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  1. Presale for Manchester a joke. They probably had 2 tickets available!!!
  2. Just logging in for the presale in Manchester and the venue plan is indicating it all-seater???
  3. Releasing a single

    That's awesome, thanks. Just the kind of thing I was looking for. And £6 would be much needed for a 14 year old - it'd certainly buy him a new set of strings!!
  4. Hi all Has anyone any experience in releasing a commercially available single. I'm looking for the cheapest possible way to get a song on Amazon, Spotify etc. My 14 year old is getting into guitar in a big way (just saved up to by his first Gibson!) and we've done a couple of acoustic gigs together. He's just taken Music as one of his year 10 options and has been told that performance will be a key part of the syllabus. I'd like to support him in writing and recording a song, but then thought it would be cool if he could release it as an official single (just because then he can always say he has!!) I've seen a couple of websites that do this but you need to pay a monthly fee. Making money isn't a motive at all, but does anyone know if there are any sites where you can just pay a one off reasonable fee to have a song published?
  5. Also available from Slash's website is registration for presale for specifically UK shows. (I assume this changes depending on what country you are in)
  6. So, did anyone get chance to exchange a few words with either Axl or Duff on their night out?
  7. Been dreading watching this all day after reading the comments but I've just managed to catch up and thought that Jungle pretty awesome. I can totally understand the comments about Axl's voice, but I don't think that this should be one of those occasions. These are 50 odd year old blokes doing what they were doing in their 20s - I hope I have as much energy when I get to that age. What other bands that were around in the 80s/90s are still playing their trade at the same level and intensity as back then - and which singers sound exactly the same? And as much as I loved the rants, I really do smile when I see Axl obviously enjoying himself. To say that he was phoning this in is just BS I think the 80,000 folk who were all bouncing along to this tell the tale
  8. All these complaints, yet Kerrang called it one of the greatest Donington sets ever!
  9. GnR event in London this weekend??

    I so want one of those bottles of Gin!
  10. GnR event in London this weekend??

    I know! Leeds would have been nice 🤣🤣😉
  11. GnR event in London this weekend??

    The playback of late 80s concerts on a big screen is interesting
  12. Surprised this hasn't been mentioned already, but I guess all the leaks have taken focus away from anything else. According to Kerrang, there's an event in Camden this weekend to coincide with the release of the box set. http://www.kerrang.com/the-news/win-tickets-to-a-guns-n-roses-event-in-london-this-week/ I can't find any other details online about it other than this Kerrang article. Interesting that it's in Camden where one of the first billboards were spotted.
  13. It'd be great if Slither becomes a staple and Matt guests on it a a couple of shows.
  14. As much as I am happy that the band are actually doing something, I really can't get excited over this because I know I'm not going to be able to afford it (if it retails at the figure quoted). However, part of me thinks that there is more to it than just a box set. There's an awful lot of hype around it (even my son has come home from school and said "have you heard about GnR" - all the kids are talking about it in the playground - and this is the UK!!) for it to be a limited edition box set that most people either can't afford or won't be interested in - it seems a bit off to me and very 'niche' to throw an unprecedented marketing campaign at. What I am excited about is this unknown (but I know I'll probably be disappointed!)
  15. Yeah, I get that. And I bet that I would have found him funny back then, too. It's amazing how age can mellow your racist, sexist, misogynist views!!