2. Is this the famous 'Pitman being useless' meme?
  3. We should start sending flowers or smth to people who stream for that long. We could send them a photo of Pitman and a Towel
  4. What do you mean? Denmark has a lot of english speakers. Also, you probably haven't listen to Babymetal yet
  5. what (local) time is GnR starting?
  6. No ways its not one of the big 3. This is a GnR interview. Dizzy/Fortus havent done a GnR interview in the recent times. Dizzy's interviews were about his solo tour and Fortus' were about new amps or something. This is the 2nd GnR interview since NILT started (first being the brazilian one). Big 3 shouldnt trust no one but themselves to do this.
  7. Yep, the NILT Rock in Rio show had awful Axl vocals and he seemed really happy about it or not aware of it at all. It's an improvement.
  8. If he took the post down, sounds like we are getting the live album announcement next week then. June 11th is a Monday. Bands normally announce stuff on Monday mornings right? Is the interview airing on the morning?
  9. Worse voice, better whistle timing
  10. This is when Joe Perry enters right?
  11. True. But either the stream is really off, or he's having mic problems too
  12. what is happening to Axl?