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  1. Unfortunately I don't arrive in the US until a few days after this show. At least the band are active and everything is on track for the festival shows. Looking forward to seeing the band in Austin. Really excited to see the band play live again, after last seeing them in Auckland, NZ in 2017. Probably be the last time we see GNR in NZ, due to the distance. Its taken 3 years for Metallica to arrive in NZ for their current tour, so maybe I have some hope, that GNR will play in NZ again , so I don't need to travel the world to see the band live.
  2. Never thought the day would come, when this forum became the JLo forum, when people became more concerned about appearance, given the fact Rock N Roll is all about being different and about being who you are.
  3. And what exactly can Axl or TB do to prevent content being removed from YouTube by fans, that are not connected to the band or its management in any shape of form. Question. What can you do, to prevent the take down of the content yourself, as Axl and TB are in the same position. The issue of the takes downs is between YouTube and the people requesting the content to be removed. Axl and TB are in the same position as Nascar, who's copyright content is being removed at the request of a fan, to benefit their own agenda and YouTube channel for profit. TB manages the bands business affairs. The record label controls the music element and the bands booking agent manages the booking of shows and dealing with promoters. Album sells is not were the money is made today. Touring, merchadise and other avenues is were bands and artists make their money in the music industry. Why do you think pop stars these days do 360 deals with live nation that includes touring, merchadise and externally purfume and clothing lines.
  4. You don't give enough credit to these guys and act as if they are children. Adults work out differences and compromise to make things work for all individuals involved. Given that fact that Axl and Slash have reconciled, I would assume both have compromised on past issues and moved forward. However they choose to progress with new music, these guys have been around the industry and experienced all aspects both good and bad. I am sure Slash is fully aware of what he is getting himself into.
  5. There is no factual evidence to suggest the band line up won't be any different from the line up that's been in place for the last few year's. Some fans are speculating based on curtain band members not being mentioned via social media tags. if some fans think any different, than you will be left very disappointed come 28th September.
  6. Why cannot people just take what was said at face value. I don't get the concept of fans wanting the band to do what they want, when that's not going to happen. These guys are adults and can do as they please, when they want, and they can choose how they do those things. I often read comments on here, and don't understand why, some people get so court up in what and how the band or its members operate as individuals or as a band. They do things their way, always have, and the fans need to understand that, as what they say on a fan forum is not going to change anything the band or its members do. And yet we get fans, based on a simple interview, picking apart what was said, and than adding their own personal thoughts or turning the interview by Slash, in a completely different direction, that's not even relevant to the questions or answers provided by Slash. Just chill, sit back and wait. That's all us fans can do.
  7. Funny how we live in a world in which we define one's current employment status based on a instagram tag. It could be that Richard is human and just forgot.
  8. i am not sure what the issue is. All bands and their members as a bussines, would have in place some form of contract and most band members would be deemed employees or business partners. This belief that these guys are playing together for fun as they did in 1986 or by signing a record contract on a napkin are long gone. It is the best way to protect yourself from any litigation or to protect your own interests. I would think most of us have employment contracts in place as you have your legal rights protected as employees. if you are like me, who own a bussines in a partnership, you would have an agreement or contract in place with your partners or shareholders. it does not matter in todays world who specifically is a partner or employee. All currently involved, would be smart enough to have these structures in place. You would be nuts in this day and age , to not be protecting yourself or your business.
  9. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    They cannot control what is happening. Do you really think they would waste there time for a few people that take issue with this situation that post on a fan forum. The people that are taking issue with this are a handful of fans on a fan forum. You don't cut off the power to an entire city, to fix a faulty wall socket in a single home ie don't get involved in things you cannot control or change. This issue effects all aspects of uploading content on YouTube. The takedown of content is occurring across a number different types of content including sports. The reailty is its a YouTube issue, and there is nothing TB can do about it. Nascar was made aware of there copy right content being removed from YouTube by a fan, and have made it clear, that there is nothing they can do, as YouTube is a third party. The issue is between YouTube and the people applying to have the content removed officially authorised or not.
  10. I like how people come here and seem to believe the band are different from the rest of us in life. Ask any normal working person whether they get bored doing the same job over and over again, hanging out with the same people day in day out. Ask whether a parent gets bored being a parent to a child day in and day out. Thats life my friend. It's their job, just like the truck driver that's being doing his or her job for the last 30 years or the office manager who has sat in the same office for 20 years, or a parent who has raised a child as a single parent. They would all be trying their best as they need a roof over their heads, food on the table, provide and contribute to their family. These guys are no different as it's their job, that enables each of them to provide for their families or pay their bills.
  11. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    It's funny, how some of you as fans, have convinced yourselves that the current drummer needs to go, or for a million other reasons ex band members need to return or are in fact coming back, based on personal opinions, with no facts to back any of these theories up, or are under the impression what they say on a fan message board is going to change anything the band does with its current line up. I suppose that's what happens when you spend your life in a fan forum, you come to believe you are part of the bands world and what you say counts. Its does not matter. You guys have no control of what the band, current members or past members do in relation to their involvement in the band, just like Axl, Duff, Slash, Richard, Melissa, Frank, Dizzy or Izzy have no control over what you guys do in life. 19 pages currently, this thread could go to 100 pages but nothing will change. It is, what it is.
  12. How about you showing some respect to others with a different opinion than yours. Or does that only work one way for you when it comes to your opinion, as you seem hell bent on belittling current band members including the current rhythm guitarist and a keyboard player. A hypocrite preaches one thing, and does another. Wrong information at the time was provided in terms of Mr Adler's condition. It happenes. Its been corrected and life moves on. Many including myself were simply giving an opinion and an option to a possible action and situation at the time. The difference between me and you is, I can admit when I am wrong. Hope Mr Adler recovers and is in a good place in life.
  13. Or to draw attention, to a person in need of help.. I think, that's something that needs to be considered given a history of drug abuse. I woud think, that's what the paramedics and doctors would have factored in, when dealing with the patient.
  14. I don't no why some of you get court up in this stuff, given its does not effect you or is it personally being directed at you. Don't take things personal. If you don't like Duffs opinions, that's all good. It seems you guys want band members to speak, but only what some of you want to hear. You people cannot control what Duff does or says, just like he cannot control what you post about him. The funny thing is, Duff won't be wasting his time on worrying about what a few people post on a fan forum. As you can see by his twitter account he is getting on with life. Duff would be laughing his arse off at some of you being so concerned about what he is saying. Have you not heard of the meaning, of having the last laugh.
  15. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    Again, I state. I personally am removed from the situation as I don't submerge myself in the world of GNR fan forums. I come here to this forum to be updated on GNR related content only involving the band. All mentioned above are separate issues and matters, removed from what the issue at hand is, of copyright content being removed from YouTube. As a fan not submerged in the GNR fan forum world, I am simply trying to understand whether the band or its management are involved in the take downs given earlier in the thread that was the theory provided , that they were. If they aren't involved and the theory is another entity is behind it, than the band nor its management should be referenced. That's called being objective as an outsider looking in.