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  1. Has Frank gotten worse?

    I see another thread has been created by a poster who starts off with an opinion and than it becomes apparent that the poster does not like Frank being in GNR and they prefer one of the drummers from a past line up. Than all the haters come out of the woodwork and fill a thread up again with the same repedative posts that fill up most threads. When another open minded poster pointed out some facts and or reasons to a change in drumming style the creater of the thread than trys to move the conversation in another direction as their true intentions or motivations have come to the surface. I don't know why some of you can't be upfront with your opinions and just say I don't like the guy as i prefer a band line up from the past. The creater of the thread ignores the fact that from when Slash and Duff rejoined the band they have dictated the tempo and speed of songs as stated as fact by the lead singer of the band. That is way the drumming style has changed from previous line-ups and over the years.
  2. Don't read to much into it guys as thats the reason he is guarded in relation to his answers as he knows things get twisted as some of you are already doing by claming he is passive aggressive or does not like Frank's drumming as there are better ways for him to make his answers clear by simply saying so. Slash is being honest in relation to his answers and seems relaxed when doing so. His remarks about Frank are tongue and cheek. He is guarded because already people are trying to twist his words to come up with what they want to hear or believe.
  3. At least one person thats is viewing this logically. TB are a managemnt company. They are not law enforcement or lawyers of any kind. if you are the victim of a crime you call/go to the police (criminal act) and or seek legal advice (civil proceedings) right?. Once you have done that you let these people do thier jobs to investigate the matter or take legal steps to cease and desist. So why do any if you think its the job of TB to do this when in fact they can only do so much themselves. On top of that some of you expect TB to drop everything and make a public statement that could affect this process along with pleasing a small minority of fans on a forum. All involved in this matter including TB are dealing with a person who has issues and their actions are clearly that of a person who is not acting on behalf of TB, Axl or the band Guns N Roses. They have a histroy of acting without the consent and or permission, claiming to be someone or acting on behalf of others. I would suspect this issue needs to be dealt with carefully for all involved. TB making any kind of statement publicly won't help matters until its resolved.
  4. GNR jumped the dolphin (finally)

    How does the business decision making process effect you?. Are you a share holder, is it your ideas or brand?. and does the GNR brand pay your rent or support your family?. Again the notion that the big 3 are children and as adults can't make decisions for themselves. Last time a checked the big 3 were all in their 50s. These guys can do what they want, when they want with out the permission of a very small minority of fans on a fan forum. I do not understand why any person would care about how a band or the management team operates. What these people do or don't do has no effect on my life, me paying off my mortgage or providing for my family. I would suggest the same thing applies to the big 3 and TB. This belief amongst the fans that the band and or management owe us a reason for everything that they do or perceived to have done is why the band, its members and management act the way they do. A manager of the band come to this forum and was happy to interact with members and be part of this forum. A few weeks later and to this day that manager and his management company are belittled and accused of not acting in the best interests of the fans even though their job is to act in the best interests of Axl, Slash, Duff and the other members of the band to ensure a successfull reunion tour. To date they have done their job.
  5. Where are you Axl Rose?

