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  1. Greta Thunberg's Groupie

    https://sverigesradio.se/avsnitt/1535269 Greta Thunberg: Humanity has not yet failed 75 min Climate activist Greta Thunberg urges world leaders to do more. ”Doing our best is no longer good enough. We must now do the seemingly impossible,” Thunberg says in the Swedish Radio show “Summer on P1” where she takes us along her trip to the front lines of the climate crisis.
  2. Bumblefoot: Barefoot 2 & 3 (Acoustic EPs)

    And the quality is what you'd expect. There's a reason Axl never wanted to write music with him.
  3. Funniest lyric

    Shitting in a Chinese stew To view my disinfatuation
  4. Yeah, well, add the 15 seconds we've had since whatever year 10-15 years ago and it's 37.
  5. So I have a 37 second clip of Checkmate or whatever you call the song nowadays, a 1.16 second clip that supposedly is Atlas Shrugged and some rehearsal of SCOM. Is there anything else out there right now? Also, I don't have any links or means to upload anything right now, so please don't ask in PMs.