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  1. if slash had NOT been found by band manager nearly dead on the floor and would NOT have been brought to hospital immediately Slash would have died. I suppose THAT would have influenced the band... Slash was only lucky the manager came around. and Goldstein also said that he always had like 2 "anti drug injections" with him (just in case) for Slash and Steven. Well he used it for Slash to save his life. So Slash was really superb in being an addicted musician ??!!!
  2. before the argentina gig yes ; after it : no and it s good that he doesn t put his self esteem in the basket to please anyone. He has the right to ask more than 2 songs and after treating him so bad maybe he decided to move on. He is doing an album with ghostface guy and a tour. that s awesome. move on and let them come to you steven!
  3. I saw 3 of the NITL shows and I am going to see 2 more this summer. why? cause I think this is the closest thing I will get speaking of the original 5. I have no choice. at least I see 3 of them together. But it s a pity and a shame they don t do a real reunion as long as they are alive... Am I happy? yes cause 3 of them are together again. Do I want more? (= Stevie/ Izzy) Hell yes because life can be over anytime...
  4. wait. So how come Axl injured himself the first night at Troubador and slash and duff didn t call him 2 days afterwards and told him to f##k off cause he was injured? Easy hit the weakest target. it makes me
  5. How high you must be to think that a drummer that didn t participate in the 4 epic GNR albums that are the essence of GNR can be called anything else than hired hand. what do you prefer ? 3 + hours show with hired hands and chinese songs or a 2 hours GNR show with all 5 guys who could have done only 1 leg each continent? I prefer a shorter concert with real deal than having to deal with Frank and Melissa...
  6. Is he famous in USA and do many people love him like Steven described ? Still no news about european dates besides wacken. I am curious where he will go on tour and how many euro dates we will get.
  7. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    the izzy love on twitter yes.. but have they called him or did they just send "obligatory" twitter wishes?? Hope at least one of the 4 called him on the phone and talked to him
  8. Happy Birthday Izzy!

    Happy Birthday Izzy!! thank you for the timeless songs. I hope all 5 one day realize that solo no one is as magical as the 5 of them together.. thank you Izzy for everything
  9. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Happy Birthday Izzy! You wrote great songs together with the rest of our guys! I hope one day we'll see you again onstage with GNR.
  10. that s right they have done this half reunion and it s fantastic after 20 + years of no real GNR. BUT: we are human and human beings always aspire more (=AFD5) . it s our DNA to want more , if not we would still live in caves and go by foot. Someone pointed it out: if there was an official statement that GNR was dead in the nineties that would have been it. this band/their music gave so much to me that I chose to support and watch NuGNR. it was the next best thing for me as I can t stand Myles voice and Izzy s work was too boring for my taste. Did we get explanations or interviews what to expect since 2016? No. stupid twitter messages from fernando and that was it. We have no clue so only hope remains for those fans like me that love them since the beginning. Fortus , Baz and so om told the media how many songs axl has so the expectation is here in the fanbase. but still no real information by axl. i dont want to move on cause other bands don t touch me. I hope we ll get more than we already have since 2016. and they dont owe us anything but they want us to come and pay 100- 250 usd per ticket to see them. and don t give any extra information that would be appreciated. they just play shows. show me one band who just plays shows...
  11. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Maybe this Ghostface singer will do only the EP with Steven but is not his new singer for the tour. Does anyone know this guy??? I thought it was a joke but it wasn t April 1st... Media don t write anything about
  12. if Duff's condition to join the reunion would have been Izzy maybe Izzy would be on board. I like Duff a lot but as Slash also Duff gave different answers to same questions in the last 20 years.. If in 2015 he says he would love to make music with Izzy for the rest of his live and then doesn t insist on his inclusion it s weird. steven should have also participated to a larger extent but then something happened and they threw him under the bus. They could have waited for his back to heal.. as the whole NITL tour was planned only short time before the various legs happened. The 5 of them together were unique and the best hardrock band of that period but every effort on a solo basis was between "meh" and "ok"- nothing was magical like Guns n Roses. They can deny as much as they want but it is like it is.
  13. Wow. I hope for you that your family won t consider you retarded and dumb if you happen to have a stroke. So you are better than people with Down Syndrom or other health issues? And don’t begin the drug argument. Slash took the same amount of drugs but he got off the drugs earlier and didn’t have a stroke for his fortune. Steven merits all the fans in the world as well as Izzy and the other 3 cause it was them who created the music. Frank has nothing to do with GNR other than being hired by Axl to play. Insulting people cause of illness is beyond understandable. Incredible. Like in the 15th century
  14. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    No idea who this guy is but I also hope his ep and live shows will do well. # team Steven