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  1. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    No she certainly did not! She plays the role of Phyllis so well! The way she talks, her gestures and her little smirk/smile. She got it down pat!
  2. Axl, you sexy beast.

  3. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Yeah Billy's presence onscreen definitely lessened once Jason got back...am actually surprised he is still on GH to be honest. But Y&R already has so many y characters so I don't know. Maybe he can go to Days lol?! I felt bad for Willow....Dianes going to be steaming mad. Watch out. Diane will help her but not if she has too many things going on in her life and yeah of course her court date would have to happen during an important school event. Ugh. And yeah no I had not seen Shiloh's lawyer before. Hope Shiloh doesn't win. He's so damn smug! So Michelle was only on for a few minutes near the end but she did great! So excited to watch more scenes with her. Happy solstice..try to stay cool!!! This is our longest and lightest day of the year. 20 hours of daylight I think? But then we slowly start losing it. Boooo.
  4. Guns N' Roses featured on Breaking The Band

    I mean it was done by the Reelz channel....I took it with a grain of salt and thought it was an entertaining hour and not at all to be meant taken literally as 100% truth. But hey that's just me.
  5. General Chat / Random Musings

    Believe me, I am just as sickened by that story about the young girl that was murdered by those pyscho ass kids and guy from Illinois. It didn't just happen in AK, but in Anchorage where I live. We are all horrified what sick fucks live among us. For the most part, Alaskans are some awesome people but there are always bad seeds out there. Always. Wish we had the death penalty up here. Our jails are a joke.
  6. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Oh I love Diane. She is a hoot and wish she were on more!!!! There are still rumors flying around about Billy going back to Y&R...hope not for I am really liking Franco and Drew working on their brotherly relationship. I am sure GH could give Billy a good storyline if they really wanted to. I am glad Drew and Kim have people that they can confide their feelings too, talking always helps. They both need to take it one day at a time...but hope Kim takes care of herself. The girl needs to eat! Notice how bare her fridge was?! and Drew had offered to go shopping too. Hope she accepts help soon for her own sake.
  7. Oh you are going to that show?! Awesome! If it was on a Saturday I maybe could have flown in and swung it, so you will have to tell me how it was!!!
  8. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Oh well no worries cause she wont be on till Friday...
  9. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    So I guess Michelle will be on Y&R this Friday but she did this cute little "looking back" clip the other day.
  10. Guns N' Roses featured on Breaking The Band

    Yeah I thought it was a fun entertaining way to pass the hour. Loved that Gilby was on it.
  11. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Vince isn't happy either. and about Slash and Axl's relationship, I forgot exactly what they said but they brought up how they both handle conflict so differently because of the families they were raised in and having Slash handle conflicts one certain way clashed with Axl's. and that they weren't great friends. I don't buy that at all though. You can have totally opposite people who can get along well and be friends. But yeah, these shows you have to take with a grain of salt and know that not everything will be accurate,but I like the parts when told from the eyes of people who actually lived it like Gilby.
  12. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    It was hard not seeing Michelle on today and I have to admit.....think it will take me some time to get used to Cynthia but I know I will! I got used to the new Jordan really quickly and like her a lot so I am sure it will be the same with the new Nina. And yeah I will let you know when Michelle is on. They showed her face at the end but she didn't speak. Maybe tomorrow?!
  13. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    It was in the episode that premiered last night @dgnr. Breaking the Band Guns N Roses on Reelz channel. The clip of fake Izzy was pretty short like 5 seconds but he did wear that beret hat and glasses and looked like him.
  14. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Yup that one. Man, I would love to go to an arena tour but am already taking 3 trips this fall/winter. If the SLC one was on a Saturday, I SO would have tried to swing that. Its on a Tuesday!
  15. The T.V. Show Thread

    It aired last night. Gilby was the only one from Guns in the episode. No one from MC was on but they showed tons of clips of them.