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  1. Simple: they have done the same NITL tour around the world, twice. They have not toured the world twice, some countries yes, others once or not at all. Without anything new in all these years, it just has become a nostalgia act and money grab thing. All artists make their money touring in today's music industry. Simply going were the money is based on supply and demand is not money grabbing. Apart from us fans, that make up a small minority on the expectations of new music or an album, the band don't need either, as the majority don't care. Thats the thing people need to understand and put into perspective. The world is not concerned about a new Guns N Roses album. The band sells out live shows with a large majority being causal fans, not us hard core fans who make up a percentage of the audience. To the majority, the rock music genre is dead and buried, with EDM, pop or any other music genre being the most popular amongst the majority. The music industry today, is not what it was in the past. If the majority wanted or demanded a new GNR album, than we would have one already, based on supply and damand.
  2. Not sure what that has to do with anything interms of what Beta did in the past. But hey if you want to treat housekeepers with little respect or not wanting to appreciate a person who wants to do better in life, than that's up to you. I would suggest that's more of a reflection on you than Beta or her family. It might actually be the case, that Axl has people around him, who he believes has his best interests in mind not self-interest. I would also suggest that's why Niven,Goldstein, Mercuriadis, Azoff and McGhee were shown the door by Rose. I would suggest, when you have been mislead and taken advantage of, you surround yourself with the people you trust Its the natural thing to do in life for any situation that involves trust issues. Of course, it might be possible, that the current band management in place, his kept the bad influences at arms length, that has resulted in the much happier and content Axl Rose we now see on stage. That Axl Rose appearing and that time line seems to fit in, with when the current band management team took over from past managers shown the door.
  3. Absolutely no proof of any of that, only your assumptions. If you read the article the main entity involved is an individual and UMG. No mention of the bands current management being involved. The article states a band representative as making a comment on the situation. That could be anyone including a UMG rep to a legal representative who are separate from the bands management team. Did you ever stop to think that the bands management team are not commenting because, this issue is being handled by others or UMG as they are the ones taking legal action against the individual.
  4. The "New Album" Thread

    They are also using the leverage of touring and demand. People believe these guys and the people behind the scenes don't know what they doing. The band are placing themselves in the best position to have full control over what and when they release music, either via their own means (label) or control over any current or future agreement with UMG. Thats the reason for continuing to tour. Currently UMG aren't the benefactors of any of that touring revenue. The promotors (live nation etc), the bands booking agent and the band itself are the ones receiving all those benefits. Perfect position to be in, to look after your own interests and or negotiate.
  5. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Great to see positive discussion and some new posters in this thread. Not the normal negative posters who are often doubters, who wax lyrical about the bands demise and this band is finished, who aren't around in this thread to admit they were wrong. They are happy to throw stones, but cannot front up, put their hand up and say My bad. Yes there are a few issues to be critical of, including some cities being missed in the UK and Europe, if its the same old tour or a new tour, and yes people can discuss this, more so if you are affected by these decisions in relation to being able to attend a show, but its great to have all the nonsense baggage some bring into these threads left out, and people are discussing how excited they are to see GNR in their neck of the woods.
  6. Not in markets those bands don't visit or have not visited at all. Bands make money touring. That's how the music industry operates today and that has seen the likes of Live Nation and other promotors becoming more powerful, than record labels via profit making. Guns N Roses is not actively looking to play live shows or tour. Based on demand, a promotor will reach out and put the feelers out to the bands booking agent If things fit interms of band member availability and the nuts and bolts are worked out, than the band will commit. I would suspect the band has turned down offers to play in other countries, as it would not make financial sense to go all the way to play in Australia, if the band did not tack on a New Zealand leg or Japan leg as part of a tour cycle.
  7. For people who seem to dismiss alot of what TB does or individuals within the bands inner circle, you sure are obsessed by what they say or do. Thats creepy, given these people have no impact on each of your daily lives.
  8. Copyright Strikes....

