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  1. Pit tix are 222.00 on Ticketmaster
  2. Floor seats have went up 100 bucks this week. Bizarre
  3. Atlanta and Dallas were both not on the 2017 arena run
  4. Riki Rachtman podcast

    It’s pretty good so far. Rikki was in the circle of axl camp for a while. I hope he touches on what caused the drift.
  5. With the Tuesday announcement, would other shows be announced in between the festival appearances also Tuesday?
  6. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    Austin city limits lineup will be released Tuesday April 30.
  7. Possible but, based on the economics of the band and slash saying “tour” wouldn’t it make sense to play at least one different city in the southeast if they are indeed playing these festivals?
  8. If the rumors are correct they could play Austin one weekend the festival in Tennessee the other. I would guess at least one show in the middle of the week?
  9. I would guess they would book at least 10 shows rather than a 1 off. Seems kind of like 2014 leading up to the no trickery residency.