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  1. NITL live videos on youtube

    Finally got around to watching and I absolutely loved it! They picked three songs that the band sounds great on, including DTJ And then I come here and the same people are bitching and moaning. No wonder there's no engagement from the band on this forum. I mean, everyone knows Axl's voice isn't what it used to be. But complaining about his voice or physical appearance over and over again is simply childish.
  2. I agree with you, nothing groundbreaking but a decent song. I'm pretty sure Matt said Slash re-recorded the solo at some point, but yeah it's pretty much a VR leftover.
  3. Ah got it. I definitely misunderstood you. Cheers!
  4. There’s no way Silkworms is on any album with Slash. That song is the biggest turd Axl ever shat!
  5. I can only dream of being as active as Paul when I’m in my 70s! I took my mother to see him a few tours back and she was in tears from being so happy.
  6. Not defending Duff’s image, but I’ll take It's So Easy over Going Down
  7. This book is juicier than I expected. I’m in.
  8. That is not 700-800 songs. That would be x number of songs with xx number of versions
  9. The “hide” option is a godsend. There are a few users here that I have no idea f they’re still even around due to hiding, like that Volcano dude who was in love with NuGuns.
  10. I never heard all of the lyrics either until @Gordon Comstock listed them above. Now that’s all I hear! I still think of this song is ever officially released the vocals will be redone or added to
  11. I can’t wait to hear Slash’s solo on HS