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  1. NITL is over, finito?

    They always say ''the tour'' is over when the last leg of a year is over, it means nothing. NITL is not ending in this lifetime.
  2. Why release a double album if you gonna ignore half of the songs in them. And GnR discography is already tiny as it is.
  3. Are you sure the broadcast isn't part of Lolla's contract too? I remember Robert Plant and Metallica were broadcasted, don't know about other years or artists.
  4. Nice they are playing here again, i guess they woudn't be otherwise. But a shame it's a festival, and especially a rich posers one where they are more worried about being pictured because of the clothes they wear and what's trendy and not really insterested in the music. For them eletronic music and live music is the same shit, just background music to listen while you get high. Its like our version of Coachella. lol I saw them in 2017 at the São Paulo Trip ''festival'' with Alice Cooper and Tyler Bryant in a nice modern stadium and it was totally worth the money. If it was there again, i would totally go.
  5. Seeing the hd youtube videos, the short hair really looks better on Axl now, he looks more masculine and his face looks slimmer now that we can see all of his jawline. Being 57 with his belly(nothing wrong with it, most men the same age have one, you cant change genetics unless you choose mutilation aka plastic surgery) and that long messy hair was giving too many grandma vibes, thats not the cool type of androgyny. If he wasnt going to moisturize his hair again and keep a nice length like in the April16 shows, the short hair is definitely the best choice, i think he should go for the full undercut tho.
  6. It's a 5k venue, not 500 like the Troubadour, im sure they can fit a piano in the Palladium. lol They played November Rain at the Apollo and the capacity there is 1,5k.
  7. Maybe this is another Dodger Stadium situation, people late thinking Axl will be late. lol
  8. Anyone knows if Max Bailey is there already?
  9. I don't have one and it works fine. So i don't think so.
  10. Some periscopes, no show yet.
  11. Slash warming up with some song, doesn't really mean they will actually play it, you know who still is the boss. It took years till they played Slither after being in the alt set and soundchecked. But let's hope for the best.
  12. Not that much small, with 5k people i think we will get some some nice long streams when the show starts.
  13. Its time for Perfect Crime. The dream still is alive.
  14. New LA Show Sep 21

    We can only hope.