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  1. Patience cough bullshit

    He did it 1991 too, in St. Louis (without the cough) and probably at other shows that I don't remember. In St. Louis he said "bullshit", looked at Izzy and they both laughed. Like others said, it was obviously a joke among them about the lyrics.
  2. #WokeAxl

    He had said it directly once [NME, October 1987]: Do you see this as your BIG CHANCE, the only one you'll ever have? Axl: "In certain ways, yeah...because I'm a manic depressive. If I f**cked up now maybe I could still be successful in 30 years time. But maybe I wouldn't allow myself to live that long, maybe I'm too self-destructive…" Does manic depression go hand in hand with paranoia? Axl: "No...I wouldn't say so." It was mentioned in other interviews after that, although without him being quoted saying the words "manic depressive" directly: A psychiatrist has diagnosed Axl's problem as manic-depressive disorder, a condition that can cause people to swing from impulsive, reckless, and argumentative fits to catatonic and suicidal periods. "I can be happier than anybody I know," Axl says. "I can get so happy I'll cry. I can get completely opposite, upsetwise." Many manic-depressives turn to drugs or alcohol to lessen the pain of their illness. Although Axl takes lithium to combat the disorder, he thinks it's ineffective and claims to be in control of his moods. [Rolling Stone, November 1988] Sources around him say he's on drugs - the prescriptive variety - to alleviate symptoms of manic depression. Sometimes he doesn't take them. And one thing everyone agrees on: No one tells Axl what to do. The result is that one can never be sure where Axl Rose will show up, and, if he does, which Axl will show. [Musician, December 1988] Then, in 1989, he would say that the diagnosis had stemmed from a 500-question test: Axl: I went to a clinic, thinking it would help my moods. The only thing I did was take one 500-question test - ya know, filling in the little black dots. All of sudden I'm diagnosed manic-depressive. "Let's put Axl on medication". Well, the medication doesn't help me deal with stress. The only thing it does is help keep people off my back because they figure I'm on medication [RIP, April 1989]. He didn't talk about it in public after that until 2008, when he was asked in the forum chats, and said that he was never diagnosed as bipolar. I guess he was referring to that questionnaire, meaning that he didn't acknowledge it as a diagnosis.
  3. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    I think he could have toured solo all these years if he really wanted to - at least some short tours. And he had other opportunities to tour, too: https://web.archive.org/web/20110905210438/http://www.rockaaa.com:80/news/ashhurst-urges-stradlin-to-take-mckagan’s-offer-6593
  4. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    I don't think it was about 2010. He said Duff texted him and updated him about what was going on and he was kind of excited, too. He did seem a bit hurt when Duff joined Axl for a full leg in 2014, but yeah, that also came across as him being hurt because he thought he'd never get that call from Axl: "What Duff does is what Duff does. It doesn't really concern me," said Slash. "Duff's relationship with Axl is different to mine. That call to me is just not going to happen." Not that Slash has a problem with McKagan playing with the band again. "I don't judge Duff. He's cool," he insisted. "He just has a way more amicable, neutral relationship with Axl than I do." http://www.a-4-d.com/t3333-2014-04-10-ultimate-classic-rock-slash-on-duff-s-reunion-with-guns-n-roses#12811
  5. #WokeAxl

    I think this was of the best ones he did in the 80s trying to explain what he was struggling with: http://www.a-4-d.com/t3210-1989-06-dd-patience-cd-single-w-axl-rose-interview
  6. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    This isn't exactly what Axl said. He said (paraphrasing) that Izzy had called management to negotiate his fees for those appearances, which Axl didn't know from the beginning, and when he heard about it later, he was a bit put off by it. I don't know why he was annoyed by Izzy taking care of his business and what he expected him to do or if he expected him to play for free; maybe he was just bothered because he didn't know about this, and/or because what had happened in the past, when Izzy left and then with the 1993 shows. Then, iirc he joked from the stage with Izzy present, that "Izzy is expensive". It didn't sound like resentment, it was just a joke. I don't remember now if he made that comment in an interview, too.
  7. Significant band locations in LA?

