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  1. Great thread! I've started to watch those videos.
  2. Check out @richardfortus’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/richardfortus/status/1129205045466148869?s=09
  3. What Are You Listening To 2019

  4. He's the Chief O'Brien of GN'R, isn't he?
  5. They actually delivered a solid performance and I'm more open minded about this line-up up now. It just wasn't the same without Tracii and Phil for me. As for Tracii and Phil, they had problems with the festival and not the with the band. There was some confusion and some fans didn't knew wich line-up would perform.
  6. L.A. Guns‘ (feat. drummer Steve Riley and bassist Kelly Nickels) historic set at the M3 Rock Festival in Columbia, Maryland USA two days ago is now in the books and it seems that there may be two L.A. Guns entities going in the future if Nickels‘ wishes come true. In an interview with Rock N Roll Experience right after L.A. Guns‘ set at the M3 Rock Festival (which was posted on Rock N Roll Experience‘s YouTube page), Nickelsadvised (as transcribed by Sleaze Roxx): “This was always a one off. So it’s gonna serve to perhaps get us some other gigs if we want to do something else. So we’ll have to see what happens for the future. We really can’t say. We’d like to. We’d like to keep it going. Like to do a record with these guys [Riley, guitarist Scott Griffin and lead vocalist Kurt Frohlich] you know. Do a record written for Kurt‘s voice, his style. It would be interesting to you know see. So yeah, we just have to hang on man. I just finished 20 minutes ago so I don’t know [laughs].” Former Bang Tango guitarist Mark Knightposted the following message on Facebook less than an hour ago: “Love seeing my boyKelly getting out there and slinging the four strings again! Kelly is the real deal and a great guy! So nice to see him revisit music.. Best to him and his endeavors with this new LA Guns…” Knight quickly added the following comment: “No disrespect to the other LA Guns! Johnny Martin is a bad ass…” L.A. Guns‘ (feat. Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns) current bassist Johnny Martin responded with the following classy comment: “I don’t feel disrespected in the slightest. And thank you. Kelly is a huge part of this band’s legacy. So what kind of person would I have to be to tarnish that legacy. I wish everyone all the best. 💋” Martin has played on the last three albums released by L.A. Guns (feat. Lewis and Guns): The Missing Peace (2017), Made In Milan(2018) and The Devil You Know (2019). http://sleazeroxx.com/respect-bassist-johnny-martin-states-that-kelly-nickels-is-a-huge-part-of-l-a-guns-legacy/
  7. US Politics/Elections Thread

  8. You will never be a professional journalist and I'm not even sorry about that.
  9. Solidaridad con Maduro y Venezuela. Hasta la Victoria Siempre. 


  10. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Russia is actually the only country with a reasonable point of view in regards of Venezuela.
  11. Your view, right now

    Just think about doing such a thing in a mosque
  12. I just discovered a couple of errors - Ole joined L. A. Guns in 1983 and Michael Jagosz was the singer during that time - It was Duff who played the very first GN'R show - Axl didn't leave L. A. Guns to join Rapidire.
  13. Books/Reading Thread