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  1. Adler's Appetite - You Could Be Mine [Great vocals]

    Looks like it's a good show
  2. New song name? I can see them drop a single about Trump called King of the Fn world
  3. "I'm selling the new guns album because it sucks at face value"
  4. Guns N Roses sues brewery

    Replies on this thread are idiotic. Of course they are going to sue. Companies cant use other people's brands to promote or sell their stuff without paying them (or at least get some sort of consent). GnR has every right to sue them, and they should do it
  5. What? The man almost drowned...
  6. I thought he only wears a towel at his shoulder
  7. Whats that? Its old moustache Axl, right? But its that Slash on the left of Izzy?
  8. What's the best opener GN'R has ever used?

    Not a fan of the same setlist every time, but every GnR show should start with McBob -> Easy
  9. What is your quintessential Guns N' Roses song?

    November Rain One of Axl's epics which would be a very good song either way, but Slash's solo(s) takes it to an all new level
  10. "Few days" Probably not GNR