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  1. I thought I saw Susan standing next to Slash’s girlfriend for Paradise City. Looked like her anyways
  2. Yes I was there. About to take off in a minute . Hardschool sounded waaaay different. The drumming sucked
  3. I’ll upload some tonight when I get home. Too tired and at the airport... And thanks to the people three rows in front of me that posted the set list. Yes, Hard School was rehearsed, no vocals that I could hear and the doors were actually open in the back during the rehearsal. Axl was in a great mood and was smiling throughout the show.
  4. Same set list. but a great show nonetheless!
  5. Yep I’m wearing the SF shirt with dirty HarryDirty Harry
  6. This new Atlas is killer, release it now!
  7. Had the same issue. The TM site is pretty bad for a large corporation.