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  1. Rank The Songs on LIES

    Patience OIAM You're crazy Used to love her Nice boys Reckless life Move to the city Mama kin
  2. They played about 30 seconds of it on the Eddie Trunk show today, he thinks it will do well..
  3. What is your favorite GN'R rarity?

    Funny...I picked up that exact one at a thrift store about a month ago, along with an AC/DC one.
  4. I like Minneapolis better, the purple rain, gun shadow in the pond, and the lettering are great, this is the first one since Minneapolis I want though..
  5. Sorry (Apollo)

    I honestly wish they'd stop replaying this concert on Sirius, Axl sounds terrible on most songs. This is odd considering when I listened to it live on the app with earbuds I thought it was fantastic.
  6. 08/27/17 - Regina, SK - Mosaic Stadium

    Yes, after Don't Cry
  7. 08/16/17 - Buffalo, NY - New Era Field

    Short encore...
  8. 08/13/17 - Hershey, PA - Hersheypark Stadium

    Probably a bunch of fans from Philly, ....their football fans are the biggest assholes in the league....sounds like the same crowd..
  9. 08/13/17 - Hershey, PA - Hersheypark Stadium

    Don't Cry?
  10. I've always thought Dirty Little Thing would sound good with Axl singing..
  11. 08/05/2017 - Little Rock, AR - War Memorial Stadium

    Anyone have video of this?
  12. What a complete piece of shit...I'm dumber for reading that.
  13. Was able walk in minutes before the show started last night and pick up a couple lithos...was very surprised they were still available. Anyone think it is meant to be purple rain falling?