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  1. I waited in line and bought them both on cassette at Midnight! A local record store made a big deal and opened at Midnight just to sell the records. I got home and stayed up almost all night and listened to both. Good times indeed!!
  2. As a drummer you gotta play with emotion and a little swagger to swing the groove. Frank plays with no emotion and doesn't swing the beat at all. He plays more like a pacemaker instead of the heart.
  3. People change the past is the past. Quit being an archaeologist and digging up old bones it's a complete waste of time. The guys are getting along great. It's time for a new record. Sorry if I sound a bit harsh but some of the threads that pop up here really make me scratch my head.
  4. This is the GREATEST news ever!!
  5. AC/DC line-up discussion

    This is the best sighting ever because personally I think Axl should stay focused on Guns. The thought of an AXL/DC album has always seemed ridiculous to me.
  6. I Was really just joking about the memes. But yeah this situations got everyone a bit uptight sorry just trying to lighten the mood. Cheers!
  7. God Damn this band has caused me more emotional turmoil then my ex wife haha! All I ever wanted was some new Vinyl to spin really disappointed they don't have a vinyl option with the extra stuff for less then $1000. Who the fuck can afford that really? I mean I'm not Nicolas Cage for Christ Sakes!
  8. I hope they put out a nice Vinyl package with the extra's that would be pretty sweet!
  9. I honestly am starting to hate being a fan of this band. Been waiting a long time for new music from Axl/Slash I'm grateful for the NITL tour but it had my hope up that they were gonna hit the studio with the new found fire they have. To be honest this and the fuckin Axl/DC thing really fuckin blows. No excited at all by any of this.
  10. There is no way Axl prefers AC/DC over GNR. What kind of fantasy land are you living in? Truly not trying to troll here it just honestly blows my mind why anyone would be excited about AXL/DC over new GNR music with Slash.
  11. Wrong! There hasn't been a new GNR record for TWENTY YEARS Jesus Christ haha!
  12. This is the biggest Fucking JOKE! AC/DC is done Angus put it to bed! I swear to god he better not Fuck up the chances of a new GNR record!
  13. These threads crack me up. I really hope they are laughing at us while they are prepping a new GNR record.
  14. Next GN'R Album Name Rumors?

    That pic some up everything I feel about the Nu GNR era haha! Thanks man I had a good laugh at that.