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  1. Guys i need help! AFD Signed

    This was in ebay. And the guy tell me that axl and duff was caught in UK, slash in Ireland, and the others 2 in the states but no more details
  2. Guys i need help! AFD Signed

    so no doubt... for you these are definitely fakes
  3. Guys i need help! AFD Signed

    From what did you judge these are fakes?
  4. Guys i need help! AFD Signed

    Yes was from UK, why?
  5. Guys i need help! AFD Signed

    axl one looks real but i don't know, doubt on izzy and slash.... probably you are right
  6. Hey guys please help me. someone that had more experience can tell me if these AFD signatures look real or fake? thanks
  7. CD year by year Chronology

    thanks for reply
  8. hello guys, where i can find a detailed CD year by year Chronology from 1993 to 2008? thanks in advance
  9. 100 are too many for me, maximum 60 pieces i don't understand if is a fake or not.... but maybe 5-10 copies???
  10. Finally i have Bb cover in my hands!!!
  11. Yes you are right 😂👍. In Italy some spaghetti like TSI cover ended in the bin
  12. so, nobody knows how many copies red hand are pressed? circa...