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  1. Why Axl dont release ANYTHING of this? My god. What the hell! Whats wrong with this guy!!!!
  2. My favorite ones: Dummy Oklahoma Devious Bastard Dummy sounds like an RHCP song...on steroids.
  3. Quick Song and Zodiac looks awesome. Heavy! I really want to see Duff and Slash on it!
  4. "Perhaps you heard this one on internet..." *Starts piano*
  5. LOL! But in reality, this is truly sad: There was a friend of mine, who passed away in 2013, and she was a hardcore fan like me... When Slash and Duff back, and now with all these songs leaking, i always think that GNR lost too much time, for everything. I'm glad that i can listen everything, cuz i though that i would die before listen any new gnr song.
  6. I really would like to pay for all of this stuff, if it was officially released.