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  1. How about you showing some respect to others with a different opinion than yours. Or does that only work one way for you when it comes to your opinion, as you seem hell bent on belittling current band members including the current rhythm guitarist and a keyboard player. A hypocrite preaches one thing, and does another. Wrong information at the time was provided in terms of Mr Adler's condition. It happenes. Its been corrected and life moves on. Many including myself were simply giving an opinion and an option to a possible action and situation at the time. The difference between me and you is, I can admit when I am wrong. Hope Mr Adler recovers and is in a good place in life.
  2. Or to draw attention, to a person in need of help.. I think, that's something that needs to be considered given a history of drug abuse. I woud think, that's what the paramedics and doctors would have factored in, when dealing with the patient.
  3. I don't no why some of you get court up in this stuff, given its does not effect you or is it personally being directed at you. Don't take things personal. If you don't like Duffs opinions, that's all good. It seems you guys want band members to speak, but only what some of you want to hear. You people cannot control what Duff does or says, just like he cannot control what you post about him. The funny thing is, Duff won't be wasting his time on worrying about what a few people post on a fan forum. As you can see by his twitter account he is getting on with life. Duff would be laughing his arse off at some of you being so concerned about what he is saying. Have you not heard of the meaning, of having the last laugh.
  4. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    Again, I state. I personally am removed from the situation as I don't submerge myself in the world of GNR fan forums. I come here to this forum to be updated on GNR related content only involving the band. All mentioned above are separate issues and matters, removed from what the issue at hand is, of copyright content being removed from YouTube. As a fan not submerged in the GNR fan forum world, I am simply trying to understand whether the band or its management are involved in the take downs given earlier in the thread that was the theory provided , that they were. If they aren't involved and the theory is another entity is behind it, than the band nor its management should be referenced. That's called being objective as an outsider looking in.
  5. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    Thats a separate issue, I am simply trying to understand whether the band or its management are involved officially in removing copyright content.
  6. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    To be fair and objective, I have just been reading the last few pages of posts, and to honest, this issue being discussed involves a small minority of people and can be best summed up as being a tv soap drama. To be honest there are a larger majority of people like myself far removed from this, as I am from a little country in the pacific at the bottom of the world. With respect, when people started to be mentioned from different states of the US, females who have had dealings with this person, the issue at hand became lost. These are separate matters. It's clear we now know, based on people better informed, and after reading whats been stated, that the band nor its management are involved officially in removing content from YouTube. Is this correct or yet to be established?. The reason why I ask is, as an outsider far removed from information about this subject being posted, I would think it's not in the best interests of any of the band members or its representatives to get involved, as it's not their business nor should they waste their time on an issue that only effects a small minority of people. The person spoken about, their actions, their motivation behind these actions, or the actions of others, who choose to communicate with that person, or choose to become associated with that person, cannot be controlled by the band nor its management.
  7. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    This forum every day is slowing becoming a pop diva artist forum due to the amount of bitching going on. We all ready have people on this forum who bitch about the clothing band members wear or the colour of their hair. Some of you don't realise how grateful you should be to have the band perform live close to home. Sometimes i think some of you are not true fans of the band!. Its simple. If you choose to go and have the financial ability to do so, go see the band in Vegas. If not and for other reasons, don't go see the band in Vegas. On top of that people who choose to go and can financially do so or choose to attend many shows get called out for it. The band has only played in my home country 4 times in its history. To see my favourite band live I have spent thousands of dollars travelling the world. That was my choice to do so. I am travelling to the US in a months time to see the band play on its current run of live shows with my family in tow. I am not a weathly person, but for me to be able to travel and see the band, I work hard to save up the money with the support of my wife and family. Seeing our favourite band live is not just about the set list. I have seen the band play live in countries around the world standing next to people who cannot speak a word of English. But in that moment, we speak the same language that is Guns N Roses. We are standing there rocking out or singing the lyrics to a GNR song. It's an amazing experience to stand next to a person who in broken english knows and is singing every lyric to a GNR song, but when you try to communicate with them, they don't know or speak a single word of english. I would imagine the same thing would apply to the other person due to me not knowing their language aswell. That's the power your favourite band has over you. Maybe some of you need to remove yourselfs from the world of a GNR fan forum to take a reality check on life. Life's to short. I am currently looking into attending the Veges shows. If I do, it will be my 3rd time seeing the band in Vegas.
