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  1. Pink Floyd - The Wall. Audio question

    i agree the wall its a very gooood album
  2. not for me, i mean i like the whole band but axl is my favorite member and singer even with his voice problems
  3. fiu what a night lol , the voice was weird i mean not the same like it was 2 years ago that i saw them twice lol but i understand that this was the first show in 4 months, in some song i can't remember why guess TIL he messed up a little bit the lyrics, i was expected at least shadow of your love but hey u can't have everything in life at some point axl smelled some weed (yes some people were smoking weed) and he say something like ''mm what is that smell, smell like something that the mexicans usually exports to the us'' no madagascar, no shadow god whyyyyy , but hey u know what is the best part? see them again, and finally i found a litography hope to see them again sometime soon goodnight
  4. no twat whyy lol time to go hope to get some descent recording of the full show
  5. i don't know the last year the recorded some song's like this last year they do this, and recorded alice cooper too, maybe this time they can record some songs of gn'r i mean they only release 1 song lol but thats ok
  6. tbh i don't care if axl voice its not ok tonight, i already told to my counsin not have big expectations so high in terms of axl voice lol I'm happy with just seeing them again
  7. About recording

    yeah maybe nobody wants to answer because they think that i want to recorder my band or a local band or something like that lol but no i want to do a recording or gn'r, roger waters etc n i don't posted in nice boys or in downloads because I thought that this was the most appropriate place
  8. About recording

    Hi im going to buy the ZoomH1n i know maybe its not the best recorder i never used it before something like this but im going to try to have at least a decent audio anyone knows what kind of mic or stuff i need beside the recorder?, and what kind of thing in need to adjust in the zoomh1n to recording (for example in bootlegs usually says stuff like: 96kHZ/24 bit-> dithered to 44kHz/16 thinks like that that i don't understand tbh lol) (btw the concert will be outdoors) if anyone knows pls let me know i would like to have a sound like this for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a48U-reMnEU (in the description says that it was recorded with a zoom h1 recorder)
  9. yes me this show is in my town im excited / si yo
  10. fuck yeah after 7 years gn'r finally is in my town and i don't have to take a bus for 12 hours just to see them lol i hope they play shadow of your love and a 3 hours concert (last year in this festival the last band was def leppard and they played for like a hour or 1h:30m )
  11. Favorite post 93 version of Axl

    2006 for me he made a great comeback with that voice and shape it was like seeing the 90's axl again (just remove the cornrows and put his original hair again and ta daaa 90's axl)
  12. i don't have a problem with the covers but yes they should play other songs which I think would be easy to sing for axl (for example so fine, bad obsession, think about you) etc
  13. Money? lol what are the names of those people? Btw anyone knows who was the one who showed the songs?