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  1. Hi everyone, I recorded a full cover of Slash's parts from Paradise City, including the outro solo - check it out!
  2. I would suggest using ffmpeg. It's a command line tool but you should be able to easily find how to extract audio from m2ts files online.
  3. I think each individual strike expires after 90 days. If you ever have 3 active strikes at once, the channel gets closed.
  4. To be clear - I did not monetize the video. It was already automatically flagged before I published it, and any ad money was going to the label. The copyright strike was given after this flagging and was done manually.
  5. Looks like they got taken down... ah well. At least they were generous enough to give me only one strike for all three videos .
  6. Here's the center channel from the Blu-ray bonus tracks - Shadow Of Your Love, Patience, Used To Love Her, You're Crazy, and Move To The City (1988 Acoustic Version):
  7. Hey everyone, just uploaded this for you all. Contains dry vocals/bass/drums - almost sounds like there's no reverb in this channel? Pretty cool: I don't want to spam the forum too much more in the case that I upload the other channels from this mix, but I'll probably post replies to this thread if I do. Cheers