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  1. I wish everyone would quite putting the poor guy under a microscope. For his age and the fact that he's pulling off a 3 1/2 hr set each show is pretty damn impressive!
  2. Perfect name for this tour! Not in my lifetime did I ever think I'd be reading all these headlines and how much ass they're kicking! At first I felt maybe this all would be a cash grab but I don't believe that anymore. These guys are truly having fun and it's good to see. I've been to both Detroit shows and the tour kick off was incredible but the 2nd show a few weeks ago had a totally different vibe band wise they were locked in and truly enjoying themselves. Glad to see this rolling into next year. Please take this momentum into the studio. From what I've witnessed and everyone getting along and genuinely having fun. I don't think it would be forced I have a feeling a bad ass record could be ahead.
  3. Thanks for the heads up ZoSo!! Just upgraded mine as well! Gonna be a good show tonight!!
  4. If Slash goes back to SMKC after the tour..

    With all this momentum the biggest mistake would be to go and do other things. Keep the train rolling write some new music! I bet it would be bad ass.
  5. Influenced Musicians Here?

    Been playing drums for 30yrs now. I was a sophomore in High school when the Illusions came out and I bought them both on cassette. First thing I did was lock myself in the basement and learn to play all the songs (except My World lol). I still find myself jamming out on Back off Bitch all these years later some great drum fills in that song especially the beginning. In fact now that I think of it my very first gig was an 8th grade talent show where I played Paradise City. The kids went nuts and at that moment I knew I wanted to be a rocker!
  6. Ffs Haha! I'll show you too Zoso do you play I'm not too far from you and if you play anything I'd be willing to jam sometime. Especially since your into GNR I love to rock out!!
  7. This is my first post but I can shed some light on this subject. I've been playing drums for 25yrs and have studied various styles. I actually met Frank back in 2011 and we talked drums a bit. He stated that he has a New York style of playing and is bringing that type of feel to GNR. The NYC style is more of a backbeat fusion funk type feel being more in the groove. To me you cant have that NYC style with GNR you have to be out front solid and Rockin like Adler has. It's not that Franks a bad drummer it's that he doesn't play with the right feel for GNR. It's kinda like having Neil Peart drum for GNR he is the best drummer in the world but his feel and style of playing wouldn't be right. Frank was a pretty cool dude and I honestly wanted to tell him to find a fusion band where he could shine because to me you can't play a groove with GNR you have to play with emotion and a rock feel poor Frank just doesn't have that fell. And Axl if your reading this give me a shout I'll show em how its done