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  1. AFD - best: It's So Easy, worst: Think About You Lies - best: OIAM, worst: OIAM (was one of my favorite songs back when it was new) UYI I - best: Coma, worst: Perfect Crime UYI II - best: Locomotive, worst: My World TSI? - best: Since I Don't Have You, worst: Look At Your Game Girl CD - best: There Was A Time, worst: Scraped
  2. From all of the fan interactions described here over the years, I have a hard time understanding why anyone would have a bad thing to say about BBF as a person. The guy went on stage every night and played through serious back problems. Plus, he leaked a bunch of music for us all to enjoy (allegedly )!
  3. Lots of old Recordings

    I’ll take all of that as well! C’mon guys, it’s easy money and you’re riding high in the press these days. Cash in some more!
  4. Lots of old Recordings

    Give me all of the UYI era rehearsals and demos like this and just take my damn money!
  5. Lots of old Recordings

    @The Holographic Universe, I find the ignore button to be my favorite feature on this site.
  6. No, we have not heard either of these. Wishing it to be so, does not make it so.
  7. Completely agree. Rubin has a history of being shady from the very start of his career.
  8. I.R.S. is so close to being a great rock song. If only the chorus was, I don't know, not so cheesy?
  9. What's really sad is that TB allow a vindictive little kid have the authority to pull these videos... (allegedly )
  10. Yes! IMO, they actually did a good job with the vinyl.
  11. GnR Pinball Machine

    Thanks to everyone for the advice, much appreciated! My whole family is addicted now! I have daughters and they think it's hilarious with the all the bikini clad girls and the giggling "Match" girl! I can't figure out how to upload them