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  1. Forget it! It was the best place to interact with others but they don’t know how to get crazy. I would like to see a show in argentina.
  2. How can you party like this?
  3. I attended to 3 shows for reunion. Washington 2016 Zürich 2017 (home country) London 2017 (first show) all 3 Golden Circle. I couldn’t make it 2018 because I got a father. Best crowd was for sure London. Zurich was nice with all my friends and my pregnant wife and I liked it very much (ok I was totally drunk in the end aswell). And Washington...I like you american guys but... you dont know how to celebrate a resl rock show. Maybe this has also to do with this shitty seating on the floor. But in my opinion the band played the best show in DC. They were on fire!