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  1. I always sing wrong things YCBM, I mean that I sing correct lines but in wrong place. Same happens in November Rain, I always screw it up like Axl did in RIR 2011.
  2. Which songs should they add/drop?

    IMO currently Axl does great job in Better, he uses his clean voice, then deep voice in chorus and some raspy screams.
  3. Only thing I care is Scraped-remix.
  4. They should do the same for Chinese. You know, some remixes, demos and few acoustic versions. Don't really care' bout The Plague or New Work Tune so I think Chinese-box wouldn't need any unreleased songs either.
  5. Shackler's Revenge Remix leak **NO LINKS**

    Brain might be the best drummer ever played in Guns. Also these remixes are representing different kind of music that typical GnR-fan probably doesn't like.
  6. Would be nice if they release these as official singles and play them instead of Layla for example. Could you imagine, first new songs since reunion would be made by Ashba?
  7. Also Frank would play on every track.
  8. I used to always complain 'bout covers, however few months ago I checked Wichita and since then it has been one of the highlights for me. I'm from Finland so I had no idea who is Glen Campbell and never heard the original version before but it suits perfectly for Axl.
  9. IMO Riad and ITW are my favourite cuts from CD. I'm not trolling but I can honestly say it's actually the only GNR album without fillers, AFD and Illusion both have some bland rockers like Anything Goes or Dust N' Bones to mention few.
  10. You've just said some horrible things.
  11. Not many people agree with me but sometimes I really like his clean voice. Of course I'd like to hear him using rasp like before but shit, I became hardcore-fan after I saw they performing Rocket Queen at RIR 2001. I knew Axl isn't sounding like he's supposed to and I knew it wasn't original line-up but I really loved it.
  12. It's clear that original lineup (or Matt) is what everybody wants but Steven couldn't do all songs and Matt isn't coming back so I'd like to bring Brain. I didn't choose Izzy 'cause I think this "hybridGuns" -thing is better than full reunion and playing whole Appetite + UYI-rockers every night. Nothing against Frank but he isn't the right drummer for GNR.
  13. Fly GNAIR

    As a younger fan I thought that having Estranged in the setlist would be a dream. I didn't expect that in few years Slash and Duff would be back in the band (and Pitman out), Axl would sing in AC/DC and record a new album with 'em and finally even witnessing they founding an airline before getting new GNR material.
  14. It's a shame they couldn't show up in Rio -04.