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  1. Copyright Strikes....

    Sorry I haven't been keeping up with this thread but I'm just wondering if any of the big youtube channels, or anyone really, has started uploading videos on some other platform? It's hard to believe that these live videos are just going to remain wiped off the internet. Basically, is there any sort of solution to this in the works or should I start downloading and hoarding all remaining gnr youtube videos before they get knocked off too?...I can't even find good quality full versions of live in paris or live in tokyo 1992 anymore, which used to be suuuuuuper common...
  2. Thought it would be appropriate to include Axl’s cheeky comments referencing the riot at the NITL show Montreal 2017... when talking about the venue he said something like “ah, the saint laurence river...they knew better than to put you and I in a stadium together! They tried that!” and after paradise city he goes “Thank you! We tore this place up without...tearing it apart” Nice that he can kind of joke about himself now.