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  1. 30 Day Song Challenge #4

    Day 12
  2. 30 Day Song Challenge #4

    Day 11 (70s film music)
  3. I heard "Why fools fall in love". So it could be this I listened to that part again and I think you're right, because he said he was worried that he might delete the wrong thing by accident.
  4. From what we'd known, Axl generally doesn't throw stuff away. He is said to be recording everything (e.g. he allegedly recorded the rehearsals at the Complex in 1994) and then storing it in some "vault" (forever). And if he had anything erased, it was allegedly parts, not whole songs. So what happened with TIL is rather unusual behaviour, even for Axl. First he recorded the song in various studios over the world but "forgot" the tapes there (so did the rest of the band, if it was recorded with the band. And then, years later, when Dave Dominguez collected them, Axl had the whole song deleted, not even just parts of it (I've no idea about this stuff, but I guess it was possible to delete just the vocals, right?). There must have been some really heavy emotional stuff going on.
  5. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    It was published yesterday, but it says it was done when Slash was in France. So maybe last summer when GnR played there? I don't know if he went back there after that.
  6. 30 Day Song Challenge #4

    Day 10
  7. 30 Day Song Challenge #4

    Day 9
  8. From a "new" (=not from the ones that have been circulating online) interview with Duff in 1993: ------ Speaking of ‘Appetite’ - were the real song credits on that album all down to the whole band as the sleeve claims? “Yeah, because that’s how we always write our songs. On the ‘Illusion’ records it said that certain people wrote the songs but moneywise we still split it all equal. At the end of the day I’m proud of what I did and I know I did it. It doesn’t matter to me if other people think I’m just a bass player and that I don’t write any songs. I know in my own heart what happened, so...” Didn’t you write that drum intro to You Could Be Mine? “That’s a very good question because I was actually in court yesterday saying that. Steven Adler [original drummer with GN’R] is suing us and his lawsuit has finally gone to court [since we spoke GN’R settled out of court by giving Adler $1.65m]; I had to get on a stand yesterday with a jury and everything, and explain what a drum edit was, and what a riff was. “But yes, I used to get behind the kit when Steven was in the band. That song was written for ‘Appetite’ and at that time Slash and I would have to try and explain to Steven how the drum part should go; I’d have to tell Slashto chill out and I’d do it - a guitar player relating to a drummer just doesn’t work. So I ended up getting behind the drum kit and showing Steve. I’m not technically a great drummer but I know how to get the playing across. And that’s what I testified yesterday, too.” It was Adler’s insistence on ‘dancing with Mr Brownstone’, long after the rest of the band had given up such terpsichorean pleasures, that saw him phased out and replaced by Cult drummer Matt Sorum. “We’d been trying for over a year to help Steven and get him straight because we didn’t want to kick him out of the band. But enough was enough and we’d wasted a lot of money and effort. http://www.a-4-d.com/t3255-1993-11-dd-guitarist-magazine-loose-cannon-duff
  9. 30 Day Song Challenge #4

    Day 8 (Action movie song)
  10. 30 Day Song Challenge #4

    Day 7 (90s film soundtrack)
  11. 30 Day Song Challenge #4

    Day 6 I don't know, so I'm posting something without words
  12. In another, relatively recent, Mitch Lafon podcast Niven said that he was backstage at one of the SMKC shows in L.A. So he still has contact with Slash. It's unknown if Slash discusses with him (I doubt it) or he's been polite and invites Niven backstage as an old associate, but it doesn't seem that Slash has cut him off. I don't find it so strange that Niven has been attacking Axl in this manner lately. I think it's due to a combination of reasons: Goldstein, Niven's increasing resentment and his weird beliefs. I think both Niven and Goldstein are resentful because GnR made a very successful comeback (even as a touring band) and they aren't included in some way. But as they are different characters, they get it across differently. Niven is straightforwardly bitter whereas Goldstein is sneakier. To me all this recent bickering looks like an effort of self-vindication aimed at the die-hard GnR fanbase.
  13. In 1989 the band almost broke up (actually that is when it started breaking up) and Niven did nothing (or was unable to do anything), as Slash admitted in his autobiography.
  14. 30 Day Song Challenge #4

    Day 5