    Not sure what the point is of posting a picture from 2 years ago of Phill Rudd leaving a court appearance in New Zealand and giving the finger to the media. Mr Rudd was convicted of very serious crimes and wont be allowed to gain a visa to visit most countries due to his convictions. Wishful thinking that he would tour the world with a band.
  6. I love reading these threads when the facts get completely overlooked. The tour has been a success and from what i have seen that's due to the fact the band have been enjoying the experience and the company of each other while on tour. Why dont any of you give these guys some credit for working out past issues and putting the past behind them..its clear there is no animosity between the big 3 as the tour would not have lasted or been successful. These guys have each had thier own support while on tour in the form of family or partners. In Axls case it has been TB. Hell even Adam Day returned to help slash feel more comfortable and at ease while touring. What these guys are doing should be embraced as they have been using the tour to work on their personal relationships first and foremost. New music will come when they and only they feel its the right time and when they believe the time is right to spend hours, days or years in a studio together. As an outsider looking in, it seems from Melissa to Kat and crew they have all been supported and treated as being part of a very large family. Without that the NITLT tour would have lasted for 2 shows.
  7. You do realise the guy in the video works for universal music group not the band?.
  8. We the fans on this forum are the minority not the majority. To nit pick every thing about the band and individuals is not going to improve the band performance on stage. At a time when we are losing great artists, having the ability to enjoy watching the band and curtain individuals, we should be great full for that opportunity. I still dont get the amount of fans who seem to want to dectate or decided what the band does, what each person should wear or they dont fit into a curtain box. Guns N Roses have never fitted into any box as a band or as individuals. They have had a lead singer who wore cowboy boots, and then wore bicycle shorts, a kilt or skirt with a baseball chest protector, a guitarist with long curly hair wearing a top hat. Rock and roll has never been about looks or a curtain fit. Look at Elvis, Bowie or Mercury as each had thier own style of rock and roll.
  9. Your ranting and raving gets old my friend. Try and stay on point and reframe from going back to the same old comments as it is not constructive at all. So called fans like you come into these threads with your own misconceptions and for some reason cant let it go. We all have a choice to support the band we love or go and find other things in life to focus on. The complaining is from people who were not there at the gig and are making judgements via YouTube or live streams. I traveled from New Zealand to gig and compared to the auckland gig in 2017 it was not the best show vocally for Axl and there were clearly PA issues as the sound around me was coming and going sometimes only from the right side PA stack that was causing problems with the acoustics in the stadium. I took my son Jackson Axl to his first guns show and most of the people around me realised something was a miss, but we rolled with it and enjoyed the gig. There are times we as fans can be critical of the band and thier performance, and the gig the other night was not one of their best, but the over the top reaction brings out the worst in the GNR fan base. I see we are back to blaming band members and management and any thing else people can think of. Reminds me of so many threads from the past 10 years on this forum.
  10. Has BMW evolved and are they still making products the same way 50 years ago and are the same people making these parts?. and last time i checked BMW was owned by two people and a group of share holders. Thats a company that has evolved with time and is not the same as it was in the past. Just like BMW, Guns n Rose has evolved and will continue to do so. As Izzy said thats life. Do you still have the same job,.mix with the same friends, live in the same house as you did 10 - 15 years ago and or has your life evolved possibly getting married, having children etc.
  11. I get your passion but you are getting way to court up in this. Unless you are Izzy in real life or even Axl , Duff or Slash why do you act as if this affects you? “The current GNR tour has been a great success for the guys. My nonparticipation was simply not being able to reach a happy middle ground through the negotiation process,” Mr. Stradlin said in an email. “That’s life, sometimes things don’t work out.” He didn’t respond to further inquiries. It seems the man himself is at peace with his decision and has moved on in life. As a fan of past lineups, including Izzy and the current direction the band is taking, I respect that. Why cant you?
  12. I think his point is that some fans believe they are part of the band's world and the life's of the band members. I read comments on here that are from fans that believe they know what is in the minds of these people or what motivates the band or individual members to make decisions, that only affect them and them only. It is creepy when you read the comments of some because it crosses the line from being a fan as an outsider looking in, to thinking you are part of whats going on in the band members or their managements minds or thought processes. That's how the stalker mentality develops as you start to believe you are part of a person's life or have some meaning in that life. You can have an opinion but it's from a point of view as a fan.. as we have no idea whats going on in the GNR world.
  13. Paul Tobias

    Sorry to point this out but you don't speak for Axl or the band. Re-read what you have stated. Thats your personal opinion. "I think Axl gives him much more credit than what Tobias really is" so you personally know thats what Axl thinks or thats your opinion?. "He is not and he should not be presented as such". So you are part of the band and along with the other members believe that is the case or is that your personal opinion?. Sorry just having a hard time understanding why you as a fan seem to believe Paul Tobias and his relationship with Axl and his history with the band, and how that has an effect on your daily life?.
  14. And you know this as a fact as you have first hand experience working with TB or the band, or as a fan you base this on hear say as you are on the outside looking in as many other people do. I must have missed something as when did we hear from a person directly involved in the band that TB are the ones who control the actions of Axl?. I have heard people from the past mention things who have had no involvement with the band for decades spread hear say or rumors. Steven has very little credibility with statements he makes based on the fact he contradicts himself. There are examples of this as a fact. Steve puts himself in these situations. Thats his fault, no one else's
  15. Read who owns the rights to the product at the bottom of the page. This is UMG. Its clear they want a piece of the pie, and its clear to me at some stage there will be new music on a label owned and controlled by the big 3 and GNR. This is profit driven by the label. The majority of the profit will go in the labels pocket.