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  1. Your (Postponed) Concerts in 2020

    I was supposed to see Skid Row 4 times. 2 shows are already rescheduled to 2021, 1 show is cancelled and 1 is under work for rescheduling. Aerosmith/GNR/Rammstein: no information yet if cancelled or postponed Novarock festival is postponed but line up is not announced yet (was supposed to see Billy Talent and Offspring) I miss gigs so badly ..... I hope at least gigs in small venues will be safe by January 2021

    They could have insulted just him. now they are insulting and embarassing all people that survived corona or who lost their loved ones.

    what the shirt says is "live and let die" covid 45. That s not standing up for anything!!!! the shirt refers to covid and basically means some live some die. the trump thing is an inside joke. they present to the public a shirt with covid "live and let die" on it. a virus that killed hundreds thousands people. some were lucky enough to survive... and then they have to read a disgusting thing like that... come on... trump is an idiot but GNR as well aftee this. They could have released a shirt with "fuck trump" or "fuck 45..."

    I hope he does sue them. I am embarrassed too to be a fan. Disgusting what they have become

    Simply disgusting shirt/message. This band can t be taken serious any more. So they decided to remove "One in a million" cause they are politically correct now and then release a covid shirt with "Live and Let die" while Corona killed worldwide more people than a war? They could have put "Patience" or "Don t cry" on it if charity was their intention. IF Pathetic. Fernando is a total loser but the other ones are on the same level if no one of the band stands up against this bullshit.
  6. As far as I remember Rammstein wrote they are trying to figure out if they can reschedule the shows. GNR didnt even write what they are trying to do... their statement doesn t say reschedule anywhere if I am not mistaken... that s bad no information at all ☹
  7. no words needed... I am just so fed up. This is not Guns n Roses anymore.
  8. a band that lives from the success in the past and the reunion....so sad... THAT S NOT THE BAND I FELL IN LOVE WITH AS A TEENIE
  9. GNR WOMEN'S CHAT 2020 *NEW*

    Can t wait to spend my money again in concerts. We had so many plans and gigs planned @EricA ..just hope they will all be postponed to 2021. Cannot and will not wait another year
  10. I m more optimistic. Novarock or aerosmith are both possible dates if people understand and stay at home for the next weeks. lets see and hope.
  11. Life as we knew it will be stopped until further notice. weird situation. complete shutdown of several nations already in place or being prepared. I want my happy life back without worrying for my parents health ...wanna go to concerts and meet friends, and so on... we re gonna make the best out of it...
  12. Austrian government decided that from tomorrow until beginning of April all events with more than 100 (inside) or 500 (outside) persons are cancelled! fuck politicians. so I have to go to work (4.000 people there), get there by train (several hundreds) but my leisure time (concerts, football etc) is stolen by the goverment. super effective measures, congrats!
  13. Your (Postponed) Concerts in 2020

    I am going to the vienna show. never seen them live so this was a "must see"
  14. https://www.metalsucks.net/2020/02/03/the-motley-crue-def-leppard-poison-tour-has-already-grossed-130-million-in-ticket-sales/ see very last sentence when they write about an announcement for 2021