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  1. Which concerts are you listening to the most?

    Yes because who is or is not a member of Guns is decided by a random guy on a forum.
  2. Why is Chinese Democracy so hated?

    I don't hate CD, in fact I like a few songs or parts of them, but: I don't like and cannot get used to the voice Axl used in most songs, no matter how many times I give it a try. That's the biggest problem for me with CD. Secondly, I don't really like his songwriting on many of those songs. He has raised the standards much higher with the lyrics in songs like Locomotive, Estranged etc.. Also, I don't like the whole industrial thing Slash's absence doesn't bother me that much since it was a given for that record...
  3. I admire that he jumps off from moving cars.
  4. Rumor of a new album???

    But what about the source of this rumor? Does it have any credibility? Anyone could make up something like that since there are a few bands fitting more or less the description. Yes I know there are many clues out there, but on the other hand, this makes it easier to stir up such rumors...
  5. Rumor of a new album???

    What makes this rumour seem credible to most of you? I mean, even if it's indeed about Guns, it's not the first time we hear a rumour that the band is planning to release an album... I would expect @DieselDaisy to say that Guns are never going to release any new music, but you don't seem to rule it out this time
  6. black sabbath or led zeppelin?

    I used to like Zeppelin, but not so much anymore... On the other hand, even though I hate heavy metal, Sabbath is an exception. I'll take Iommi over Jimmy Page as well.
  7. But the reactions he gets are always the same: bashing Fortus.
  8. Yeah, to me that's quite obvious.
  9. So that's why they've been practising all those covers. They are going to bury not only Appetite, but half of Lies and UYI as well..
  10. This whole thread is off-topic.
  11. Deeper With Slash and Joe Perry (Sixx Sense radio interview)

    Slash said that he works on new material but nothing more specific.
  12. [RUMOR] Is Dj Ashba Coming Back This Next Summer?

    The TWAT solos are among my top favourites but there is only one lead guitar player GN'R has to have and that is Slash. Even if he couldn't play CD songs very well.
  13. Thoughts on Double Talkin Jive

    No, here's the proof
  14. Thoughts on Double Talkin Jive

    Well, as Slash and Duff have confirmed, "Axl wrote them all".
  15. Thoughts on Double Talkin Jive

    The only thing in which the studio version lacks is the length, the shredding (which is not always a good thing). I've been listening to it again and again and can't see why you consider it poorly executed. I find it great. And it screams 'Slash' to me.