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  1. True Story Behind Estranged!

    Basically your favorite part of Estranged is all of it?! Jajaja, just playing. Well done as usual and as a Stern fan it was funny to hear that Ronnie makes an appearance. Hard to argue that this tune isn’t perfection in so many ways.
  2. "Hello Colorado! Where the grass is green and the band is Guns n Roses!" My call for the McBob opener line. Or is that too easy?! Can't sleep, can't fucking wait for tonight!! Will be partying in VIP lot C as early as 2:00. Got a solid crew hanging out and beers to share if anyone wants to mosey on over to our tailgate.
  3. Oh so close! Tomorrow can't come soon enough!! Got a healthy hometown squad heading to the show tomorrow. I would love to get the elusive There was a Time. Saw Vegas and Pittsburgh last year and am just as excited as I was for either of those shows.
  4. Such a tragedy to lose him so young. As far as any two album band goes and one after the fact, it's a monster catalog. Every song is worthy, no filler. Shannon was too good for this realm.
  5. Trouble in paradise?

    Someone invite this guy over here to share his story! We could at least hear his gripes and what he has in his pocket.
  6. Can't wait for this! Got pit tix! See y'all there!