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  1. Special Alert for GNR Fans!

    What is the point of this? More wasted money on usless junk .. How many copies of AFD do you need in 40 years? lmfao
  2. Trump never sexually harassed a single woman .. Keep peddling the lies, it wont stop this country's recovery!!!! Axl is a piece of shit and has always been known as one! Over here writing paragraphs about Axl's innocence compared to Trump's evil lmao so pathetic! Sweet Child played last night before Trump hit the stage 😏
  3. Do some of ya'll SERIOUSLY think Axl's anger towards Trump & "stoopid Repooplicans" is going to be the inspiration for new music he's been needing?? 😂😂 So sad & pathetic .. This forum is basically one massive jerk-off fest now
  4. Yeah and this is the guy that got it ALL FIGURED OUT about Trump & US politics ... You 40-year olds on here parroting & praising his "politics" are just as bad
  5. Wow! Axl has a total Trump Derangement Syndrome meltdown on Twitter .. This is embarrassing! And won't sell tickets 😂 The only place he isn't being laughed at right now is here
  6. Yeah I read about that in a nice lengthy article done on her two years back ... I believe going back to post-Illusions all new additions were expected to learn & know the catalog Axl's latest Twitter rant about "anti-Trump Sweet Child O Mine" takes the cake or most cringe
  7. Like all band members, she had to learn the entire catalog. How many "fans" know about Locomotive?
  8. *yawn* not a single change to the setlist
  9. Dont forget .. NAZI - National Socialist ...
  10. By "follow" I meant "on Twitter" .. not his "fan-following" lol You are very mis-informed Obama's ***
  11. 56 year old Axl Rose is not inspiring anyone to get out & vote Democrat ... He's a multi-millionaire LA rockstar with a small American fanbase ... It's honestly pandering in a way
  12. The media already is talking about it - I'm not saying "Axl can't speak politics on Twitter" - Next said that! FAKE NEWS (; - What I'm saying is Axl's social media presence in the US market isn't that large so it's not really anything "special" that he's endorsing a Democratic ticket - Just another useless celebrity endorsement no one cares about & won't affect anything! I didn't actually do a scientific study, but you can just click on anyone of his tweets and you'll see 90+% of responses in Spanish & a very clear lack of understanding ... most English replies are the SA's letting Axl know they don't understand!!