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  1. Concerts in 2020

    I am going to the vienna show. never seen them live so this was a "must see"
  2. https://www.metalsucks.net/2020/02/03/the-motley-crue-def-leppard-poison-tour-has-already-grossed-130-million-in-ticket-sales/ see very last sentence when they write about an announcement for 2021
  3. I think he means SKID ROW , Cinderella , Warrant and Winger. I ve read an article about it but they wrote stadiums not theatres.. P.S. I hate the word "hair band"... Skid Row is a hardrock band - period 🤟
  4. The "New Album" Thread

    maybe when Axl is gone some of us will be gone either... would be a fucking joke if TB would have any right to publish it after axl s death and cash in. disgusting leeches who had 0 to do with the music gnr created
  5. Joey Kramer sues Aerosmith

    you mean like GNR? no ... glad other bands still love what they do and don t do it for a huge paycheck
  6. steven adler

    happy birthday Steven! wish one day I will see him live here in Europe. I am glad he seems to be finally ok with everything. He has his gigs with his band and maybe he realizes that GNR 2020 has nothing in common with GNR he knew and his guest spots showed him that everything is so different now that he made peace with it. Steven you will always be the best gnr drummer. keep on rocking!
  7. Concerts in 2020

    Do you also go to Skid Row shows or are you a Bach solo fan? Skid Row play "Get the fuck out" at every show here in Europe. "in a darkened room" or "wasted time" is also played live many times and sometimes also "Quicksand Jesus" or "Riot Act" . Skid Row play 80% songs from the first 2 albums. they change setlists every tour and I like it a lot. Last time I heard "Thickskin" live which was great cause I never heard it before.
  8. Concerts in 2020

    Yes. I saw them 2006 together. was the only time I saw Bach live. I prefer Skid Row to Bach solo...
  9. Concerts in 2020

    Skid Row dont reunite for the money... they made it clear severall times and I think that deserves much respect in these times to not be on the same stage just for monetary reasons... btw: first albums anniversary was this year 2019 but he had a good run and continues the tour in 2020 I would love to see GNR and Skid Row (with Zp Theart) together... would smile like a dumbass all the time with my 2 fav.bands
  10. Concerts in 2020

    January - Sum 41 May - Skid Row , Rammstein June - GNR 2 x , Offspring, Billy Talent July - Aerosmith August - Skid Row
  11. totally agree with everything. I don t like him either but could be interesting to have gnr insights from that era....
  12. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    prices in some countries are ridiculous.. but I am going/paying to see Axl Slash and Duff. Neither the setlist nor new music (that most probably is going to be a delusion) is much of importance. I want to see my fav. band playing. Gonna see 2 gigs - Vienna and Prague - and be happy with that. you can choose if you want to pay and if you want to attend one show or more... no one knows if something will be new...I don t expect new things personally.
  13. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Öticket in Austria has a ticketalarm for GNR since yesterday evening! sounds promissing
  14. Skid Row / Sebastian Bach forums

    Baz didn t write a single song of Skid Row.. so why should he be successfull on his own? If I may say so. Chinese is also Axl without the others and was not a success. They prefer to play clubs because life is short and they don t want to deal with the pain in the a@@ called Baz. They don t need the big money and are happy doing new records and touring for their fans. and they are extremely happy to have a small very loyal fan base still left to fill the clubs over the last 25 years without baz!!!!
  15. Skid Row / Sebastian Bach forums

    really? but he is the only one who always asks for a reunion. they didnt ask him and they dont need him cause they have a great singer and choose to continue the band and playing clubs rather than having the diva Baz on board who thinks he and only he decides about everything in the band. Baz voice is still good but not near his heydey voice. Baz didn t achieve anything musically without them. And he wants the big fame and money again thats why he always publically asks for a reunion..
  16. Skid Row / Sebastian Bach forums

    If it was years ago you ve seen Skid Row with Johnny Solinger on vocals. Johnny did a decent job but you are right: his vocal range is not near to Baz' or ZP theart s... He went back doing country music im 2015. But I respect him cause he tried hard and was a nice guy and stayed for more than 10 years in the band and recorded 2 albums and 2 eps..
  17. Skid Row / Sebastian Bach forums

    ZP theart is their singer since 2016/17. He was the singer of Dragonforce and has an awesome voice! He has the complete range... Great singer! cool dude! He is an awesome fit. Have seen him live many times.
  18. Skid Row / Sebastian Bach forums

    Skid Row fans are mainly active on instagram or facebook these days. There is not a forum like this for Skid Row. I Dont follow baz intensely cause I am on their side not on Baz's side. if you love skid row have a look on instagram. scotti hill is quite active there. rachel was but has suspended his account. use "search" and you ll find a lot of fans, pictures and so on. and most of all : go and see them live!!! have fun! Skid Row forever 🤘
  19. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    OK so my POV is not of interest in this forum and people feel insulted because I express my opinion. I think I am done with this forum. I don t even want to explain why. Wish you all the best.
  20. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    exactly. Just had a look earlier on Ticketmaster. Aerosmith in Vegas costs 700-800 USD pit front of stage. Now how can GNR charge more than Aerosmith? But in general Rock n Roll (the big bands) have become a joke....... all of them..... I ve seen Aerosmith sells "tables" (tickets with banquette) almost on stage for 1.500 USD. WTF??? or with Duffs words... Punk as Fu*k! Where has the real rock n roll gone? Bands that are not that famous any more play with a lot more enthusiasm and any person can go and afford them. Example: Las Vegas, Cannery Casino: SKID ROW & QUEENSRYCHE double feature: pit 59 USD. thats rock n roll in my eyes...
  21. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    yeah on weekends. they are at home from monday to friday... and football games usually don t require you to travel all over the world but only within your Country... 😉
  22. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    in which world are you living??? Do you mean people should find better paid jobs in order to be able to buy a GNR ticket???? I hope I understand you wrong.. and that you meant something else...
  23. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    of course.. but in case you are retired the argument doesn t work.
  24. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    freedom of speech... everyone can express his opinion. I suppose tako and or margott don t give a shit about my opinion and I don t give a sh#t about them and their choices. exeption when they think they have the right to be front row. it s first come first serve..not who paid more in his life for GNR...