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  1. The music / lyrics in the mythical vault are they owned by the record company? Axl Rose? Guns n Roses? personally don't think we will get another G n R album, they have made friends again, seemingly having fun, earning lots. Why risk it, just keep everything and everyone cool. Is it possible for Axl to release an album from the vault as a solo artist? I hope he doesn't just bin it good or bad but why not use the opportunity to release it and then try and make an album the way he said, lyrics n melody etc. why not strip everyone's contributions to "CD2" and ask slash n duff to do their thing rather than add/copy n paste? Just can't see anything coming out whilst the vault exists just complicates matters unless Axl owns it releases it himself. Does Axl think the vault music is G n R? And not what he would release solo? sorry y'all long time reader, long time fan, finally got time to post.