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  1. Its unfortunate that we have ended up returning to talking about the past and not the present and or returning to us against them (Axl's side/past band members side). In the interview Duff never mentioned past band members involvement and i have no idea why that notion was raised in this thread. If you listen to the full interview, Duff mentions an important factor as to why curtain band members have but the past behind them and looking forward to the future. Duff states in the interview that after mending fences with Axl and Slash he felt at ease and at peace while on the recent tour. That says alot, as each individual above is a very different person than they were in the past for a number of different reasons and have realised that putting those issues behind them as adults, starting fresh and looking ahead to what life may bring. Thats the statement that us fans need to embrace and have faith that at some point new music will appear in the future.
  2. More takedowns?

    To be fair the band and management are in a no win situation. Unfortunately fans on this forum are the minority of people that take issue with all sorts of actions the band takes on and off stage, or the actions of their management. Given this you can understand why they dont feel the need to address the issue at hand. Are the majority of people who attended shows as casual fans occupying their time worrying about YouTube clips being taken down?. Given some fans that post here, if you place yourself in the bands and their managements shoes they would be responding to every individuals issue they choose to raise. Why is Izzy not involved - Please respond via a statement. I dont like Frank's drumming. Steven has a better groove. Were is Steven - Please respond via a statement I think the band are a group of Aliens and dont think they should be called GNR. Why is the band still calling itself GNR - Please respond via a statement Melissa is not rock enough .why is Melissa in the band - Please respond via a statement I don't like Richards guitar playing - why are you letting him do his own interpretation and not the original note for note song written by Izzy- Please respond via a statement Even if they released a statement some will ignore the contents and believe what they want to believe based on their own perception or fixed mindset.