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  1. Now, that's Three Oh, and i love Shackler's Revenge, and i would love to listen that song on NITL.
  2. People, on gibbos youtube channel Facebook's page, they posted download link
  3. Request: Boston 2002 CD Radio Promo

    Sorry if ask too much, but, you have a Madagascar from 99 or 2002? @zombux
  4. Request: Boston 2002 CD Radio Promo

    Really grateful, my friend! Many thanks!
  5. Some parts are better than the album version and some parts are worst. Thanks for send this to me, @EvH I sent it for the others users, too
  6. Request: Boston 2002 CD Radio Promo

    Anyone have full Madagascar from this 2002 promo? Looks awesome to me!
  7. Cand you send this to me, too? Thanks in advance!
  8. Can someone send this on PM, please?
  9. Robin Finck: opinions? Is he a good guitarist?

    This. "Better", "This i love" are great solos too, and a great work from him. His tone fits great on classic songs and the NuGnr. But the guy is a little excentric to me...
  10. Bring Brain Back

    I like him, more than Frank 10000x. Even with the assassination of "You could be mine" intro at RIR 3
  11. I love Duff, very good on playing and a great guy. He really fits nicely on GNR, and i think Chinese Democracy songs are better with him! His tone is absolutely awesome on that songs! Also, I think it's his stage presence is great! I've watched them here in Brazil, on November 8 and Duff has a great presence and charisma on stage.
  12. Steven playing on Guns N' Roses: HELL YEAH! Steven TALKING about GNR: Holy mother of god, NO! I really like Steven when he's playing, but when it comes to interviews, man...
  13. I do not use any app! iPhone 6 with iOS 11 can do it natively
  14. I recorded this from Instagram Stories and upload on YouTube. I think they will be playing Madagascar again tonight!