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  1. What's the matter with YOUS ?? It's fuckin' CARTOON for CHILDREN & look at how many pages of comments there are & views .... Do you think it's NORMAL for grown men to act like this over their favorite singer appearing in a CHILDREN'S CARTOON ?? I'm just worried about ya'lls mental health really
  3. If I went to a GnR show & this song was played I'd leave & never spend money on the band again ... Are yous guys forreal? You're STILL fawning over this song??? The vocals aren't even that impressive ... as if anyone thought Axl couldn't sing anymore ... We didn't need this to prove that! All the shit talking on Melissa by these older guys yet here those same people are clinically obsessing over a LOONEY TUNES joke song ... Wow! *deleted in 3...2...*
  4. Fortus Interview KSHE

    How is that bollocks? What he said is spot on ... GNR has technically had 30+ members throughout these 34 years ... AXL being the only one who remained for the whole tenure
  5. Don't get me wrong, I'm not in any way trying to underscore what Gilby contributed to the band, all I'm saying is I don't think it's fair to make Gilby out to be "more important" than Fortus because I think Fortus has done a lot more for the band.
  6. Melissa's backing vocals are so obvious ... the only female voice on stage! And if you have ANY familiarity with ChiDem then it's pretty in-your-face what her musical contributions on stage are .... C'mon people ...
  7. He was there for 2 years ... GnR was commercially successful in '91-'93 because of AXL & SLASH ... No one was going to see GILBY live ... Seriously it's kinda cringey to talk about Gilby the way people do here in relation to GnR ... He may have previously kinda sorta resembled IZZY but he's no IZZY
  8. I LOVE Spaghetti .. What I meant by my comment was that Izzy's parts should have been on the record, not Gilby's .. So even though Gilby technically is on a GnR record .. I don't count that as his being a band member due to the circumstances (fateful accident)
  9. What is with people on this forum with their "Gilby back" obsession ... The dude was a touring musician at a very desperate time for the band ... His recordings on Spaghetti is a fateful accident ... He was NEVER a Gunner & his 2 1/2 years with the band is nothing compared to Fortus's SIXTEEN
  10. For a band that's "unofficial name" is Guns N' Fuckin' Roses even Russ finds a way to censor
  11. Trump will be in office until 2024 .. Axl has an EXTREME case of TDS .. Axl will be over 60 after the Trump presidency .. Chances of EVER getting new GnR music is starting to look closer to ZERO
  12. Not like there's ANYTHING of real subject matter from the band to actually discuss ..... lmao