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  1. Well I see after a loooong time away from GNR and forum. Setlist is same just added some more covers.
  2. If you asked when album dropped or 2-3 years after, everyone would say WTTJ or SCOM. Those two songs are what made GNR and AFD so popular but unfortunately both songs are extremely overplayed and people are voting for fucking RQ over Jungle.
  3. If you expect 1992 Axl to magically appear you are going to be disappointed, if you expect 55 year old who is trying to bring you greatest show he can you will be satisfied.
  4. 06/07/17 - Zurich, CH - Letzigrund Stadium

    I see people bitching about setlist again, for fuck's sake they are changing it up and you still have a problem. Stop watching every show on periscope, if you are so obssesed watch your favorite songs next day when it comes out on youtube. Don't expect huge changes in setlist because it's not that easy to do that.
  5. Are people meeting the band?

    I'm joking, but that he doesn't appreciate fans enough is true. It's been 1 year since tour began and they didin't do decent interview that says enough.
  6. Are people meeting the band?

    Axl hates GNR fans, don't you know? If you are pretty 20 year old girl call him tho he will welcome you with open arms and something more.
  7. Well I guess no periscopes or facebook live, nice to see people are enjoying show rather than filming tho.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/pau.naves?hc_ref=NEWSFEED
  9. Can we stop with shit like this already for fuck's sake, it's same old thread with different title.
  10. Black Hole Sun

    Wait, does Axl hear himself? Didn't Slane prove to him that BHS isn't most fitting song for him. It should've been one off thing, nice gesture and tribute to a friend wtf is this now.
  11. Black Hole Sun

    What is your point? Why would Axl on GNR show pay tribute to Scott 5 months after he died when people who needed to do that like Slash already did it, Axl and GNR doesn't have any relations with him except that on some point Scott played in a band with some of the members. Also this is GUNS N ROSES TOUR and CD is GNR album, of course they don't play Slash or Duff solo stuff I've never seen a band touring and playing songs from members solo projects. Well Chris Cornell was their friend and nice guy they all loved him and has nice history with GNR. On other hand it's questionable how much Slash and Duff actually respect Scott who was an asshole and got fired from VR and even his own band STP because drugs destroyed his brain and he couldn't be a decent human being.
  12. Black Hole Sun

    By simple google search I found out that Slash paid tribute to Scott on New Year's Eve show introducing and dedicating the song Sucker Train Blues. Even if he didn't I don't see point in GNR doing tribute to Scott 4 months after his death, if he died now not then I'm sure they would play something.
  13. 05/27/17 - Dublin, IE - Slane Castle

    Can you please get dick out of your ass and let people who are in different parts of the world watch and enjoy their favorite band even if it's crappy live stream?
  14. 05/27/17 - Dublin, IE - Slane Castle

    I don't think so, Axl doesn't have VR logo on his equipment box so we might see Slash wearing it.
  15. 05/27/17 - Dublin, IE - Slane Castle

    When does show start Dublin time?