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  1. 11/10/17 - Houston, TX - Toyota Center

    Hopefully videos will show slash when the horns begin he holds both arms up bc the fans near him really got excited that they were gonna hear it. I was in section 106 not far from him. Tako mentioned on her Instagram the lack of videos showing axl and slash really enjoying themselves during the song chasing each other. It was my 3rd show of the nitl tour and if it’s an act they are doing a tremendous job of enjoying the stage together. I understand the money is great but, watching close up it looks sincere.
  2. 11/10/17 - Houston, TX - Toyota Center

    Last 3 songs were mad , seeker and paradise
  3. 11/10/17 - Houston, TX - Toyota Center

    Merchandise truck is open
  4. 11/10/17 - Houston, TX - Toyota Center

    They have said 430. Probably around 30 or 40 people in line.
  5. 11/10/17 - Houston, TX - Toyota Center

    Ticket prices just dropped
  6. 2 extra tix for the Houston show November 10. Section 108 row 21 seats 1 and 2. 399 for both. 230.00 face value before the the fees. With fees it’s 530
  7. 11/10/17 - Houston, TX - Toyota Center

    2 extra tickets in section 108 row 21 seats 1 and 2. Only 199 each. Face value is 230
  8. 11/10/17 - Houston, TX - Toyota Center

    Why would Houston be rescheduled? It's selling well.
  9. 08/05/2017 - Little Rock, AR - War Memorial Stadium

    Caught the last few songs. The music sounded very ZZ Top to me. Crowd was indifferent or really was into it.
  10. 08/05/2017 - Little Rock, AR - War Memorial Stadium

    Hopefully I won't repeat what has already been stated. The show was very full. The situation with moving the stage in helped with avoiding empty seats. I saw guns last in New Orleans and they are much tighter overall. It seems all the songs are getting a faster tempo. Axl continues have more energy and gives off the body language that he is enjoying this fully. I watched the show in section 25 right off the floor as opposed to the floor and gained possible insight into pacing of the often discussed setlist. Sweet child was the biggest song of the night. It's placed deep enough for casual fans to hear and get their monies worth and head out. Next with NR Kohd and NT you get the next round of fans. And if you can hang for 3 hours you get a 5 song encore. i will see them again in Houston. I can't say it was the best show but I really enjoyed it. For the money it's hard to beat that level in a concert experience. lastly, war memorial and Little Rock were overmatched. One gate was open and luckily I knew to keep walking past everyone waiting until we found where it was when we were dropped of by uber. Lots of people missed the first 4 songs at least due to "waiting" maybe they were locals and didn't travel but, it was a scrambled mess.
  11. 08/05/2017 - Little Rock, AR - War Memorial Stadium

    Place is filling up quick. Bummed thought I had front row but front is aa. Ticketmaster and the lies they sell to you
  12. 08/05/2017 - Little Rock, AR - War Memorial Stadium

    It seems to me from the rumored possible show at the bonaroo location this was the choice when that date was not able to be secured. Also, it's harder to sell in the amount of time considering the size of the venue. The stadium hasn't hosted a large concert from what I read since an N'SYNC show many years ago. Regardless, we will get a 3 hour show. And it will be solid.
  13. 07/27/17 - St Louis, MO - The Dome

    I got the same email moving up the Little Rock show on Thursday. I agree it seems to assure no curfew issues if, they wanna keep the show going a little longer.