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  1. It'd be great if Slither becomes a staple and Matt guests on it a a couple of shows.
  2. As much as I am happy that the band are actually doing something, I really can't get excited over this because I know I'm not going to be able to afford it (if it retails at the figure quoted). However, part of me thinks that there is more to it than just a box set. There's an awful lot of hype around it (even my son has come home from school and said "have you heard about GnR" - all the kids are talking about it in the playground - and this is the UK!!) for it to be a limited edition box set that most people either can't afford or won't be interested in - it seems a bit off to me and very 'niche' to throw an unprecedented marketing campaign at. What I am excited about is this unknown (but I know I'll probably be disappointed!)
  3. Yeah, I get that. And I bet that I would have found him funny back then, too. It's amazing how age can mellow your racist, sexist, misogynist views!!
  4. As someone from the UK, I hadn't heard of him until about 3 months ago when I stumbled across the show 'Dice'. Since then I've downloaded the full box set and think it's hilarious. However, that also led onto me downloading one of his stand-up shows and we had to turn it off it was that bad - like a US version of Chubby Brown
  5. General Chat / Random Musings

    Cheggers went pop
  6. Re the question of 'how'? I'm in a similar position - not rolling in money, married with a teenage son, can just about afford one or two meals out a month etc However, I have £25 come out of my wage a month to go into a separate account. This is my 'boys fun' account. That can range from paying for large concerts such as these, to a weekend away. It soon adds up and I don't miss it on a monthly basis
  7. Leeds 2002

    This was my first time seeing GnR despite being a massive fan since 1991/2. I took along my girlfriend (now my wife) who was not into rock music at all (think Osmond's, Wham, [insert cheesy pop here]). When we arrived, Slipknot were playing and then we had Offspring, Prodigy etc. When GnR were mega-late, she looked at me as if to say "what the fuck have you brought me to" haha. During the curfew arguement, I remember thinking "here we go!", particularly when Axl said something along the lines of "now, I'm not condoning a riot..." Great show though, the opening riff to jungle sent a shiver down my spine.
  8. 10/11/17 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden

    Serious question (and not trying to flame), but why is it a kick in the teeth? Assuming that folk paid such high ticket prices to see GnR, wouldn't an early start that allows them to play over three hours be seen as a bonus??
  9. Interview aside, I love the fact that Terrorvision are mentioned! In my view, the best band to come out of Britain in the 90s (and still a great live band!)
  10. I Feel Good Discussion Thread

    As decent as it is, I'm really not sure how I feel about it (no pun intended!). It seems an odd and random choice of cover to throw in. One of the greatest hard-rock bands ever with a pretty tame cover. However, it does imply that they are spending time together and communicating off stage. And I wonder who brought it to the table - I can only think that it would be Axl. Plus, does it show that they are also working as a band offstage? I can't imagine they'd throw two new songs into the set with just a run-through at a soundcheck (even Axl). If that's the case - what else are they working on??
  11. 2017 Death Pool Draft

    The only British entertainer left who's not been done for kiddy-fiddling!
  12. 2017 Death Pool Draft

    Just a few points off the lead now, I think. Hope the standings get updated soon lol!
  13. 2017 Death Pool Draft

    Yep - I'm here to claim my Brucie Bonus! Also had Glen Campbell too.
  14. Ed Sheehan 2018 UK stadium tour

    Hey... Hold on...! Lol Nah, I think it's more than that. He seems to be crossing generations. He's obviously not doing anything new, but his Glastonbury set is making people sit up and take notice. Which is why I'm being ridiculed for saying (and are you ready for this!) I can see him being talked about in years to come on the same lines as Elvis, The Beatles, Nirvana etc... None of these were truly original, but they just had something that connected them with the masses. I've certainly never seen anyone blow up as big as this guy. *Runs away to hide!!
  15. Ed Sheehan 2018 UK stadium tour

    This guy has to be the largest musical act in the world at the moment (and possibly ever!). Just had a look at his schedule and he's playing multi-night arenas in North America followed by multi-night stadiums in Asia and Australasia before coming to Europe to do the same. I can't recall anyone in history selling out 18 stadium nights in a month in the UK. I'm not a huge fan but I got tickets to one of the Manchester gigs partly to see what the fuss is about and partly to score some points with my teenage son!