    It was the Whiskey. Vicky Hamilton's apartment was near there, on Clark St.. They were walking across the street looking for Axl and they saw him on the roof of the Whiskey
  8. Seattle Hell Tour dates

    No, don't worry, you worded yourself fine. I was referring to gnrontour and basically wondering why they list those shows based on Sugerman's book, although Sugerman didn't write that the shows were played.
  9. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    Hmm, yeah. And even that he would have beaten the shit out of him right there on the spot - even if he didn't know what exactly had happened, the girl was there without her clothes. It wouldn't have been difficult, as most people there were passed out.
  10. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    I mean one of their common friends or "friends" would have seen him and told her. She says her mother's boyfriend was working in one of the studios there.
  11. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    I guess it could be a possibility. But it's not that they had disappeared as a band, they played shows. If it happened in early December, as it seems logical going by the December version, the band had played a show in late November. If it happened in January, the band had also played a show a few days earlier, plus Axl bragged about them - including him - partying in the in-between time at the rehearsal space (it's very likely that the incident, whatever it was, happened during that heavy partying) which many people frequented, so someone should have seen him.
  12. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    The timeline of this is also very confusing, and there are things that don’t add up. By all accounts, the incident took place at Gardner St. studios, where the band rehearsed and practically lived for a while (although it seems that Duff and Izzy had their own apartments, and Axl would crash in various places), in an attached small apartment where they had built a small loft, throwing those infamous parties at the parking lot. There were other bands there – one of them being Johnny and the Jaguars and then called The Wild (Dizzy’s old band) – and many people frequenting the place. Also by all accounts, after the police were informed about the incident and raided the place (according to band members the cops broke down the door of the apartment), the band had to leave it and ended up (right away or after roaming for a few days) living in Vicky Hamilton’s apartment. According to Vicky Hamilton, who also seems to be the source for the books by Stephen Davis (Watch You Bleed) and Mick Wall in regards to the timing, the incident took place in December 1985 and by Christmas the band were at her apartment. Michelle, too, says that it happened during that month, and that two weeks passed before her mother and the cops knew about it; moreover, she says that before the incident, Axl was away in Indiana for weeks, so she wasn’t able to tell him about the alleged pregnancy and then the miscarriage (which, she says, happened five weeks after she knew she was pregnant, and then some more time passed after the miscarriage until Axl finally returned to L.A.). Raz Cue, though, in his book, places it in January 1986, and seems very confident about the timing, as he gives details and a specific time indicator (see below). A look at the known club shows the band played during that time period (late ’85 – early ’86) can help shed some more light, in combination with the other sources: November 22, 1985 – The Troubadour December 20, 1985 – Music Machine January 4, 1986 – The Troubadour January 18, 1986 – The Roxy [January 26, 1986 – Starwood Club (source: a-4-d.com)] [February 1, 1986 – The Troubadour (source: gnrontour.com) or Timbers Ballroom (source: ad & flyer at troccolitm.com] February 28, 1986 – The Troubadour March 21, 1986 - Fenders Ballroom The first thing to notice here (even without the two shows in brackets) is that, in either version of December 1985 or January 1986, the band didn’t hide for a long time; which means that the issue was solved within a short period of time, at least by taking a legal route that allowed Axl and Slash to move freely without being at risk of getting arrested. The December 20 and January 4 shows came with flyers that asked for donations for a “Keep us out of jail fund” (you can see them at gnrontour.com). Another, seemingly earlier, flyer, found in Marc Canter’s book Reckless Road, which advertised all three shows of Dec. 20, Jan. 4 and Jan. 18, didn’t contain the donation bit. This seems to underpin the December 1985 version, furthermore indicating: that the legal trouble had occurred already around mid-December (although the band still played shows - Mick Wall wrote wrongly, among many other inaccuracies, that the Dec. 20 show was cancelled); and, (going by Michelle’s version), that the incident itself happened two weeks prior, i.e. early December - so just a few days after the band had played another show on November 22nd. As I said above, Raz Cue’s book The Days of Guns N’ Raz’s gives a different timing, namely January 1986. According to Raz Cue in the book, the “Dio Boots” girl incident (and the subsequent first police raid that led to Dizzy’s arrest and then to the band’s fleeing) took place about one week after the Roxy show on January 18. In his recent new version of events, as it appears on his website, Raz doesn’t mention anything about getting the date of the “Dio Boots” incident wrong. He only places the incident with Michelle “a couple of weeks” before the – now separate - “Dio Boots” one (so about a week before the Roxy show), and the police raid (and Dizzy’s arrest) for the Michelle incident “the next night, or the one after” the “Dio Boots” incident (so about a week after the Roxy show). So all still in January. It could be just assumed that Raz Cue