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  1. I was there, damm im old. what a show
  2. is not possible to make captures from Apple Music, the new video its a whole new edit, great quality, IMO it captures the band´s spirit at that time, and beautiful Erin BTW
  3. thanks , I thought the pinball version was the 80´s version (same period of time of the sound city demos), all the. best ! PD : so there is no vocal version from that era? thanks for the reply
  4. same 4 me, I would love to have the sound city material on vinyl, but I can't spend 1000 USD
  5. Since I pay Apple Music every month I will have access to all the material for the 4 cd´s anyway I ll love to buy the 1000 USD box set just because of the vinyls, but its impossible for me to pay that much
  6. I wonder why there is no lyrics / vocal version of Ain´t going down in the box set? THANKS! PD; I LOVE THE BOX SET its a pity there is no cheaper version of the vinyls.