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  1. 11/21/17 - Oakland, CA - Oracle Arena

    Yes, same standard setlist last night although I’m not sure if they always jam Johnny B Goode in Slash’s solo. Honestly for me that was the highlight of the night! The mix started out horrible, but eventually the band sounded great. Unfortunately Axl didn’t really sound good all night. I mostly blame it on the mix, but Axl definitely had an off night vocally. We were 8 rows off the pit on the left side so sound shouldn’t have been an issue. I’m curious if others had the same issue with hearing Axl that we did, but his voice was in and out and he missed a few lines here and there. The bra stuff was hilarious and of course everybody was having a great time with high energy, but Slash and Duff made my night.
  2. 11/21/17 - Oakland, CA - Oracle Arena

    On way to show. Does anyone know where I can buy the lithograph?