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  1. Any one else still loving their L&L vinyls? This set actually got me playing old stuff again. I have all of my parents LPs from the late 60s / early 70s, and am having a blast listening to them! Everything from The Beatles & Beach Boys to Robert Flack, Kiss, etc. And then there's my wife early 80s collection: Metallica, Iron Maiden
  2. That could be part of it. I'm only relaying what I was told by someone I trust.
  3. I know I will probably get flamed for this, but I will not reveal the source due to a request for privacy : Gilby was, in fact, offered a role but turned it down due to both the money and, more importantly, the long set lists.
  4. Yeah, it's a tough watch.
  5. Was just re-watching RIR 2017. Axl struggles with his lost voice so much in the Coma outro. He goes to the low voice for a bit, and it sounds pretty damn cool. Then he goes back to trying to hit notes that his voice just can't seem to do anymore. I'm not sure what his thought process is here. It's like he's trying to give fans the correct vocals even though he knows certain ranges of his voice are completely gone. And then there's Wichita Lineman; he hits all the correct notes and it sounds good. If there are any newly recorded vocals in the future for Axl, there surely won't be much in the way of the old screams.
  6. It was much better when he used a different guitar during some songs like Estranged. Other than that, he sounded terrible with Axl
  7. As much as I appreciated Bumblefoot bringing back songs like Don't Cry and being an all around good guy, his guitar tone (or whatever it's called) never seemed right. Fortus' tone is amazing. His playing just sounds "right", if that makes sense. Do I like everything he does on the Appetite songs? No, but he's the best alternative to Izzy.
  8. When they release something that surpasses Appetite...in other words: NITL!
  9. IF there is an album, and that's a big IF, it will absolutely include some CD era songs along with newly composed songs written by Axl / Slash / Duff / Fortus. Now that they're enjoying the huge financial windfall of the semi-reunion, I just can't see the next GnR release having any of Buckethead, Robin, Bumblefoot or Tommy. However, I do agree that the CD era stuff should just be released in whatever "final" versions Axl has.
  10. I have one from a Beck show that I was taken to a couple of years ago. It was a re-opening night for an old venue and the litho was pretty sweet. Never did get it framed
  11. Limulus and unreleased UYI proshots

    Same here. I'm not even going to try looking through youtube anymore...
  12. ^^^This. Angus is very aware of his fans and the legacy of his band.
  13. This was a much better interview than I expected. Of course Slash is going to try and not get too controversial regarding GnR. If you were making $300k per show, wouldn't you try and keep it going?