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  1. British Politics

  2. British Politics

    Tories and people who voted Conservative would gladly see poor and suffering people dying in the streets, hungry and cold. That's worse than "virtually wishing death on Tories", they are actively voting for a party and leader who wants people who aren't rich and white to die.
  3. It's still incredibly disturbing to see so many people not know how abuse can affect those who suffer from it. If you are defending Michael Jackson, you are defending a pedophile, and you are helping to normalise the very abnormal behaviours he exhibited towards children. Not only was he a pedophile, but he was a manipulative and cruel person in other ways too. Even if you don't want to believe he sexually abused children, he was still far from the kind-hearted angel his fans view him as.
  4. The Dirt (Motley Crue)

    Watching this really felt like wasted time. Also there's nothing endearing about their, to put it lightly, antics. From what I've read, they left out a lot of things that would make the band look like the monsters they were.
  5. You're talking about normality in reference to a man who sought out children to put in this position, and as he admitted himself, slept in the same bed as them. Nothing is normal about this situation from the jump. Abandoning a child, when you've made them dependent upon you (especially emotionally) and created a world for them, is indeed emotional/psychological abuse. That alone can damage someone in ways they may never realise.
  6. The obvious alternative would be to not abandon them, or better yet, not make them emotionally reliant upon you in the first place. Well, we can see evidence of how he treated the boys and the luxuries he surrounded them with when they were the age he liked, the time he spent with them... we can also see when those boys fell out of favour, as he was pictured with other, younger boys and the other ones went unseen. As has been discussed, the sexual abuse took place behind closed doors, presumably with only the boys and Michael being witnesses to it.
  7. There is no question that Michael was abusive towards these boys, whether or not you believe that extended to sexual abuse is obviously an opinion, but I struggle to see how he treated and then abandoned them as anything other than abusive. To pluck these kids out of humble backgrounds, introduce them to his lifestyle, promise them the world, claim to be their close friend, tell them he loved them... only to then abandon them once they got a bit too old for him, how is that not emotional or even psychological abuse? As for my personal opinion, I do believe he sexually abused them. Just like was said in the Oprah interview, the grooming of the children and even the parents began long before they even met Michael; his celebrity, the image he projected towards the world, the adoration... it was surely intoxicating and unlike other celebrities, that's all there was about him (at that time).