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  1. Rock in Rio: Guns N 'Roses redeems itself with the festival after six years RIO - Remember 2011 was inevitable. The rain was torrential. The sound of heavy droplets slammed into the raincoats and created a deafening buzz. And Guns N 'Roses does not appear on the World Stage of the old Rock City. It was the closing night of the festival, back in Rio after ten years. All this, all the expectation existed and the band took what seemed to be an eternity. They appeared. With Axl and a group called Guns N 'Roses, but little resembled what was known as Guns N' Roses. It was a simulacrum, the shadow of a band that had lived its peak 20 years ago, but had died. The sad truth of the fight against time, ruthless as ever. And the egos fight. Rose and Slash traded barbs through the press, a return of the guitarist always seemed impossible. And maybe it was just the ciphers, the giant amount of money that was able to unite Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan, the bassist. The trio that forms the basis of what was agreed and understood as the core of Guns, went back on tour. The trio who had stopped being together on stage in 1993 is back. It played in Brazil, inclusively, in 2016, but the debt with Rock in Rio should be paid. Not just for Axl, who with the voice out of shape, was unable to reproduce the treble of old, but of the performance as a whole. The lint of show presented in 2011 should be forgotten. The scene cuts to the dawn of Saturday, 23. It was after midnight, so in theory the calendar was Sunday. The Who had left the audience - and those interested were truly ecstatic with the sweeping performance. Rose and company, if they were indeed human, would be scared. It had to prove to be more than that guns of 2011. It had to be a monumental rock show. Of those that Guns N 'Roses was famous for doing so almost years ago. With the clichés of a hardrock performance he had the luxury of having. Endless guitar solos, dramatic pauses, hair in the wind. The years passed. And for some of it, Rose's case, they can be ruthless. The voice is no longer the same, but it is more in shape than it has been for some time. He learned to deal with time and its inevitable damage. And 2017 is not the same as 1991, anybody knows that - Slash's biceps are bigger, even. And Guns N 'Roses was able to make a muscular performance - and for the joke with the guitarist's physique, I apologize. With the vigor of that rock that stayed in the past, but still drags crowds. It was, after all, 100,000 voices singing the hits. And they sang as if it were the first time. Maybe it was. But presumably, in view of the devotion exhibited in the City of Rock, many there were not beginners. They even knew the most cadenced moments of the performance and sometimes less exciting. They even praised the songs of Chinese Democracy, the 2008 album and last album, even though they - Better, Chinese Democracy and This I Live - have already come from the moment in which Rose was already without his right arms (Slash) and left ( Duff). The covers also had an effect. From Bob Dylan's customary Knockin 'on Heaven's Door, to the touching Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden, Chris Cornell's band, who recently died. He rolled over to a gritty version of The Who's Seeker. "We've asked for permission," Rose said before starting. It's the hits that make a massive show. And they came to the mountains. He sang until he exhausted the vocal chords with Mr. Brownstone, Welcome to the Jungle, Rocket Queen, You Could Be Mine, Civil War, Sweet Child O 'Mine, Used to Love Her, November Rain, Nightrain, Patience and Do not Cry. The City of Rock, which has never been so crowded, never sang so loudly. It was more than redemption. It was the expected performance of a band that could fill this fan base, with a diminutive and powerful discography, with iconic songs and members so fundamental to the history of rock. Time, no matter how much it runs, sometimes seems to freeze. For Guns N 'Roses in his three hours and 23 minutes on stage, he had parked. It stopped at that moment when Guns N 'Roses was the biggest band in the world. The watch may have passed, heavy and charged its price. But the band redeemed itself with who was in Rock in Rio in 2011. And the best, there was no rain. http://cultura.estadao.com.br/noticias/musica,rock-in-rio-guns-n-roses-se-redime-com-o-festival-depois-de-seis-anos,70002013781
