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  1. Duff interview.

    It's interesting that some of you take a very simple and honest answer to a question and turn it 360 degrees to suit some peoples narrative and wish. There is nothing in that statement that reads there to be any intent of malice or being disrespectful towards Izzy. Duff, was being open and honest. I see the same people on this forum take childish potshots at band members for speaking their mind, because what they say does not suit what they believe. These people are the same people who continue to bitch and moan because the band or its members don't talk or communicate with the fans. Duff communicated with you and the first thing some of you do, is to knock him down and call his character into question. Why dont some of you put that aside, be objective and take it for what it is, Duff is simply answering a question, being open and honest. Some of you remined me of children who don't like what they are hearing or choose to ignore, so they place both fingers in their ears and make lala, lala sounds. These guys will never please some of you no matter what they say or do. In Duffs case, after becoming sober and healthy in life, writing and speaking have become a big part of that life something the he enjoys and is good at. The statement in the article is simply Duff being himself. Thats something that should be appreciated and respected.
  2. I get that some people want the old days to return but topic threads as these are redundant and are based on fantasy rather than reality. Life takes you along many different roads and people choose to take many different paths along the way. I am not sure why any one cares if it's a legitimate follow up to UYI. Yes, there will be people that will see it as a legitimate follow up, but also there will be people who don't know about the bands history, don't care or see things differently based on the current state of the band and its current members at this present point in time. Thats ok. Same thing if you think it's not a legitimate follow up based on not having curtain members in the band compared to current members. That's ok to. People on this forum are a small manority and get themselves all court up in things they cannot control. You cannot change the past and you cannot control the path other people choose to take in life. It is what it is. Let me know if any of you invent time travel, and you plan to go back in time and change the path of Guns N Roses and curtain band members. I will than check into see if the current state of the band has changed.
  3. Guns N Roses sues brewery

    Very similar example in relation to this topic. https://racer.com/2019/05/14/haas-title-sponsor-rich-energy-loses-court-case-over-logo/ This example is based on a logo. The two are very much aligned, given both parties are profiting off someone else's original idea and work to create a brand that benefits themselves at the expense of others. Rich Energy's response is the normal go to position. We have been found out, give us some time to come up with an excuse, offer a settlement so this goes away and we save face or allow time for people to forget that we were trying to line our pockets off the back of other peoples ideas and work.
  4. I think you will find a history of Axl laying down his vocals as the last piece of the recording process. He did it during the illusion process and he will do it again moving forward. In this case Moby would have gone into the situation with very little information and probably was unaware of Axl's vocal process. At that time to Moby, it was a strange process. In today's world, it's not a strange process, it's common with the members of Tool and Maynard James Keenan able to manage doing things differently than others.
  5. Guns N Roses sues brewery

    You always seem to ignore the facts. You have no evidence to suggest anything you say or believe in relation to how Guns N Roses and its management operate "a template on how not to run a band". Fact, that template lead to the 2nd highest grossing tour of all time. That template as an outsider looking in and as stated by current band members has created an environment that is welcoming, friendly and an atmosphere that has helped the band members become comfortable around each other more so two key members who have put their personal issues behind them after decades of not communicating. Thats a template on exactly how you should create and manage any work environment so your core business can continue to function in the future. Why do you think its progressed from a reunion tour to talk of new music, because of that template that's been created by the bands management and people closely associated with the band. Thats something you always overlook, the facts.
  6. Guns N Roses sues brewery

    100%. I wonder if the people who take issue with the band sueing, or seem to make light of the subject matter, would be happy if someone profited off their ideas, name and hard work, to make money for themselves at their expense. Clearly the company in question made a decision to create a product using a very similar name and logo to that of a very successful band that uses its brand to create and generate income from a number of different avenues across the world. What marketing genius at the brewery come up with that idea. It's clear as day, the companies intention was to profit and make money at Guns N Roses expence.
  7. 2 Duff Boston MA for sale

