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  1. I liked TSI as a teenager when it came out. It was a nice punkrock album and as I love hardrock and punkrock it was fine for me. my favourite songs are Attitude and Raw Power! really cool songs! I dont like CD at all! so looking back TSI was the last album where I enjoyed GNR musicl.
  2. cool. sounds we ll get some answers that are open. his truth about the reunion and izzy maybe... I liked believe in me so I am more looking forward to Duff s stuff than to SMKC. thx for sharing the information!
  3. Concerts in 2019

    I dont know how many horrible things Baz did but every time they get asked about Baz they are very clear: Interview with Snake this year before a concert in France. when they asked about a reunion Snake said "whats the point touring the world and sharing a bus with people you can t stand?" instagram: a fan writes to Scotti hill that he would fly from europe to Usa just to see a reunion with Baz. Scotti s answer "no thanks. stay where you are" Baz must have done things that are absolute no go s and the rest of the guys are so down to earth that they just dont want to have drama but enjoy their shows and life. and the only reason to take him back could be money. but they prefer to be happy than to be super rich. and thats rare in music industry.
  4. Concerts in 2019

    Honestly I wouldnt be pleased. Cause I knew it wouldnt last for long. If after a year all the drama with baz returns they would split again and be devasted. Now they have an extraordinary singer whom they also like a lot. they are 5 friends now, not just a band. and you notice that onstage. I have heard so many interviews from Snake and Rachel and they cant stand Baz. there is no point for them sharing the same stage or tour bus. I am telling you the truth when I say I would be scared if they took Baz back. scared for the future of the band. therefore I hope they keep Baz away. they have been offered really big money by promoters to reunite, but the guys dont want to. they want to stay happy and they already found the perfect substitution with ZP. I want them to keep him!
  5. Concerts in 2019

    Cool you had a good time. Baz has his fans and Skid Row have their fans. everyone can choose whom of the 2 he wants to see 😉
  6. What’s the best Offspring song?

    The Kids aren't alright AND Self Esteem. I love Offspring. Their live shows kick so much ass! Saw them last time in June in Vienna. Had so much fun...
  7. Concerts in 2019

    since 1996 they had 3 singers which is not great but tony harnell was just a bad bad joice they did so it didn t last a year. If you have only seen online clips it doesn t do ZP justice. I never listened to dragonforce cause I don t like that type of music but in Skid Row he sings Skid Row songs and hardrock not Metal.. The heart and soul of Skid Row are and were snake/scotti/rachel. baz maybe was the stardust but in these days I find some of his performances annoying. I am not able to copy videos in (sorry) but he sometimes seems annoyed to play in front of a small audience. thats why he constantly tries to get back in skid row while they enjoy every single show no matter if there are 300 or 15.000 in the audience. I get a lot of joy and excitement from their albums without Baz and also from their live performances. the concert reviews here in Europe for zp are all really good. everyone is talking that ZP is finally the right choice and brings so much energy and some journalists have the same opinion I have: in 2018 ZP sounds better than baz. and the love and energy that goes around between Skid row and their fans is mindblowing. I don t want to change your opinion but but I wouldn t judge people i haven t seen live. I want Skid Row to continue and be happy and thats not possible with Baz. I was soo unbelievably happy when GNR reunited. I went to 5 shows but with all the high prices for tickets and merch it feels a ripp off. It doesn t feel real as long as they don t make new music. And i want at least one of my favourite bands to be real and not money driven. kudos for skid row to not take the millions and stay with ZP who will be on UNITED WORLD REBELLION chapter 3.
  8. Concerts in 2019

    The band has A LOT OF ENERGY - ZP Theart has a good stage persona and charisma. His voice is fantastic! His voice is almost the same Baz had in his heydey! Johnny Solinger s voice was not comparable to Baz voice, but ZP can easily stand the comparison - trust me ;-)
  9. Oh yeah...post concert depression is terrible! One day you had adventure, maybe travelling to the location, concert or even some personal experience with the band and then you go back to your normal life and have no idea if and when you see them again. you look at the photos you made and talk about your experience with your friend who was there with you... you share memories and photos while you still can t believe that the rock n roll world has moved away from you and you were allowed to stay there only 1 day.. P.S thanks @EricA for being there for me not only for GNR post concert depression 😉
  10. Concerts in 2019

    really? why? have you seen them with ZP to have a right to judge them? I have seen them 3 times 2018! And I want more! Baz has not the same vocal range he used to have. Have you heard him sing recently? He was not responsible for songwriting so he is not needed in that section either. You live in the past if you think Baz sings the same way he did in the 90's... Skid Row are Rachel/Scotti/Snake. This is their band and has been so the last 30 years. They owe a part of their fame Baz cause he was so hot and attracted all the girls and yes he had one of the best voices in Hardrock ... HAD, like AXL... I recommend you go and see skid row live next time and then come back to me and tell me if you like the singer or not. Everyone who saw them live was totally happy that ZP is the singer now. I am curious however: why is Skid Row pointless without Baz? You miss someone who throws bottles at girls or who insults the audience? someone whose ego is such a drama producer? you want skid row to implode after a few months? this would happen if he came back and I dont want my favourite band to implode!
  11. Concerts in 2019

    ZP theart nails it. He has a awesome vocal range and nails every single song. He is much better than Johnny Solinger. ZP is better than sebastian bach because Baz hasn t got his 90's voice any more... It s like Axl or many other singers in their 50s. their voice isn t able to reach the range they had 20 y ago. ZP blew me away live so I absoluteley don t miss him. As for the songwriting: it was not Bas who wrote the songs but Snake and Rachel so what do they need him for? Drama is the only input he can give...
  12. Concerts in 2019

    Skid Row in Bristol Skid Row in London SMKC in Vienna Novarock festival (SMKC, DIE ÄRZTE, The Cure...) maybe Kiss tbd
  13. Your concerts in 2018

    I am sure 2019 will be great! we already have some nice shows 2019 hm?!!! SMKC and Skid Row will carry us through the winter.. and i am sure we will get some great summer concerts/festivals too. but that s gonna be postet in 2019 thread then...
  14. Your concerts in 2018

    I ve headed to Dublin in August to see Skid Row and that was the best concert in 2018 for me. I saw GNR twice this year...but it doesn t feel the same with them cause besides the great concert a fan doesn t get anything from them. all merch is a massive ripp off..you pay for vip tickets approx 1000 eur and don t even get to meet a member...no interviews ...no new music... its impossible to not compare it to other bands and then say WTF its all a ripp off. Both GNR and Skid Row are my fav.bands since I was 15..but I got to know Skid Row this year and it is just soo opposite to GNR: they make new records, they spend time with their fans, their meet & greet is meeting the whole band. they don t ripp off people... I am sad what GNR have become.. in November I am gonna see danko jones to get through boring autumn. no other interesting acts in Austria in 2018..
  15. Danko Jones

    I saw them twice live - like 9years ago. Didn’t knew them then but they were quite cool. Old school garage rock. Nice show