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  1. The earliest available CD demos felt more like AfD than UYI to me. They had the raw energy of AfD and the arrangements of UYI.
  2. He probably thought that the songs from CD were more similar to AfD than UYI.
  3. I always thought that November Rain would've been better placed on UYI II.
  4. AC/DC line-up discussion

    I have the feeling that we will see two line-ups of AC/DC in the future Studio line-up: Angus Young Stevie Young Brian Johnson Cliff Williams Phil Rudd Touring line-up: Angus Young Stevie Young Axl Rose Cliff Williams / new bassist Chris Slade
  5. The Tea & Coffee Thread

    I haven't saw a thread about that topic yet. My favourite tea blends are Earl Grey, Orange, Citrus, Chun Mee and Lung Ching. I like to drink espresso and coffee from vietnam. I wanna try Kona blend soon. How do you like to drink your tea and/or coffee?
  6. DUFF MCKAGAN Praises His Replacement In GUNS N' ROSES Former GUNS N' ROSES and current VELVET REVOLVERbassist Duff McKagan has penned the latest installment of his column, which appears on Reverb at SeattleWeekly.com. An excerpt follows below. "About a week and a half ago, I had the pleasure of hanging out with Tommy Stinson. For those of you who don't know, he is the guy who replaced me in GUNS N' ROSES. But also for those of you who don't know, Tommyis known to a lot of us music fans for his work in his first band, THE REPLACEMENTS. "Our meeting last week was by no means the first time we have hung out. No, back in 1983, my band 10 MINUTE WARNING opened for THE REPLACEMENTS right here in Seattle, at the long-defunct punk club Metropolis. "Tommy is a great fucking guy, and I always come away glad when our paths have crossed over the years." http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/duff-mckagan-praises-his-replacement-in-guns-n-roses/
  7. Robin Finck pissed off

    No, the rehearsals were set before December 31st. It was a pretty bad situation for them anyway.
  8. Robin Finck pissed off

    "He talked about the fact that Buckethead and Finck hadn’t met before rehearsals for December 31st, 2000 and that was a problem." I wonder if Buckethead was informed about the fact that Robin has rejoined the band.
  9. 30 Day Song Challenge #4

    Day 4
  10. That's why those line-ups from 1999/2000 2001/2002 are my favourites. Every musician had his own signature sound and stage presence.
  11. Whatshisface from Neighbours is a Sex Case

    Australia once belonged to the UK.
  12. 30 Day Song Challenge #4

    Day 3
  13. 30 Day Song Challenge #4

    Day 1 Day 2
  14. AC/DC line-up discussion

    He could've retired the AC/DC name so many times… after Bon's death, after Phil's first exit, after Malcolm's retirement…
  15. Eddie Van Halen Wanted to Join AC/DC

    Angus should be the only lead guitarist for AC/DC. There is only space for one schoolboy.
  16. First time CD tracks were played

    The shows from December 2009 are some of my personal favourites from GN'R, especially the show from Osaka.
  17. 30 Day Song Challenge #3

    Day 30
  18. 30 Day Song Challenge #3

    Day 29
  19. The "how a body took a body" line is actually a quote from the novel.
  20. 30 Day Song Challenge #3

    Day 27 Day 28
  21. Question about NITL Rare Songs?

    I wouldn't consider Shadow of Your Love and Slither as "rare songs".
  22. L.A. Guns *News Thread*

    L.A. Guns feat. Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns to release new single this month + new album in spring 2019 Great news for L.A. Guns (featuring singer Phil Lewis and guitarist Tracii Guns) fans as the sleaze rockers’ new album, The Devil You Know, will be released in the spring of 2019. In addition, the first single for the new record will be released this month. L.A. Guns‘ upcoming new studio album will follow up the group’s critically acclaimed The Missing Peace, which ended up #1 on the Sleaze Roxx Readers’ Top 20 Albums of 2017. read more at: http://sleazeroxx.com/l-a-guns-feat-phil-lewis-and-tracii-guns-to-release-new-single-this-month-new-album-in-spring-2019/
  23. L.A. Guns *News Thread*