    I still don't understand why people don't seem to get the fact TB have no control over what YouTube does as it's a third party. YouTube have their own policies around copyright and removeal of content as a third party and separate entity. As I have explained before, the same issue of copy right content being removed is also effecting Nascar, as their copyright material was being flagged and removed from curtain Nascar fan YouTube channels. It turns out, these requests were made by a fan, who happens to have their own YouTube Nascar fan channel. Nascar was contacted about this matter, and they wish they could have assisted, but their was nothing they could do as YouTube is a third party and these take downs operated under YouTubes own terms and conditions. All these external issues involving TB are irrelevant. The issues are entirely based around YouTubes own policies and clear loop holes being exploited. In short, their is nothing anyone can do, who is the legal owner of copyright material or a person , who personally recorded content and then uploaded that content to YouTube, to prevent any one person from flagging or requesting that content be removed, with this content being deemed for what ever reason, a breach of YouTubes terms and conditions. If some of you have an issue with the take downs, I would suggest you direct that at YouTube. Good luck with that one. Given TB are an easy target to blame, as they won't respond or publicly comment. If you are objective about this issue, take a step back, you might understand why. Why get involved in something that does not directly involve you, that's out of your control or take on a battel you are not going to win against YouTube. I would think the best approach, is to focus on things you can control.
  9. Some people seem to live their lifes in the past or believe, because they do, the band has to aswell. The core 3 members of the current band are older and wiser in life, with their individual lives having changed from when we first came across them in 1986 or in the 90s during the UYI days. People seem to think the band and its core members are back in the past at a curtain time and age in their lifes. They also don't seem to understand during this period, the music industry has changed and progressed in its life cycle. Touring and playing live is were you make the money, for both promotors, labels and more importantly the artists themselves, due to the change in the way music is released and the reduction in album sales. My point is, of course this is a job for these guys, it pays the morgage, bills and for 2 of the core members, it supports their children. I would also add Dizzy, Richard and Frank as they also have families. Melissa seems to be enjoying life and going with the flow, something a young Axl, Slash and Duff once did in life. In terms of Axl, I think he views GNR as being his livelihood and a business owner. How much they earn is not relevant, as its their art and hard work thats created a supply and demand for GNR around the world. I cannot understand how many of you seem to begrudge these guys for receiving the benefits of there art and labour or find things inconsequential to focus on, like the live experience being compared to a theatre production or the band not talking to fans during the show. These guys were loaded back in those days and talked utter nonsense due to being f****d out of their minds. People seem to forget, during the UYI days the stage production at the time with the album covers being hang at the side of the stage, the walkways etc, was considered a high level of show production. The major difference from back than to now for Axl, Slash and Duff was, their age, maturity, personal demons, dealing with fame, alcohol and drug use.
  10. Copyright Strikes....

    Why are some of you so concerned about the bands management, that has no effect on their personal lives?. Some of you are acting as if the bands management, manage your daily lives. If this issue does not effect you personally, than why are you wasting your time on the bands management and how they choose to manage issues, that only effect the band. Its has been clear for some time, that the band nor its management are not directly involved in content being removed. Case closed. Now, some of you are concerned about the response by a member of the bands management to a person on social media , and have seen this as an opportunity to be little this person because of her background or questioning her motivation. Why bother wasting your own personal time and effort, given none of you know the person (Beta) personally, with this person having no involvement in our personal lives. Reading peoples comments, more so people who have taken to personally attacking the character of Beta or members of the bands management, makes these people acting on boarderline stalker behaviour, "A person who harasses or persecutes someone with unwanted and obsessive attention". Some of you, have to much time on your hands.
  11. i truly don't get why some posters mention the band making money from their art. They are the ones who created the art, preform the art and deserve the rewards that offers them. They like the rest of us, have families to support and mortgages to pay. When people use the term cash grab or reference money as a motivation for any persons motives, smells of jealousy and envy. Why some of you are so concerned about the money these people make, with most of you having never meet these people in person, with these people having no affect or involvement in your personal lives is beyond me. As a fan or paying customer, i dont give a flying F##k about the money they earn, they have a right to earn it, and i don't begrudge them for doing so. Same applies to the All Black rugby players, with me paying to attend, to watch them play Ireland live on Saturday in Japan, to the guy who works at my local supermarket at the checkout, to the real estate agent i am paying to sell my home. Who gives a F##k about what these people earn apart from the person themselves and their family as a means to put food on their table and a roof over their heads.
  12. You live in this forum and its bubble to much. No disrespect. There are plenty of fans around the world who have never had or have had very little opportunities to see the band live. As I have mentioned before. If Guns N Roses returned to New Zealand for the 5th time only in its history from 1987 to present time, 60,000 would attend as they did in. 2017. Their is a world outside of this fan forum and again no disrespect, but people as yourself continue to be proven wrong. The fact the band is still touring and promotors seem to feel their is a demand, points to the band still being relevant. The band are not the ones approaching promotors, it's the other way around, due to supply and demand. You cannot go back in time, either Guns N Roses as a band nor its members. Neither can you or I.
  13. 10/15/19 - Lincoln, NE - Pinnacle Bank Arena

    It's really not any of our business or our place to ask these questions, whether as a fan or the media. Its on a par, with a work colleague or a causal acquaintance going through a divorce or separation and you asking them about the details. I would imagine, you would not be recognised as being close to that person, and you would be told to mind your own business.
  14. So, exactly how are the band and their management going to stop a fan or fans, who are requesting content to be removed from a third party platform. Does Guns N Roses and their management own instagram, facebook or YouTube, or are they simply a user of these social media platforms and have no control over how that content is regulated. I would think it would be common sense, that the issues lie at the feet of social media companies, and the loop holes created to allow this practice, not the band or its management. These issues are not isolated to Guns N Roses content. People who have social media accounts across a number of platforms covering sports, movie reviews etc, are all having the same issues, with people requesting content to be removed due to copyright infringement. It's happening because of loop holes within social media platforms, and it's being exploited by people, to benefit themselves.
  15. Its a very simple thing to understand. The guy was paid money in good faith. Now he is seeking attention, fame and fortune at the bands expense. The band and its management are protecting their interests. Thats what any person or business would do, to ensure they are not opening themselves up to further attempts to be taken advantage of and distancing themselves from this person and their behaviour.