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  1. Thoughts on Double Talkin Jive

    The only thing in which the studio version lacks is the length, the shredding (which is not always a good thing). I've been listening to it again and again and can't see why you consider it poorly executed. I find it great. And it screams 'Slash' to me.
  2. Thoughts on Double Talkin Jive

    I like the studio version. The solo at the end is great imo, no matter if it's Slash or Izzy. And Izzy's singing is perfect for it. I'm not the biggest fan of its lyrics though.
  3. Imagine if we woke up and reunion was like this...

    Well, WTTJ is not among the songs that suffer the most from Axl's current vocals. P.S. Imo It's So Easy is the only song that Axl sings better nowadays than in his prime. The screams that he uses now on that song are much better now.
  4. Probably Duff feels that he comes way after Axl and Slash in the GnR world, that the casual fans don't know or love him as much (which is true and quite natural). So, by running together with Grohl on the stage he 'targets' the fans, not Grohl. But I can't blame him for trying to point out his presence a bit more. That doesn't mean that he has dark incentives or whatever. Everyone in that business wants to be as relevant as possible I suppose. Yeah, that's true and unfortunately Slash did the same thing. In the same interview, Slash dished on a beef between one of his former bandmates and a another grunge icon -- that between Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose and Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. "Nirvana was great. I really, with all due respect to Kurt and Courtney and all that, there was some issues that happened having to do with Axl that I felt like they were totally right," Slash said, likely referring to the brief, yet nasty exchange at the 1992 MTV Music Awards. I know but again I find it reasonable that he would change his view as the years went by. Even Axl mellowed.
  5. If I remember correctly Duff did go to university, but he persuaded them to finish his last courses online because he had some other commitments. Foo Fighters played Paradise City at their show after Grohl's appearance. Grohl had attended the first Las Vegas gig and other FF guys have seen GNR shows as well. Grohl and Slash are friends and have also cooperated musically. Duff has played together with Novoselic (even SCOM). I don't think Duff is not respected or acknowledged by them and trying desperately to do so. He just had fun on stage with Grohl...
  6. NITL guest apperances list?

    Steven Adler....
  7. Do you rate one Illusions record over the other?

    And my vote goes to... UYI 1 UYI 1 UYI 2 Right Next Door To Hell - 5 Civil War - 9.5 Dust N' Bones - 8.5 14 years - 8 Live and Let Die - 6 Yesterdays - 8 Don't Cry - 10 KOHD - 8.5 Perfect Crime - 3.5 Get in the Ring - 4.5 You Ain't The First - 7.5 Shotgun Blues - 2 Bad Obsession - 5.5 Breakdown - 7 Back Off Bitch - 6.5 Pretty Tied Up - 7 Double Talkin Jive - 8 Locomotive - 9.5 November Rain - 10 So Fine - 6 The Garden - 8.5 Estranged - 10 Garden Of Eden - 4.5 You Could Be Mine - 10 Don't Damn Me - 8 Don't Cry (alt) - 8 Bad Apples - 7 My World - 2 Dead Horse - 9.5 Coma - 10 average: 7.4 average: 7.1 Also, I always skip Shotgun Blues and My World so UYI1 has 4 more songs for me..
  8. Ok, but this is not exactly a NITL tour incident.
  9. Nearly 1 In 5 Millennials Consider Joseph Stalin And Kim Jong Un ‘Heroes’

    Russians for sure played a big role in defeating Hitler, but that has nothing to do with the fact that they were communists.
  10. What happened to GNR?

    I don't know what exactly happened, but nowadays the sound is off:
  11. Whitesnake outdoes Guns n Roses. Who's next?

    I've heard rumours that the GN'R vault is also there.
  12. Do you really want GN'R to become a hipster favourite band? That would be dreadful. Fuck them. Of course there are kids that like GN'R, but it won't get mainstream, no matter how many Melissas get into the band, that's for sure. This is definitely the most moronic perception about Guns, shared mostly among some hard rock ACDC-type fans. Even if they hate NR or DC (that's their problem) or whatever, UYIs are not only that. P.S. Did I mention how much I hate anything those hipsters like?
  13. But is he able to get such a rock icon to his show?