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  1. Canter’s Deli Notice

    Your a good man Marc, loved you’re book( on my bookshelf) and I’m so sorry to hear of you’re loss buddy.
  2. Anyone have that ‘sweet child’ from Hawaii so we can judge? 🤨 please
  3. why was Estranged retired for many years?

    Cause slash is the creator and soul of all those solos, and he proved it on the reunion tour.
  4. I just binged gnr after work and Houston tx, 2016 ‘catcher’ is my favorite version of that song ( Brian May’s demo a close second ) Axl sounds great and I really heard Slash on that song for the first time, “The future is wide open” but in a great way! Sorry if off topic 😐
  5. Passive aggressive jealousy
  6. Amen brotha’!, Every diehard fan around the world is waiting for any news of new , reunited music( since that reunion tour was so magical) and instead we get this, my sense of humor went away a loooong time ago with Axl.
  7. Robin Finck pissed off

  8. Just saw a story on ‘dawgshed.com’ where the title was. “Axl Rose , first new song in 10 years”, good to see its getting some press( dawgshed is a Howard Stern fan site but has grown to be a huge gossip/ current topics forum)
  9. Axl started his career being painted as a ‘cartoon’ character, he’s come full circle ⭕️
  10. I like his live play on KOHD at fed ex field in 16’, he really added something to that song, him and Slash both made that song magical( listened to it a lot while I was working) 👍
  11. The Psychedelic furs, had a couple of chart hits I believe
  12. ‘Don’t forget ‘Pretty in Pink’ I know I’m a lil’school girl 👧 Give that song a listen, actually has a cool hook
  13. Hands down the best singer of all time, ‘Paris France 92’” ( sail away/bad time/sweet child) Fucking Amazing!
  14. Every PlayStation 4 has a built in blu-ray player Look up the numbers in USA alone