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  1. I always thought that GN'R was better for Robin than NIN. His This I Love solo is better than anything he did with NIN.
  2. Weird dreams/Nightmares

    I would never tell you the dreams that I had about Chris Pitman... oh, wait...
  3. Use Your Illusion was recorded in the same way, wasn't it? Just a little bit less extreme.
  4. The sub bass on TWAT sounds great. I was always curious about that part of the songs.
  5. Thanks for sharing it! That's awesome
  6. Rank The Songs on LIES

    That's true, but they have also included some tracks from UYI I.
  7. Rank The Songs on LIES

    Patience You're Crazy One in A Million Reckless Life Move to the City Used to Love Her Nice Boys Mama Kin
  8. The Gear Thread

    This will be my next synth. Soon is the word.
  9. What if D.J. and Bumblefoot were never a part of GNR?

    I would say Axl, Slash, Richard, Duff or Tommy, Brain, Dizzy, Chris. Izzy would've been a special guest.
  10. What if D.J. and Bumblefoot were never a part of GNR?

    John 5 and Tracii Guns