  2. Without delay and with a long show, Guns N 'Roses make peace with Rock in Rio Taking on the stage after The Who, considered one of the greatest live bands in history, is a task for the few. Guns N 'Roses, three-fifths of his classic lineup, went through the risky undertaking and did well. The fact is that the love affair between the band and the Brazilian public comes from afar and remains strong. So much so that a crowd again squeezed to see them, although the band has been here for less than a year playing a repertoire very similar to today. The excitement in any way is justified, not only by the chance to see Slash and Duff McKagan back in the group, but also by Axl with redoubled animation and voice in good shape - even though his timbre has changed in relation to what got used to listening to the records. Today's show also marked Guns' reunion with the festival - the same that brought the group to Brazil for the first time in 1991. Relations shuddered after a monumental backlash from Axl in the 2011 edition of the event, Roberto Medina swear who would never work with the band again. As promises exist to be disregarded, the entrepreneur has gone back. But it is not denied that the singer was very professional, and punctual, this time. Good thing because it was not so the band would only have left the stage already with the day. Punctuality on the other hand did not give the audience much chance to catch their breath after the Who. And so, just minutes after the previous show, the crowd was already jumping again to "It's So Easy", "Mr. Brownstone" and "Welcome To The Jungle" - this, incidentally, started a bit misplaced, but soon it got in the way. What really surprises is the epic character of the show. More than three hours long, which puts them in the same Bruce Springsteen, perhaps the most notorious "stage marathoner" on the planet, the band parades hits, less obvious songs and pay homage - Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Misfits, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, AC / DC, Soundgarden and Glen Campbell were among those recalled. Unfortunately, the meeting between Guns and Who did not materialize. The cover of The Seeker was presented, but without the presence of Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend. But that in the end was a mere detail in a spectacle that in fact deserved the title of great and that was closed, as is tradition with the always powerful "Paradise City". https://www.vagalume.com.br/news/2017/09/24/sem-atrasos-e-com-set-longo-guns-n-roses-fazem-as-pazes-com-o-rock-in-rio.html
  3. Axl fucking killed it, what an amazing concert, the whole band was amazing, at this point is clear some people are just internet trolls and will never really take anything seriously or like what the band(mostly Axl) is doing, fuck the haters. And the 2011 disaster was the last time my sister saw a GnR concert, she hated it like any sane person, she doesn't follow much music news, so 2011 was still fresh in her mind and fear, lol... she loved this 2017 RiR concert, so fucking good, we saw on tv by the way, even yesterdays sounded good, i ran to the bathroom thinking Axl would fuck this up but he didn't, fucking awesome. One of the greatest moments of this year to me, great concert, my sister was happy, coudn't be better.
  4. Fuck, every other artist didn't have any problem with the big RiR catwalk, why GnR wanted to change, i really don't understand this shit. Axl you lazy bastard...
  5. Rio is cool, but too dangerous these days and there is too much city for my taste. People should visit Nordeste more, beautiful beaches and much more nature.
  6. I think most people will watch on Google Chrome with the Hola(vpn) extension.
  7. Tonight's show will be streamed on brazilian tv, official stream on tv and web, no periscope or 'alternative' streams needed, you can watch the concert on Rock in Rio, Globo or Multishow websites, but i think you will need a vpn to set a brazilian ip on your web browser. Multishow Play: https://globosatplay.globo.com/multishow/ G1: http://g1.globo.com/musica/rock-in-rio/2017/ Globo Play: https://globoplay.globo.com/
  8. Lies. Def Lep and Aerosmith were streamed live on Multishow channel and web, the complete concerts, no interruptions, and on Globo with delay/only the highlights. The livestream is part of the RiR contract, no one can't simply opt out like that. http://rockinrio.com/rio/pt-BR/live/ http://multishow.globo.com/especiais/rock-in-rio/#v=2767789 http://g1.globo.com/musica/rock-in-rio/2017/
  9. Aerosmith was amazing, Steven Tyler is fucking 69, unbelievable. Axl better bring his AC DC game tomorrow.
  10. Every headliner begin after 0:30 Brazil time, so yes, it will be already September 24.
  11. Rock in Rio live stream?

    Probably, you should do a test before the GnR concert to see if it will work fine, today is the last day of the first weekend, Justin Timberlake is playing right now, i think.
  12. Could be Axl, but i doubt.
  13. What happened to GNR?

    Time to export a Brazilian meme. It’s Alright Now. http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/ta-tudo-bem-agora-its-alright-now
  14. I'm in!! Cadeira Superior, better than nothing. Maybe i'll go to their hotel too, Duff talked to the fans in their last day in SP, but i coudn't be there.