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  1. Rumor of a new album???

    I believe they are making new music. I'd lay money down that Axl is taking his best songs he's had and Slash and Duff are taking their best VR riffs and putting together a new record. Plus I bet they've been writing on the road. Hands down It's GNR and the unthinkable is about to happen!
  2. Do you guys realize that every time you mention AXL/DC a cute puppy dog DIES! Please stop just stop! Don't kill anymore puppies!
  3. Truthfully I would be DONE and that would be the final straw. Being an old man and a long time fan since 87' I've been waiting a long time for a reunion with Axl and Slash. Now that it's happened and it was successful beyond expectation with all the members genuinely enjoying eachother and the music. They should keep the momentum going and head to the studio. If Axl goes with Angus to me that would be the final Big kick in the nutz after waiting all these years.
  4. Enough with the fuckin Axl/DC shit! My God the stuff I read on this board sometimes! No wonder why I smoke so much weed. Truthfully the only answer is new GNR music as the man above stated "Let GNR be GNR" we finally have Axl and Slash back. Why in God's name would anything else be acceptable at this point. Theres even a thread on DJ returning as a rumor Fuck I gotta roll another or I'll go crazy reading all this nonsense LOL!
  5. Really not trying to sound like an ass but I am one so here it goes. Anything other than new GNR music would be absolutely fuckin worthless! No SMKC, Fuck Axl/DC, even Axl cannot go back to a Nu GNR now! This tour has proved that Axl, Duff, and Slash are what the music world and fans need! Look at how successful the tour was Blew away all expectations. I think even the band itself is surprised at the new life this tour has breathed into GNR. To keep GNR alive they need to take this momentum into the studio and make new music. Anything less would be insane. We've been waiting for this reunion for decades now that it's here and successful keep moving forward. Don't look back now or you'll lose everything that's been built up for the past 2 years.
  6. If they don't take this momentum into the studio it would be a huge mistake. No wait a bigger mistake would be Axl/DC does anyone in their right mind seriously want that? I would be so pissed. It's cool he helped them out but it's time to put AC/DC to bed. Older fans like myself have been waiting a long time. This tour has blown away expectations use this down time to hopefully work on something or at least put out a live record out. But please for the love of all that is good in the world don't kick me in the nutz with this Axl/DC shit that would be horrible. Keep this ball rolling! I'd rather listen to an Axl/Mellissa solo record than anything with Angus.
  7. I wish everyone would quite putting the poor guy under a microscope. For his age and the fact that he's pulling off a 3 1/2 hr set each show is pretty damn impressive!
  8. Perfect name for this tour! Not in my lifetime did I ever think I'd be reading all these headlines and how much ass they're kicking! At first I felt maybe this all would be a cash grab but I don't believe that anymore. These guys are truly having fun and it's good to see. I've been to both Detroit shows and the tour kick off was incredible but the 2nd show a few weeks ago had a totally different vibe band wise they were locked in and truly enjoying themselves. Glad to see this rolling into next year. Please take this momentum into the studio. From what I've witnessed and everyone getting along and genuinely having fun. I don't think it would be forced I have a feeling a bad ass record could be ahead.
  9. Thanks for the heads up ZoSo!! Just upgraded mine as well! Gonna be a good show tonight!!
  10. If Slash goes back to SMKC after the tour..

    With all this momentum the biggest mistake would be to go and do other things. Keep the train rolling write some new music! I bet it would be bad ass.
  11. Influenced Musicians Here?

    Been playing drums for 30yrs now. I was a sophomore in High school when the Illusions came out and I bought them both on cassette. First thing I did was lock myself in the basement and learn to play all the songs (except My World lol). I still find myself jamming out on Back off Bitch all these years later some great drum fills in that song especially the beginning. In fact now that I think of it my very first gig was an 8th grade talent show where I played Paradise City. The kids went nuts and at that moment I knew I wanted to be a rocker!