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  1. In fairness, TB should consider this as the best business plan moving forward! They can have a bit of fun doing the covers and they must be able to agree on 4-5 “new” tracks that are mostly done. Buys them a legitimate tour, good publicity, happy fans and 2 years ish to figure out the next album.
  2. Is it not bad management? Bad planning? There is no way Axl should be anywhere near a pro shot after a 2 week break. It was not a great idea for the band either. They should have rehearsed the whole set for 2 days prior to get the groove going and "warm up" Axl's voice or played a show couple of nights before. I do believe Axl has vocal exercises etc but that doesn't make him "match fit". once again big opportunity to secure the G n R legacy is missed.
  3. My track list for CD would be 1 CD (solid opener) 2 Shacklers (different but good) 3 Better (good rock song) 4 Street of Dreams (nice and catchy) 5 If the world (different but good) 6 Catcher (Good artistic achievement) 7 TWAT (fucking awesome) 8 Sorry (always liked no problem with lyrics) 9 IRS (simple rock song) 10 Madagascar (good bloody song) 11 This I Love (beautiful arrangement and vocals) 12 Prostitute just beautiful
  4. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    Surely this is the better video! Release as a single with the "new intro" and include this live version. G n' R have a hit single (coz slash is on it) and Axl happy as it's a CD hit! That Axl better performance was dedicated to Slash (secretly)
  5. The music / lyrics in the mythical vault are they owned by the record company? Axl Rose? Guns n Roses? personally don't think we will get another G n R album, they have made friends again, seemingly having fun, earning lots. Why risk it, just keep everything and everyone cool. Is it possible for Axl to release an album from the vault as a solo artist? I hope he doesn't just bin it good or bad but why not use the opportunity to release it and then try and make an album the way he said, lyrics n melody etc. why not strip everyone's contributions to "CD2" and ask slash n duff to do their thing rather than add/copy n paste? Just can't see anything coming out whilst the vault exists just complicates matters unless Axl owns it releases it himself. Does Axl think the vault music is G n R? And not what he would release solo? sorry y'all long time reader, long time fan, finally got time to post.