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  1. Leaving Neverland, Michael Jackson Documentary, HBO

    I find it interesting that is mostly the press and Z-list celebrities on Twitter that are promoting and giving credibility to that doc while most regular people either are against it or just don't care. It's outrageous that Oprah would give them a platform since Michael gave her a lot of credibility and her biggest ratings in 93, and after he passed she interviewed his family and sons. What a betrayal. I don't believe for a second that she was moved after watching the doc considering she was best buddies with Weinstein and god knows who other sexual predators from Hollywood.
  2. The morality of the artist

    Regardings the Peppers video, yes it's disgusting and thanks God nobody would get away with that nowadays but I don't think it would be fair to attack (or "cancel") them for that since it was like hundreds years ago and they have definitely changed musically and personally. That shit from the video fits perfectly with their 80's image of hyperactive-sex obsessed dumbasses but they have changed and matured a lot since then. You can tell the difference of a song like Party on Your Pussy with one like Snow. I remember in a 2014 Argentina show when at one point Flea told the wild audience to stop touching women inappropriately and keep their hand in their pockets. That's pretty telling.
  3. The Lateness of the Use Your Illusion Tour Shows

    Axl was crazy back in the day and in Slash's words from a Rolling Stone 88 interview he did "weird shit that nobody understands".