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  1. Seems silly given the members themselves have all moved on and it's all water under the bridge for each of them as individuals. Even past members no longer involved have moved on and seem content in life..
  2. NITL live videos on youtube

    Some of you need to get a grip on reality. I always find reading these threads interesting as common sense tends to go out the door. So the fans are now controlling the cameraman, sound engineer, mixer and editor of the clips uploaded. Why not throw in controling the direction of wind and the moon at any given time while you are at it. Until some realise they cannot control what others do, or understand the concept of that's something out side of my control, they will never be content. Maybe all involved were simply doing there jobs and you as the fans had no involvement in that' job or control over that end product. Why some of you get so court up in things you have no involvement in or control over, I simply don't get.
  3. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    And the bands booking agent would be dealing with the local promotor, who would be waiting for official confirmation from the government, who would be taking directives from health agencies. The band, their management, their booking agent and local promotor cannot control what other countries governments implement around COVID-19 policies. They are all at the mercy of those who have the control over these matters. Why make an official announcement on somthing you cannot control. Australia and New Zealand have closed their borders to all international travellers and that is common knowledge. Clearly an artist, a band, a booking agent and local promotor would understand that touring these countries is not possible at this time. Hence why its an easy decision to postpone or cancel via official public statements by an artist, a band or there representatives.
  4. The current management, manage the bands touring and day to day business. To offer some balance, the bands current management team, managed the second grossing tour of all time. Its ok to give credit when its due. A record label A & R and or the band would manage album or music related business as was the case during the making and release of CD. TB have never publicly stated they are the bands legal representatives, record label executives or acting on behalf of the bands record label as their Artist and Represention agents. Tom Zutaut was that person in the past as the bands A & R representative, separate from the than band's management team BFD that Doug Goldstein was apart of.
  5. If anyone is offended by a phrase that they have every right to think of and add to their own soical media platform for there own business brand than that's on them.... The band and its people can do what they like.. You have a choice accept it or ignore it. I and most of the world don't care about something so insignificant, with all that is going on in the world currently.
  6. You do realise TB is not a record label or the bands A & R representatives? any release of any form of music would be prompted by the record label themselves. I cannot understand why people don't understand the difference between TB who manage the bands day to day operations, the bands booking agents, the bands legal representatives and a record labels artist & representation person who overseas the musical elements on behalf of the record label. TB to my knowledge have never identified themselves as the bands legal representative, A & R representative, booking agent or the management team of individual band members. Guns n Roses is managed by Team Brazil as clearly stated on the Guns n Roses website. The record label will be the entity behind any official announcement in coordination with the band, not via fan internet forums, Reddit etc through random account users or dark web insiders.
  7. Because tool are currently on tour and would be in a position to receive information from governments and local promotors while in the process of touring. Tool were in New Zealand a few weeks ago where the situation has changed in relation to coronavirus and travel restrictions being put in place. GNR cannot control what happens in other countries via decisions made by a President or Prime Minister, local health authorities etc from being located in Los Angeles. It's out of the bands hands what happens in regards to touring in other countries. Local promotors will be awaiting directives from governments along with finding out whether they can process refunds and more than likely whether an insurance provider will cover any loss or claims. The foo fighters were left high and dry when they were court up in terrorism alerts because they weren't covered by insurance for a threat of terroristm when they cancelled shows. That has now changed and most artists and their individual insurance providers would have that written into their coverage plan. I would suggest coronavirus would not covered by an insurance company. It will be left in the hands of the bands booking agent to work through all the issues involved as it's the booking agent that books the shows not the band themselves.
  8. What has TB got to do with this?.They like any other country, government, business, entity or individual persons have no control over a virus. All have not been prepared for this situation. I would recommend you focus on something more important, then something so minor as the bands management team or individual band members choices of whom represents them, compared to what is happening in relation to this virus and Its affect on the world at large including to peoples daily life's and its financial impact around the world. Get some perspective...
