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  1. "Q: [...] I am very excited about Seven. Can you tell us anything about this song? Is it a rocker? A: ITS AN TIMELESS BALLAD WITH A BLOW YOUR FACE OFF CHORUS AND A SUCK YOUR BALL SACK BRIDGE!!!!! (Brain Mantia, Appetite for Discussion, Aug. 18, 2010) " "Leave Me Alone," "Seven," and "The General" could also feature on the new album. These three A-listed songs were worked on by Marco Beltrami, especially "Seven," which Marco deems as the best of the three songs. It has also been reported that Marco worked on a fourth track, "Thyme." However, this song was not worked on subsequent to Marco's work in October 2002. (Jeff Leeds, Sp1at website, 06/05) I really would like to listen Seven...
  2. Really? I've tried to clean it up on Adobe Audition, but i couldn't. I will try it again, later.
  3. It is in poor quality, but, from what i heard looks F*** AWESOME! Would love to listen to it in HQ.
  4. No. And that's why i will not spend any money with them. I went in 3 shows(NITL is one of them), so ok, im fine. If they just release or just PLAY some new songs live, maybe things will change to me. Maybe. The ticket prices are too expensive to watch/listen the saaaame setlist again...
  5. Rumor of a new album???

    I got you. Yeah, would be nice if that happens(truly new songs with duff, slash and even izzy) and i think it will sometime happen, but not now. I know: Time is not on their side, but it takes a little more time. For now, CD II would be a great thing(Remember: A X L). So, i would like to listen a CD II and III, and then, get truly new songs with big 3. It would be GREAT, so great that wouldn't happen. Never.
  6. Rumor of a new album???

    Man, meu amigo da Argentina. I never heard any of this songs, for me, they're all new. I get what you saying, but i want to listen EVERYTHING that Axl's have on the vault.
  7. Rumor of a new album???

    Hell yeah! If he just release new songs with AC/DC im done with this band. But, if the GNR releases a new album, with new songs, it would be awesome to get Axl on two different records.
  8. Never compare, Metallica is a LOT MORE productive than GNR: Plus, aside from the Napster thing, they are a lot better to their fans than GNR will ever be. So, Kirk was right. Of course, circumstances for it may be different to each other, but again, Kirk was right on what he say about GNR being "just a nostalgic act".
  9. While people still want to pay high ticket prices to go on the shows, and feel happy to listen songs from 30 years, GNR/Axl will not change it. They'll do it over and over again, and if the money still roll to their accounts, fuck off! It seems they just dont care. Like Kirk from Metallica said: "In a new interview with the LA Times, Kirk Hammett spoke about Guns N’ Roses’ reunion tour. “Unfortunately, they’ve turned into somewhat of a nostalgia act, which to me is kind of sad,” Hammett said. As for the importance of writing new material, James Hetfield shared, “I don’t want to think we’re trying to stay young by writing new stuff, but it makes us feel relevant. It makes us feel like we’re still progressing.” - http://loudwire.com/metallica-kirk-hammett-guns-n-roses-turned-into-somewhat-of-nostalgia-act/ Yes, it is sad for me as a fan
  10. Yeah, i get you. When i look to some friends who likes different bands(Foo Fighters, Metallica, RHCP, Iron Maiden and even Motley Crue) the things with GNR are so strange. No New Songs, no news, no interviews about what's coming, nothing. They just play the same setlist on every show... And, when you want to buy something there are just crap on the GNR Store. I dont know, if i meet Axl on street i dont know if i would request a sign or a picture. But with Slash and Duff, things would be a lot different, so in the end, that's how Axl Rose operates. It seems Axl just don't care, he does what he want and fuck off, like he said here: "I dont owe you anything..." "I dont work for you..." "You are no my boss..." etc... Little sad. But i just love Gnr songs, they really touch my heart, and to me they have the best songs of all time... Great topic! And sorry for my poor english
  11. Rumor of a new album???

    Get hyped man, and then get disappointment. At least you will enjoy all trip and lols for believing on this motherfuckers again
  12. Rumor of a new album???

    In Brazil and Argentina they(GNR) are true legends. They are largely popular here.