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  1. At first sight it looks like one of the many awesome pics of Slash and Axl out there, but then you look close and it's a pic taken of another screen and all i can imagine it's they were checking how the remaster work is going and found this dope moment and coudn't wait to share on their social media. A man can dream...
  2. They will not retire the NITL name before getting the top spot of highest grossing tour of all time, at this point, i like to think this is their goal, or at least Axl goal, better than touring til the end of time just so they dont really need to think about new music, guess both are the reasons. But Ed Sheeran is after that record too, and he is young and insane, and can play sold out stadiums, so he wont stop adding dates to his tour.
  3. The ''In All There's Left of This Lifetime Tour''.
  4. GNR on Terminator 2 Figure

    Arnie is GnR fan, it was him who asked to do the ''Gun N Roses'' scene and have GnR in the soundtrack of the movie. He sure still is a GnR fan, he was at the Coachella. He should get GnR to do a cameo in the next T movie. And a cool pic from the good old times.
  5. This is Axl's account, but it's just for stalking, no posts. lol Fernando follow this account, it's so old Axl only follows the old GnR instagram that last posted in 2013. https://www.instagram.com/axlrose/