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  1. Axl Rose on Looney Tunes episode w/new song

    Bugs: Are you guys thinking what i'm thinking ? Axl: That i should go back to wearing a mets jersey and a kilt onstage again ? Bugs: No!
  2. That and trying to fill the bucketbumbleheadfoot shoes (both virtuosos)
  3. i've seen a lot of setlist from guns and all of them has a lot of song abbreviated like : Jungle , scom, brownstone ... never seen the full name on those song at least ... so .... Bullshit maybe this will be their setlist for this year, but that piece of paper is not from the band
  4. I just came across this audio from The Marquee 87 They start the show with Shadow of your love At 1:46 i'm pretty sure i hear the "new lick" on shadow ... so ... Case closed. ... But the solo it's definitely new !!!
  5. Maybe it's not a raritie... But it's the best solo played by slash imo.