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  1. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    I wonder if that is true, about how most people on parole don't get out the first try?? Hmmmm. But Nelle sure thought she was going too. I am sure that Brad is happy about that, but he may be the one anyway to let this huge secret slip since he is having nightmares about it. Poor Lucas, he has no idea what is coming to him. He is going to be absolutely devastated. and Kiefer's sis? Uh-oh Alexis- this woman is gonna spell trouble for you.
  2. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Wow, I did not expect Nina to take Valentin back so soon.....that scene when she was forgiving him was really difficult to watch because I kept thinking, girl you have no idea just how involved he was with the whole Sasha thing!!! I was happy for Charlotte though, it really hurt her to know that Nina and Valentin were not going to get married.
  3. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Oh yeah, btdt. I use saline spray 2x a day every day, and use up to 3 other nasal sprays and I still get a sinus infection once a year. I have tried aggressive antibiotic therapy and the next step is surgery. No thank-you. I also take an anti histamine, do allergy shots..I do it all! I am just prone to them sadly.
  4. General Chat / Random Musings

    Light as far as sun being up, like where I live in Anchorage *only certain cities like Barrow get like pure darkness*.
  5. General Chat / Random Musings

    Usually our darkest months (5-6 hours of light about) runs from November through February. Right now we get about 10 hours of light...sunrises at 8:45 and goes down at 6:45. The next few months we will light fast until winter solstice. I never had to get used to such a vast difference in daylight vs the dark....even though me and my brother in TX were both born up here, I can deal with it. He could not!
  6. Axl, you sexy beast.

    Hope this helps @ArthurMorgan!!!!
  7. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Oh man....poor Sam. She is literally mourning Drew one minute and the next she is getting thrown in jail! I swear everyone is out to paint a bad picture of her and blame it all on her. She is always getting framed. Dang! But Jason knows who this dirtbag is and before long he will find out exactly how Peter is involved with all of this. I am really really dreading when Maxie finds out that Peter is not 100% good. Damn you Peter! When Robert had his doubts I was like, come on Robert, maybe Peter has reformed. Nope....... My weekend was so-so. I have been fighting this darn sinus cold so I napped a lot and watched a lot of Netflix lol. Its sickness season in AK! :/
  8. General Chat / Random Musings

    Up here right now it is sunny at 4:00 p.m., but it is only 40*F ( which I guess is 4.4 C?) so yeah our summer is LONG GONE lol!!!. I don't miss the heat, but wish it were at least 55-60*!! And darkness is coming fast. I already drive to work in the early am in pitch black. Good thing I don't mind the dark.
  9. General Chat / Random Musings

    Yeah here, the kids or teachers don't have that off anymore for in-service or otherwise. School as normal!
  10. General Chat / Random Musings

    Hardly anyone gets it off anymore- usually just state and federal workers. Any excuse to get a day off...those lazy bums!!!
  11. 10/11/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    I lucked out that at my last show in San Antonio 2017, I got to hear both. That was one special show though.. almost 4 hours long with a 6 song encore. I will never ever forget it. 💗
  12. 10/11/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    Photos by Kat, Susan, etc.
  13. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Agree. Lucy to me is like Diane...funny and feisty! We need women like that on way more. Loved the scene between Brad and Julian....never threaten Julian you dummy! Brad will never learn. He is just asking for it. Ava also needs her own story like again since Kevin is in jail and yeah that does not happen where he and Nelle would be in jail together..only on GH lol! They do what they want. Ha! I saw that San Antonio yesterday was in the 50's. My brother said he was sooooo cold and wore his coat all day..I called him a big baby. He was born in Alaska for goodness sakes. How soon they forget! Glad you are enjoying the cooler temps. Have a good rest of your wknd.