simply gets the timeline wrong and stop here, but now the big confusion starts. According to Reckless Road, as well as The Days of Guns N’ Raz’s, the Jan. 18 Roxy show created a big buzz, which attracted many A&R people from record labels (it was the show that Tom Zutaut missed because he arrived too late). Slash and Duff don’t give a timing in their autobiographies; Duff, though, says that the incident happened “just as the record label frenzy around us was heating up.” [Steven’s book doesn’t help: he is the only one who doesn’t mention the incident at all, and says that he has no idea why they moved into Vicky Hamilton’s apartment (!); he also seems at times to confuse the Gardner studio with West Arkeen’s and Del’s place.] There is a recording of the Jan. 18th show at the Roxy, where Axl is heard dedicating the last song of the set (Goodnight Tonight) like this: “This is for the last two weeks worth of partying at the studio, and all those sweet girls that we asked to see their tits.” This seems to indicate that the band was still at Gardner studios at that time, giving merit to Raz Cue’s timeline. At the February 28th show, that there is also a recording of, Out Ta Get Me is played for the first time and Axl dedicates it “to the LAPD, and any young girls that like to fuck around.” Slash is heard saying, “[...] if anybody runs into a couple of guys named Jeff and Alan (or Allen), feel free to kick their fucking heads in. These are the guys that kicked in our studio door, so if you see them, be my guest.” So that show was definitely after the incident and after the band had come back from hiding, having also written the song related to it in the meantime. That was also the show Tom Zutaut attended and decided to sign the band. But then what about the “Keep us out of jail fund” flyers for the earlier shows of Dec. 20th and Jan. 4th? Could they have been coincidental, just a clever way to promote the band as “bad boys”? It’s so confusing... ------- Anyway, regardless of which version about the timing is correct and whether the incident took place in December 1985 or January 1986, there seems to be a big problem with the claim that Axl was in Indiana “for weeks” before it happened: As noted above, in the December version (going by what Michelle says about the two weeks that passed between it and the police interference, in combination with the date of the show and the flyer for it), the incident is placed in early December, just a few days after the band had played another show, so Axl was there. In the January version, also (going by Raz Cue’s timeline and Axl’s dedication at the Roxy show) the band had played a show on January 4th, i.e. just about a week before the incident happened (plus they were partying at the rehearsal space for two weeks before the Roxy show), so Axl was there. Moreover: Raz Cue says in his book that Axl went to Indiana before he joined L.A Guns (=last months of 1984 – pre-GnR) and there his parents tried to make him give up being a musician and study to be a sound engineer instead, and that made Axl give it another shot in L.A. and take the offer to join L.A. Guns although he was reluctant before because he didn’t like the music they played. Axl would confirm that his parents had tried to make him go back to Indiana: Axl: Up until we got signed, I lived on the streets for five years. I never lived in one place for more than two months, always crashing at people's houses. My parents would say, 'Come back home and go to college and we'll pay for it' but I would reply, 'No, I have to do this now.' [Hit Parader, April 1987] And in an interview in late December 1987, Axl would say that he had just come back from Indiana, where he hadn’t been for about 2-1/2 years, because the last time he had been there his parents had told him that he would achieve nothing being in a band, so he didn’t want to go back there until he had made it and prove them wrong: Axl: [...] I hadn't been back in two years and the last time I was back there - it was at least two and a half years - I thought, I just told myself, ‘I'm not coming back until I get a record out,’ because too many people kept saying ‘Oh, you'll never get anywhere.’ [Interview with Steve Harris, Dec. 1987] ------ TL;DR: So, the claim that Axl was in Indiana for weeks is disproved by the show dates, and, additionally, it doesn’t seem plausible at all that Axl would want to visit Indiana at that point, when the band had started to get interest from record labels. That was also the time that most of the AFD songs were written, and the band debuted a new one almost at each show (e.g. Nightrain was played for the first time at the Dec. 20 show, My Michelle was debuted at the Jan. 4th show, Out Ta Get Me at the Feb. 28th show), so how Axl couldn't have been there all the time? And, as it has already been pointed out, why would he want a baby at that time?!
  13. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    They still were false stories though. Another example is that story about Axl writing a threatening message to Erin outside their garage door. That story was in the press in 1991, before the other (much more serious, of course) accusations came to light, and Axl didn't react then. He reacted only in 2012 when a photographer tried to make money off it. Anyway, what I was replying to was the fallacy (imho) that the fact that Axl didn't sue over the stories that were written about him in the past in books and articles proves that all the stories are true. The part of the post I replied to wasn't about the current issue. We'll have to see if there will be legal action on Axl's part or not. Personally I won't base my opinion on that either way.
  14. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    Maybe it wasn't the same JoJo. I guess she'll clarify it. The first and the last question are some of my questions, too.