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  1. What happened to GNR?

    I don't know what exactly happened, but nowadays the sound is off:
  2. Whitesnake outdoes Guns n Roses. Who's next?

    I've heard rumours that the GN'R vault is also there.
  3. Do you really want GN'R to become a hipster favourite band? That would be dreadful. Fuck them. Of course there are kids that like GN'R, but it won't get mainstream, no matter how many Melissas get into the band, that's for sure. This is definitely the most moronic perception about Guns, shared mostly among some hard rock ACDC-type fans. Even if they hate NR or DC (that's their problem) or whatever, UYIs are not only that. P.S. Did I mention how much I hate anything those hipsters like?
  4. But is he able to get such a rock icon to his show?
  5. 07/12/17 - Nijmegen, NL - Goffertpark

    Personally I've never complained about his guest appearances, only about the song choices.
  6. 07/12/17 - Nijmegen, NL - Goffertpark

    Of course I respect their history and I get why they have so many fans. ACDC is a legendary band, no doubt. However I don't feel that I have to worship them since their songs, with a few exceptions, do nothing for me.
  7. 07/12/17 - Nijmegen, NL - Goffertpark

    Since I'm not an ACDC fan I don't care for their deepcuts. I just don't like this song, it's so simple. As I said, instead of getting on stage in a GNR show and playing a deepcut, they could play You shook me. It would be better for 99% of the crowd plus me. Anyway, probably that was the last appearance of Angus with GNR. Of course they don't need a Patience, they did right to stick to their successful formula. They're just not for me. I have yet to find a solo by Angus to make me feel like when I listened to the Estranged solos. But most of what I've heard sound very generic to my ears.
  8. 07/12/17 - Nijmegen, NL - Goffertpark

    I don't think so... It's pretty forgettable. As the 90% of their songs. Of course they would never do a song like Hells Bells in a GNR show, but they could play at least You shook me for example. It would have been a far better choice. So what? Most of their songs sound the same. GNR has a very small catalogue compared to ACDC, but it's much more versatile. ACDC was only good for creating "high energy rock n' roll" songs. Ok, but nothing more than this. Where is a song like Patience for example?
  9. 07/12/17 - Nijmegen, NL - Goffertpark

    Acdc is no more metal than GNR. On the other hand, the word 'generic' describes their music perfectly. Apart from a few songs that stand out, their catalogue consists of indifferent boring songs with even more indifferent, can't-get-more-generic-than-this solos and riffs imo. I don't have anything against Angus and it's nice to have him as a guest on a show or two, but at least they could have played something better than this riff raff BS.
  10. can axl sing like axl -- one song per show?

    Yes, but it was so lengthy and vague that I got confused. he loves the 'Mickey' voice, or he is sure we love the 'Mickey' voice, or Slash told him that he loves the 'Mickey' voice and to use it more, or some songs need that type of singing to get modern, or.... Shall I ask him again?
  11. can axl sing like axl -- one song per show?

    Give me two seconds to ask him and I'll tell you.
  12. Could this work for CD2/Red Panda ?

    Slash is selling his villa and Axl has committed himself to an endless touring and even applied for a second job to ACDC so they will be able to fund their new record. You don't respect nothing.
  13. Use your Illusion: Izzy Stradlin's Contributions

    Possibly, the ending of Patience was written by Duff. - Duff: "Izzy wrote the verse [humming the verse with help from Steven] and I wrote the part at the end, "A little patience, yeaaaaah" Okay, so that came together like that and we had it." - Axl: "Izzy basically wrote most of the words except for the ending part, and then Slash and Duff got in on it, rearranging and rewriting parts of it, music parts, guitar parts..." But there is also this contradictory quote from Duff: - Duff: " Axl came up with a great lyric, seemingly out of nowhere, that of course became the story and melody of that song. The whistle part at the beginning--a ballsy move by Axl--while seeming odd to some of our fans and critics alike when the record Lies was released, became a part of pop culture. The song just wouldn't be the song without it, right? " and also: - Slash: "Izzy and Axl had such great chemistry because Axl knew how to transform one of Izzy's simple structures into a perfect, well-rounded, melodically and lyrically rich song. A great example is 'Patience': Axl really elevated that song of Izzy's into something else entirely."
  14. Was Axl a Poser during UYI Era?

    Another quote by Slash: Axl is a dramatic kind of individual. Everything he says or does has a meaning, a theatrical place in his mind, in a blown-out-of-proportion kind of way. Little things become greatly exaggerated, so that interactions with people can become magnified into major issues. The bottom line is, he has his own way of looking at things.