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  1. hi guys great show, thanks axl, slash, duff, Richard, dizzy, frank and melissa. just one personal negative note about my esperience in Majestic Hotel in Bologna (i was a client of this hotel): i want to thanks the hotel's staff, gn'r bodyguards, internal bodyguards, fernando and beta for fucked me up me and other guys. we were just 7guys and We have been segregated in 5m2 in aisle of the hotel with the promise that all the band would have passed in front of us. we are only 7 guys (all clients of the hotel) That we just wanted to see them pass and beta or fernando decided to pass in a secondary way preventing us to moving. axl out of the hotel signs some autographs and did some photos, so this is the proof that it is not his fault. so many thanks beta, fernando, all bodyguards
  2. ma gli orari ufficiali ancora non si sanno?