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  1. GnR Pinball Machine

    Both! Gilby is on top, Dizzy on the bottom. This cross represents the 6 members that were in the band at the time.
  2. Axl's Advance Copy I wish I had that complete set
  3. Duff's solo album Tenderness: OUT NOW

    I really like Chip Away and the new version of Wasted Heart.
  4. My puggle is named Izzy
  5. GnR Pinball Machine

    Shit. My wife is gonna kill me if this is true cause there's no way I'm passing it up!
  6. 1984 was the first tape I ever bought on my own. Dave takes the cake over Hagar all day long, although I really liked 5150 when it it came out. The rawness of that record still gets me!
  7. Duff interview.

    Wasn't the original plan just for Coachella, and then the Vegas dates were added, and then the stadium tour? I'm not sure Axl & Slash even knew whether or not they could do a full tour together when it was still in the rehearsal stage. However, I do agree that they probably lowballed him rather than bringing him back into the band as a full time member. Why? Well, we can all speculate that it was because of the money, but maybe his heart wasn't really into it without Steven there too. Whatever the truth is, it just sucks that we haven't seen the AFD5 reunite. Life's too short, man.
  8. This skit is hilarious, I had forgotten all about it. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Brian Johnson will tour with AC/D.C. again

    The poster looks fake. It's the same pic of Cliff, Brian, Stevie and Angus with generic wording below. Phil isn't even in the photo, which is the nail in the coffin. FAKE
  10. Hi all. My GnR Pinball Machine should be getting delivered today. I've had the Ain't Going Down file from this machine for ages. My question to everyone here is: Any idea how to download or transfer all of the audio files? My understanding is that there are re-recorded vocals for at least the live WTTJ, maybe other songs as well? And yes, of course I'd be happy to share the files if anyone wants them. I guess I could also ask the company I bought the machine from, but I'm not sure if they would be willing to provide that, or if they are even supposed to provide these types of directions. (I bought from a well known pinball distributor and refurbishment company here in the US.) Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!