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  1. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    You learn a lot here, don't cha?! lol!!!
  2. Axl, you sexy beast.

    For damn sure! and 2 more for @Gabrielaerojas
  3. Axl, you sexy beast.

    I miss the shows too....he looks fine as wine in that clip however! 💜
  4. Thoughts on Double Talkin Jive

    It's great fun yelling that out during a Guns concert!
  5. Axl's My Michelle from the beginning of 2017 to the end of it improved a ton!!!
  6. Axl, you sexy beast.

  7. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Bet he is, I mean good god, what a hairy chest he has lol!
  8. Axl, you sexy beast.

    What a smile indeed!!!!
  9. Tons of GN'R pictures!

    Pics by Kat.
  10. Best moments from the NITL tour!

    I was also at that show in San Antonio. It kicked ass for sure!!! I thought Axl sounded good, he was definitely happy, smiley, super energetic and feeling good. That's why he had gave us an extra long encore.
  11. The MYGNRFORUM Make a Connection Song Challenge

    Miss ya Tom.
  12. The MYGNRFORUM Make a Connection Song Challenge

    I definitely know all the new wave bands @melina i After GNR, new wave is my jam!!!! Great choices girl!
  13. Axl, you sexy beast.

    What a profile. 💜💜💜