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  1. True Story Behind Estranged!

    Basically your favorite part of Estranged is all of it?! Jajaja, just playing. Well done as usual and as a Stern fan it was funny to hear that Ronnie makes an appearance. Hard to argue that this tune isn’t perfection in so many ways.
  2. "Hello Colorado! Where the grass is green and the band is Guns n Roses!" My call for the McBob opener line. Or is that too easy?! Can't sleep, can't fucking wait for tonight!! Will be partying in VIP lot C as early as 2:00. Got a solid crew hanging out and beers to share if anyone wants to mosey on over to our tailgate.
  3. Oh so close! Tomorrow can't come soon enough!! Got a healthy hometown squad heading to the show tomorrow. I would love to get the elusive There was a Time. Saw Vegas and Pittsburgh last year and am just as excited as I was for either of those shows.
  4. Such a tragedy to lose him so young. As far as any two album band goes and one after the fact, it's a monster catalog. Every song is worthy, no filler. Shannon was too good for this realm.
  5. Trouble in paradise?

    Someone invite this guy over here to share his story! We could at least hear his gripes and what he has in his pocket.
  6. Can't wait for this! Got pit tix! See y'all there!
  7. I actually said I hope things get better for you. Most hardcore fans are still holding out hope for an AFD reunion and time will tell. In the meantime, lots of people, myself included are enjoying something that didn't seem possible in any fashion a short time ago. Personally, I don't understand spending time criticizing and judging something that I am no longer into along with trying to persuade those that are enjoying it that they are wrong or "missed the boat" on the real thing. I got mine then and I will get after it until it doesn't satisfy and at that point I will move along. Sorry, I was a bit harsh as I am frustrated with reading posts like yours, you just got my vent. I hope somewhere down the road, they find your groove and pull you back in because it's a blast to have enough pieces of the band back for my personal satisfaction to find something I thought was lost.
  8. Wow, this is one of the most pretentious comments I have seen online in a long time. It blows me away the amount of people that come on here just to bitch. And don't bother me with how it used to be. Yes, they were lightning in a bottle when they hit the scene and it's now 30 years later and things have changed. I don't have a problem if it's not for you right now but to look down your nose on anyone, especially when you are assuming a bunch about when said poster hit the "scene" and happens to enjoy what is happening now makes you sound like a dick. It's music! It's fun and it's completely different for everyone. Looking down on someone for enjoying the current moment makes you look like the beat down. Quit hating and move along. Hopefully you will find something different or things will change in the future to suit your musical needs.
  9. Same setlist, different day

    This topic continues to crack me up. If you don't want to see the show, more room for me to boogie! Saw Vegas x2 and Pitt last year and loved every minute. I am also a huge fan of Widespread Panic, a southern jam band that won't repeat a song for a minimum of 3-5 shows. I have seen them a couple hundred times since 96 all over the country. I wish Guns had the catalog that WSP does but they are also hitting new markets still, with people that want to see the greatest hits with Axl, Slash and Duff. For most of these people it's a dream come true, even without the entire lineup. It was for me. Every band is different and you should educate yourself so you have reasonable expectations for each band and what they do. Last year at this time I could not fathom the fact a childhood dream was going to come true to see the big 3 together. If Panic were to repeat a show, I would be shocked but I'm expecting a fairly similar show this summer when Guns hits Denver and even if it's identical to those from last year, I promise you I will be fucking raging and scaring most of you there with my ninja dance moves. This band can't win. Yes, I would bust in my pants if the OG 5 walked out and hopefully time will heal more wounds but I will be just as happy if the show opens with ISE with Frank, Fortus and so on. I feel like I'm on borrowed time with this band and I will take what I can get. I get the fact fans want to see more of the GnR short but genius catalog live, as do I but at the same time, a year ago, we didn't know if they could pull it off and it could be over as fast as it showed up. The internet and an instant gratification society has ruined a lot of things. And for people to bitch so fierce about something that no one ever saw happening on any level ever again, less than a year into it just makes me laugh. Just keep bitching and moaning but don't come crying when it's over for good. As for me, I will get goosebumps every time I hear the songs that shaped my childhood, live and direct. Yes, I would love more but I'm just so happy now. So quit complaining, bounce from here and don't attend shows so I can steal your dancing room. All the complaining is what's wrong with this world. Entitlement and the me me attitude is lame when we can still find some fun if you drop the ego.
  10. Is Guns N' Roses your favorite band?

    First band that I identified with and we completely obsessed. Still between 1-3. Currently #1 1. GnR 2. Widespread Panic 3. Grateful Dead Strangely enough, Guns set me up for the jam band route. They are essentially the hard rock jam band.
  11. Putting my Xmas list together and wanted to see what you guys think I should request for my next Guns book? I've read Slash's bio, Duff's bio, Canters book and Watch You Bleed. What am I missing and what's the best whole career book or one with the latest info? Maybe Axl's dark years or the truth about what happened and not some bs take on what "they" thought happened. Thanks in advance!