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  1. Really good 14 years

    Love it.
  2. Why are you stunned? What rock did you crawl out from under? Guns were Massive, they wrote & played some of the best hard rock ever with global appeal. Unfortunately Axl fucked one of the greatest bands to grace this planet. It is no surprise the reception they are receiving. What makes this community strange is the volume of posters who legitimise to themselves the 96-15 era as GnR. Its beyond nuts. That band & album would be nothing more than a "unpleasant fart in a car" in the history of rock had they not rode the coat tails of one of the greatest rock bands ever. The sooner someone winds down window & they are forgotten the better. The whole situation still upsets me, the greatest waste of talent & potential in music, period.
  3. New Music or Original Lineup?

    OG GNR please. I wouldn't consider it "just more of the same". I didn't follow Axl's fake band over the years & don't periscope every show. I want AFD5. I would be happy to be wrong but I cant see them releasing anything now that would come close to standing next to AFD, Lies & UYI. Anything less would just be disappointing. GNR as a creative entity died in the 90s.
  4. I paid $600 for pit tickets & was worried the experience would be a let down & give me the shits. I loved it & would do it again. Being that close to slash shredding GnR, even with a weak ageing Axl was a dream come true for me.
  5. What was Axl's best stage "look"/attire?

    Reading this made me really sad. Its hard to argue with it.
  6. The True Story Behind 14 Years

    He is best ignored, I cant take him seriously enough to respond to him with anything other than gifs or memes & I just realised I cant even be assed doing that.
  7. Holy shit Izzy loves us

  8. Holy shit Izzy loves us

    What part of "BULLSHIT, THEY DIDN'T WANT TO SPLIT THE LOOT EQUALLY, SIMPLE AS THAT" is confusing you? Anyone with half a brain can put 2 & 2 together. The man knows his worth & has integrity. He chose to sell out & walk, that is true, but for good reason at the time. Its pure dumb luck the others survived to get to this point. Izzy still views himself as equal to the others & rightly so. They had one chance to get this right & they didn't. It was cool seeing the three together this year but that was only 3/5 of GnR. People around here who think Frank & Richard have earned their spots through time served are fucking kooks. 14 years is one of my fave gunners tunes, was singing that shit on the way to work this morning. Izzy you fucking rock man. Love Slash & Axl, but if anyone, including them, think they are all that is needed in GnR are just as delusional as Axl was thinking he could go it alone. The sum of GnR was far greater than its parts, and it had some fucking incredible parts. They are however all that is needed to make bank, and that seriously removes a lot of the shine for me.
  9. 02/10/17 - Sydney - ANZ Stadium

    That is fucking awesome After being being front & centre at Brisbane for, UTLH, Coma & Patience my life is complete. The complaining on here is hilarious. Mods can we get an Angus emoticon asap please, the board demands it.
  10. 02/07/17 - Brisbane - QSAC Stadium

    I dont know exactly but think you have to upload to a image hosting sight then past the link? Could be wrong though!
  11. 02/07/17 - Brisbane - QSAC Stadium

    The Show was great, I had been living in a state of heightened anticipation since buying tickets the first morning of presale. I am so glad I forked out for Pit tickets it was amazing seeing the guys & show so close. I saw nuguns in Bris 07 & that was hands down the worst show I have ever seen. Last night was one of the best, made better by sharing it was a good friend who just recovering from two years of cancer treatment & a double mastectomy. Coma & Patience were the stand out for me, Axl got a little scratchy towards the end but massive props for a bloke his age & shape running about the stage & singing for 2.5 hours at the level he did. I was fucked & am still recovering from just bobbing around for the duration of the show. That was a dream imagined from a kid who loved GnR but was too young to see them in the early nineties. There is no other band I wanted to see more, I will settle for 3/5 for now but would sell the farm to see a AFD reunion.
  12. 02/07/17 - Brisbane - QSAC Stadium

    Yup, at a opportune moment of silence some chick in the pit screeched out "HAPPY BIRTHDAY AXL" lol
  13. 02/07/17 - Brisbane - QSAC Stadium

    I took exactly the same photo standing about 1.5m to your right
  14. Tour Lithographs and show specific artwork

    Agree, its shit.