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  1. That video is a demonstration of the vocal range from both singers
  2. It's the most experimental song on CD and also the most innovative one.
  3. I've listened to song a lot recently and I wanted to know how do you rate it. It's my personal favourite from the album right now and I think that they should've recorded more songs like this. Bucket's guitar solo and the spanish guitar are two of the most beautiful moments on the entire album.
  4. The Home Cookin' Thread W/ Recipes

    I'm looking forward to make Kofta in the near future. Here is the recipe: https://www.davidlebovitz.com/kofta-with-yogurt-tahini-sauce-recipe-tartine/
  5. Request: That Metal Show 2011 interviews

  6. The term solo band is so lame. You are either a solo artist or a band.
  7. Request: That Metal Show 2011 interviews

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/That_Metal_Show Here is a list with all episodes
  8. Your concerts in 2018

    Guns N' Roses, Berlin, 06/03/2018
  9. Martin Luther King Jr. was truly great. I think of him as in the same vein as Thomas Munzer, Karl Marx, Vladimir Iljitsch Lenin and William Z. Foster
  10. Can you tell me something about that solo band? I'm just aware of the history from Guns N' Roses between 1985 and 2017
  11. He was very friendly to the fans, but good PR is not enough to be a guitarist for GN'R. I liked him better in SIXX:AM. His entry was also one of the reasons why I slightly lost interest in the band. He was also one of the reasons why I realized that the mysterious side of the CD era was finally over.
  12. I like some of the solo albums from Slash and Loaded was a great band, but I prefer CD
  13. How high are the chances that they will release a EP with new material before the summer tour?
  14. Correct. He said "after Chris quit". Buckethead gave him the nickname "Mother Goose", by the way.