    Even punk rockers have families to support and bills to pay. Maybe Duff realises that he is not in his 20s anymore and has responsibilities in life. Whats wrong with that. So, Duff can no longer be passionate about punk rock because he wants to put food on the table and a roof over his families head as a 55 year old man. Isn't that called being an adult, a husband and father in life.
  8. Like a few posters here they feel personally hurt and take things to heart because the bands not doing what they want them to do. The poster cannot distinguish between a song created for children and a cartoon, from what they want to believe the song represents. They than turn it around and it becomes the band and the world are against them. Of course it's all on Axl. What was he thinking, knowing full well, when approached to be involved, that the target audience was going to be children watching a cartoon. Nothing to do with the fact it's the individuals problem to deal with not anyone else's. These people don't use common sense logic. It would not make sense for any GNR member to write a classic GNR song for a childrens cartoon. I am not sure my 6 year old daughter would care about the lyrics, melody or riffs. She would be more interested in the actions of the cartoon characters.
  9. It's the reality of the music industry of today. A few years ago pop music was not taken that seriously based on silly lyrics being about breaking up with your boyfriend being sung by people in their mid to late 20s. Taylor Swift is still doing that today. This type of music makes the money, that feeds the music industry of today. It's all about the social image that makes more money for the record executives before the 5mins of fame ends and the artist has been used and tossed aside for the next artist in the production line. Rock music is now the preferred option to not take seriously as there is no money to be made off the machine of Rock music. EDM, Pop, R & B, Hip Hop and Rap is were todays music market is and feeds the machine in making people money including music journalism. In New Zealand we have 20 year old music reviewers, who review live shows who completely ignore the fact the artists are lip syncing and act as if it's a normal thing to do, not sing live. These are the same music reviewsers who go to a music festival called Lane Way were 90% of the artists are hipster, who are aged in there 20s, dressing like they are in the era of the 70s, with these music reviewers not calling them out for taking ideas from a past era or artists from the past including Rock N Roll artists. They do this as it will upset the artists fans, via Twitter with social media having an influence, as that's who feeds the money making machine.
  10. The one bit of positive news us fans have received i.e one small step for GNR man kind, and you are still a negative nanny. You set yourself up for that negativey as you still only believe what you want to believe and wish for. Time to let it go. The band has moved on and going in a different direction from were you want them to point and head to. I expect the same reaction from you when you realise Izzy will not be involved in the future with recent rumours, just being rumours spread by an unreliable source. When the people who call out the band on all sorts of issues including future music, band management, the relationships between band members or the current band line up, get found out and are wrong or mistaken they turn it around and blame the band. Thats not the bands fault.
  11. Of course this could be Axl learning from past mistakes and not going down the path of recording from a external studio over a number of years. It's very possible Axl has created his own HQ studio as metallica and the Foo Fighters have done, with band members coming into record their separate parts when it suits all involved. I can not see this guys spending large amounts of time all together in a studio. Thats not how it's done these days. I also personally believe this is a sign that the band now have greater control over their music and how it will be produced and released without a major label mudding the waters. UMG might be involved but only at a curtain level in terms of control over the process and release.
  12. Once you realise you cannot control what the band or any one else does in their life you will feel better. Don't concern yourself with things you cannot control. The band and the individuals can do things how and when they like, its there business to do so. They don't owe you anything and neither do you. You can be supportive or choose to occupy your time with other things. There is nothing wrong with that. The band don't expect you to operate your life based around what they do.
  13. Just confirmed my travel plans and travelling from New Zealand for both the Louder than Life and Exit 111 festivals. Bouns is the family is coming along aswell, the wife and 2 kids. Don't hold out hope GNR well turn up again in New Zealand any time soon, so i will go see them. Looking forward to a new experience and seeing the band live again within a different environment. This will be my 4th visit to the US to see the band live. Last visit was to see the band at Coachella. Ticked off going to Coachella along with seeing the band perform its 2nd show with Duff and Slash back in the band. Looking forward to Deftones as well. I can remember seeing them play a Big Day Out festival in Auckland 20 years ago as young bucks that no one really knew about as they played on one of the smaller stages. Saw them 3 years ago in Auckland on their last visit and they rocked the tiny venue they played.
  14. I dont get some of you so called fans. Most of us fans support the dying breed of Rock N Roll music. Today its all EDM music and festivals built to attract social media influences to take a snap of themselves at a festival because its cool and hip. When the major headline from Coachella is Ariana Grande having a lemon thrown at her by a Beyoncé fan because of an issue they have, you know the music industry is in trouble. Any chance offered to embrace and support Rock N Roll, with our favourite band appearing is a good thing in my eyes.
  15. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    Some of you are missing the point. This is a result of a loophole within YouTube itself. There is a very similar situation involving a Nascar fans channel, were the person behind that channel breaks down the process that explains the loophole. The fan upload Nascar races from the late 80's early 90's and that uploaded content was removed by YouTube. On doing some checking the person who lodged a copy right infringement was another person who has a YouTube Nascar fan site. On contacting Nascar, Nascar was unaware of the copy right complaint , did not have an issue with there content being uploaded and could not do anything about it as it was an issue involving YouTube and a third party. The person behind the Nascar fan site who had content removed from their site was surprised how simple it was for any person to claim and take down YouTube content. In this situation it is clear some take downloads my be official via UMG but be mindful that some take downs might not be from an authorised source or connected to the band, their management or record label.