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  2. Steven Tyler once had a 14 year old girlfriend signed over to him

    From what I recall he doesn't say anything about underage girls. He describes an event with 2 girls, that Axl wanted them to give him and Slash bj. They denied and he threw them out. Then they accused him for trying to rape them. And then the police went after them and they had to hide. Slash even said that the accusation was made up. Nothing about underage girls if I remember correctly. Unless you know it from a different source.
  3. Steven Tyler once had a 14 year old girlfriend signed over to him

    Isn't this mentioned in Slash's book? He didn't bury it at all.
  4. frances bean cobain debut song

    She looked like Mr. Bean on the ultrasound.
  5. NEW Interview, Steven Adler AND RussTCB!!

    I don't think he is a sell out. But saying no to your mother is much easier than saying no to MJ
  6. NEW Interview, Steven Adler AND RussTCB!!

    I think it was around the HOF induction when Steven was hating/loving Axl from interview to interview. He loved him, then he was done with him, then he loved him again. And now he keeps insulting him, calling him asshole etc, but he loves him of course. I thought that Steven had practised the whole catalogue - even the CD songs by his own when he learned that a reunion was imminent. I don't see Steven as a sellout... Especially if we overlook the celebrity rehab thing he did and his mother's book promo, no, he is not a sell out. As for the other guys I don't see what's wrong about making more money. They made music, not sex tapes...
  7. NEW Interview, Steven Adler AND RussTCB!!

    Slash and Duff never said that they don't like CD. In fact they've said the opposite, even if they were being diplomatic.
  8. 06/03/18 - Berlin, Germany - Olympiastadion

    I want them to play only VR and CD songs from now on. It's time to move on from the past.
  9. Official GNR Social Media Update / Discussion

    They've played in Greece in 2006 and back at the UYI tour of course.
  10. 05/10/2018 - Adler's Appetite - Whisky A Go Go

    Well Myles is a down to earth guy (he even has said that it's impossible to fill Axl's shoes), in contrast to Constantine. When you (Constantine) say all those exaggerations aiming to get in the spotlight, it's only reasonable that you'll finally get the corn when it's time to prove yourself and you fail. Apart from that, imo Myles is far better than Constantine and I'm not even a fan of his.
  11. Best Of Slash

    No 'Promise', 'Starlight' or 'Doctor Alibi'?
  12. 05/10/2018 - Adler's Appetite - Whisky A Go Go

    He is the first and the last emperor of Byzantium. Who else can claim this? Axl cannot compare to him.
  13. Steven announces new singer Constantine Maroulis

    At least, thanks to that mega star dude, after all those years we've learned how those songs are supposed to be sung Haha that's the signature of Myles Kennedy, except that he shouts "sing it". Myles must have done this in nearly every GNR song he's ever done. I don't know if it's more funny than annoying, or the other way.
  14. GnR songs for every mood.

    Slash once said that his favourite band is the Stones because he can listen to their music no matter what his mood is. That's a very big factor for me. That's why I never get tired of the Illusions, in contrast to Appetite. And that's why I don't care about the "high energy rock n' roll" ACDC. Because they're only that. Nothing more.