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  1. As someone who only joined the forum in 2016, I have to say you can really tell who was around the dark years of the early 200s and who wasn't. You all have some sort of PTSD that is both funny and kind sad at the same time. I feel for those who followed the band when waiting for the release of CD. I can not imagine how many users MyGNR lost because they went insane. I'm aware of what Fortus said in the past. But vaguely saying we want to release music in the future and saying we want to drop an album next year isn't the same thing. Show some faith people
  2. Host asked about what Axl said on the last show about doing whats next. Fortus: "Yeah, we are going to try to do another record and get it out soon" Edit: Host asks how he doesn't think guns would be rushing to get it out and Fortus replies "I think it will happen faster than you think" H: Really? F: I sure hope it happens faster than you think. H: Can we get a new GnR song by the end of 2019? F: It can definitely happen ... H: Do you already have stuff? F: Maybe Sounds to me like CD2. The whole it can happen faster than you think as in we already have half the record done for the last 15 years lmao
  3. Sounds like he said "We had to do this first and you helped us do that, so..". He kinda rolls his tongue when he says 'do that' so I'm still not 100% sure 1:59
  4. I want to point out that as soon as I wrote that, my pc's filesystem when to shit and lost all my data/work stuff. GNR not releasing music is a force of nature
  5. That makes me think they have a studio album ready or close to ready to release. I don't want to believe they are going to tour the same stuff again
  6. Seeing @RussTCB and @Gibbo excited makes me excited as well
  7. Slash is a machine, but that sounds more likely to me. They will also say its to see if there's demand for an actually new album and all that bs
  8. January announcement? If its a studio album would they really announce it that early? Because surely there is nothing recorded yet.
  9. Hello forum, It is I, a member of the CSI:myGNR team. I have evidence that leads me to believe that Axl is in fact in a relationship, just not a public one. Watch the following video @1:55. I may be wrong but it sounds to me like the blonde woman says "I'm his girlfriend" when asked by the TSA officer.
  10. How stupid do you have to be to nag and leave a show because they havent played some songs when the show isnt even over? Geez
  11. Looks like he's about to a sneeze