  8. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Same for us from across the Tasman. The band has only been to New Zealand 4 times 87,93,2007 and 2017. Went to all 4 of those. I have seen the band live 8 times in other parts of the world. Yet we get Ed (i rip off other peoples music) Sheeran touring or turning up 4 times a year to do radio promos and intimate showcases. Sign of the times in terms of the recording industry and music in general.
  9. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Makes sense given touring is what makes the money these days. Live Nation as the promoter so i presume the venues are owned by live nation or have exclusive right arrangements with live nation. UTA the bands booking agent seems to busy at the moment receiving requests from promoters.
  10. It's been made very clear for what ever reasons, Izzy will not be involved in any shape or form. The people involved that's Izzy and the band have moved on. I am not sure what the point of this thread is. All you guys are doing is going around in circles again, that leads back to the fact people have moved on. Of all the positive things that have happened with a semi reunion, the repairing of estranged relationships and talk of new music, why not look towards what the future holds. I get the feeling that's what the band and its members are doing and looking forward to. Not the BS of the past. The question some of you need to answer yourselves is, while some of you guys are contemplating Izzy's future involvement in the band, do you get the feeling Axl, Slash or Duff are doing the same or even Izzy himself occupying their time and energy on these matters. I would suggest not, and they are all getting on with life. It's only curtain fans that have issues with the current state of affairs. Why some of you waste your time on the notion is beyond me, given those involved aren't or have put the issue behind them.
  11. Clearly you guys aren't fans of the band or understand the bands or Axl's history. Axl has been doing pre show preparation for decades including physical exercise, stretching and having work done on his back. There are a number of articles that mention his pre show practices. Instead of knocking the guy down, maybe read and understand why he does preparation. One would think after decades of doing the same thing, as a 55 year old he might of given it away by now. The fact he is still doing it means it's for a reason. Might not be to your liking or reasons, but you aren't the ones up on stage for 3 hours plus. If you were able to see the man from close up, front of stage, then you would have been able to see the sweat pouring off his forarms and teeshirt. You would need to have physical stamina, fitness and a healthy body to continue being physically active for long periods of time.
  12. Maybe in your world. Check your facts. The band during a curtain period did just fine. Was it compairable to another era. No, but the CD era with other members in GNR was part of its history. You cannot change that. Look beyond the US as the rest of the world embraced GNR at that point in time. Download festival, Rock N Rio, plus the gig in Auckland, NZ that I went to with 12,000 other people. Don't speak for the rest of us, just because you cannot let go of the past.
  13. It's understandable. It's common these days that main stream festivals tend to cater to EDM style music or fans who prefer the cool hip artist at the time. I would like to attend and add this to my GNR tour, but reading the comments on the festivals facebook page, explains alot about todays main stream music festivals. People complain about the line ups but it's not because of the quality of the live performance, it's more based on the fact the popular "it artists" like Billie Eilish, Childish Gambino and Tame Impala aren't playing so they cannot instagram or tweet that they are at Voodoo to their friends, and the cool named artists that are there. Basically amongst that demographic an instagram post or a tweet from a festival with a mention of GNR is not a cool and hip thing. Would rather attend as I am doing Louder Than Life and Exit 111 as there will be more like minded people attending.
  14. Loco-Motive

    I see the people leaving in the past continue to do so. The thread is about whether the band should play a song when they return to playing live on tour. Like most threads it starts off well than goes down hill Izzys not in the band, Izzy wrote this and Slash wrote that, Frank's the drummer, Axl is out of shape etc. On top of that people think Axl and the band can go back in time to replicate something they did 20 years ago. That's won't happen as none of us can go back and be the same people we were 20 years ago. It's gets boring and after thinking that's a cool thread and question to put out there, after 2 pages you give up as it's the same repetitive shit over and over again. How about we stick to the topic at hand. I am sure the current line up would pull off playing Locomotive live either via the original version or a reworked version to suit what the band chooses and feels comfortable playing.
  15. People need to understand the money is made via touring these days. Promotors know they have an audience they can promote to and attract. The promoter would have approached the GNR booking agent with an offer. Given the current booking agent GNR use, they would have done background checks on the promotor and agreed on a down payment to secure GNR.