  9. The reason for cancellations for many events is the mix of persons (artists, motorsport team personnel, tennis players etc) entering into a country from other countries around the world and then uplifting and moving onto another country with the same personnel in tow. Logistically and from a financial perspective cancelling a musical tour from its inception is in the best interests of the local promotor and the artists themselves. You could not tour, then skip countries with entry bans in place or put personnel at risk of either getting the virus or self isolation in another country. The Formula One community, the promotor of the Australian grand prix and the Australian government have just learnt the hard way by 3 members of two different F1 teams (based in two different countries) being placed in self isolation due to precautions. Those F1 team members are stuck in Australia for 14 days, while the F1 teams travel to Bahrain for the next event a week later.
  10. The death rate of the flu in the US is more of a reflection on the US health care system than anything else. In most other 1st world countries the death rate for the flu is relatively low due to the availability of health care at no cost including to the elderly. Most deaths in the US linked to the flu is unfortunately elderly people who cannot afford a doctors visit or hospital visit due to costs involved and unfortunately pass away at home, often alone. That's the difference and something Americans struggle to understand. This virus has killed a large majority of people across different age groups and in different countries. This is not a virus that is limited in scope or has a ready fix as a flu shot or visiting your local pharmacy for some cold or flu relief. That is way countries around the world are taking precautions and understandably so. Please refrain from comparing this virus to the flu. No other country around the world is doing so apart from a country who's President and administration have and repeatedly continue to do so publicly.
  11. Unfortunately different era of the music industry. The industry has changed and evolved and making albums isn't the bread and butter of the music industry any more. Touring is were the money is generated in today's music industry for all artists. The promoters have the leverage over artists, as the demand is in people wanting to buy concert tickets then albums leaving record labels powerless compared to the control labels had in the music industry over the past decades.
  12. There was a time when you formed an opinion on a person when you meet them in person, interact and than make your own judgement based on that interaction with the individual. Unfortunately today, that is not the case with social media and other avenues available, people resort to basing their opinion on irrelevant information or read to much into things, that does not offer a true picture of one's character. I have had the opportunity to meet Duff and his wife, plus Richard in person, and will form my opinion on my interaction with them. Duff and Susan. Polite, funny and very open minded. Wanted to know more about my country and culture. Respect for taking the time to learn more in life adding to one's life experiences. Richard. Nice guy, spoke at length about his touring schedule, dude goes for a jog/run each morning when on tour. Respected the fact i had my 8 year old son with me, and turned his attention from me to making my son a happy young man.
  13. Until the fans accept the fact, they have no control over what the band does or how they go about it, the easier it will become to accept the reality of the situation. The fact people post on here and state they have no intention of attending, and than rip the band for ticket prices, no new music, no new title name for the tour etc. Thats your choice for what ever reason it maybe, to not pay and attend any upcoming shows. You have total control over your own decision-making process. The band cannot control what you do, and you have no control over what they the band choose to do either. You guys make it so hard on yourselfs by not understanding the fact you can complain all you want, but nothings going to change as you aren't the ones in control of the situation, the band and its members are the ones in control, as if the tour does not sell well and is a failure or is a financial success, the band and its members are the ones affected, not you.
  14. Don't know why some beat themselves up so much, as the way i see it, its all self-inflicted. Until some understand and accept that they as fans cannot control what the band does or the fact Axl at 57 years of age cannot reach the level of expectations some of you have. Like all people as they reach their 50's, it does not matter how much effort goes into preparing your body, that body can only do so much, the older you get. You cannot compare Axl to others, as we are all different in terms of our make up, genetics and individual circumstances. What works for some, won't work for Axl. Axl Rose is not a superhero from a Marvel movie, he is a normal person like you and i, he will get older, and won't return to the Axl Rose seen in the past when much younger, both in a physical form or via his vocals. It is what it is.
  15. Why get so bothered?. Does it have any affect on your daily life or in some way financially help or hinder you personally?. I would suggest the only people that are affected by the band touring are the band themselves or people directly involved. If a 4 year odyssey is not successful based on not making any money or as history has shown, future touring around the world will be a financial success, than that will only affect the band, its members and the people directly involved in the tour. They are the ones personally affected by what the band does, even if the fans don't agree with the reasons why or methods behind what the band are doing. To many people worry about what the band is doing. In the scope of our daily lifes, that includes family and work commitments, what the band does or does not do, is small in comparison. The question is. Do you guys think the band worries about what you think or just gets on with life..