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  1. Slash doesn't even remember the timeline of the UYI tour. In at least two recent interviews he said that the tour ended in '94. Duff didn't remember the order of the songs in the UYI album and which songs are in which album. I think it's expected and understandable for them, although it's weird to us.
  2. Ask Staff Anything!

    I think the problem is that the Slash section is currently just a sub-forum in the Jungle section, and the new replies won't even appear on the main page. Maybe the Slash sub-forum could be upgraded to a section like the AXL/DC one? And maybe also there could be another separate section for other members' side projects, because right now the Jungle section has a bit of everything?
  3. I don't remember Slash ever saying that he didn't like to play with Gilby or Kushner in hindsight. But he had dissed all the second Snakepit lineup afterwards, I think. Now I think he clearly treats Fortus differently from Frank.
  4. Another quote (Slash, Musician, 1995): [...] But the only reason Guns had two guitars was because Izzy and Axl came as a package deal [...]. I had a band called Road Crew and I couldn't find a singer. Singers are the hardest things to find. [...] And Izzy and I never had a great relationship. I played what I played on my side of the stage, he played on his. Izzy couldn't really play guitar anyway - he's a great songwriter. So I could do whatever I wanted, as long as we had a basic arrangement. Then when Izzy quit, Gilby was like a godsend, 'cause we had to put somebody in that spot. But now Gilby is gone... [...] Guns is a two-guitar band. But when we go into the studio I end up doing all the guitars by myself. I remember Gilby saying that he and Slash had a little fallout because he had sued GnR, but I'm not sure if Slash said anything about it.
  5. I don't remember Slash ever saying anything negative about either Gilby or Kushner though after he wasn't in bands with them. But he has said different things about Izzy through time. And in this case with Fortus there's no implication of comparison between him and Izzy or that Fortus is better etc. He just says positive things.
  6. I was surprised that nobody had commented on this quote when the original interview was posted: Apparently most stopped reading after the quote about new music Slash said similar things in the Rolling Stone interview as well: It was always was a challenge to find someone else you could play with who wasn’t Izzy, so how does it work with Richard Fortus? Richard has got a great sensibility. He’s very much a rock & roll guitar player, but technically, he’s an amazing guitar player. He’s very rooted in the kind of rock guitar we were all influenced by. So it makes him very, very easy to work with. He’s not going through the motions, he’s not posing, you know, so to speak. So, that’s how that works. Considering that when asked about Frank he's just said the typical polite stuff (at most), I guess he genuinely likes Fortus.
  7. I've never heard of these rumours before about either Paradise City or November Rain. I think they're total bs. There's a demo of November Rain from a time when Axl didn't have enough money to pay anyone. Moreover there are accounts of people (Tracii Guns, for example) saying they had heard Axl playing it even earlier. There's been a lot of bs over the years, like when someone from Tesla I think said that GnR stole Patience from them.
  8. It was expected that there would be nothing much about the current affairs in GnR. It was funny how many times and how many ways Dean Delray tried to get a word from Duff about Izzy, future plans etc. It's interesting though that Duff didn't want to answer even the question in the end about what he will be doing while Slash will be busy with his band. From the way Duff talked about Izzy in regards to the past I got the vibe that there is no bad blood between them on a personal level - or Duff wanted to get across that there is no bad blood from his side, at least. It was a good interview overall. Interesting stuff about the Illusion albums.
  9. I'm listening to the new Duff interview, and there are some interesting tidbits about the Illusion albums (although he obviously glosses over the process now and tries to make it sound almost like it all went smoothly and there were no conflicts at all): - The piano on November Rain was recorded live with the band. - It took many rehearsals for Slash and Duff to get into Estranged; when they were rehearsing at Mates, Axl was stopping them telling them that they were playing a different song (I imagine that it wasn't pretty ). And when they got into it, Slash went a lot out of his ways for the guitar parts on it. - The rehearsals in Chicago were recorded, as well as all the rehearsals at Mates. So this means there are recordings of different takes of the songs. - There were songs Steven hadn't played at all and they did them with Matt. - He thinks My World is great - He said Axl learned to play guitar writing Shotgun Blues. - Izzy had made a chart for how to play Coma (this is not new, Izzy had said it himself).
  10. James Hunting, the bassist in West's band, the Outpatience, was interviewed a while ago on Appetite for Distortion. He said that West didn't like what GnR had become in the UYI era and he also didn't like some of the new members of that period (he didn't say who).
  11. Who knows, but I don't think it had necessarily to do with synths vs. guitars or anything like that. It could be, for example, about songs' structure or the production or certain instrumental parts etc.
  12. Lol, I had forgotten about that story. Yeah, it probably explains why Axl wasn't there I just remembered I have the interview on mp3, and there is a part in the beginning that is missing from the youtube one, where Bob Coburn announces the interview for later and says it will be Slash, Izzy and Axl. Maybe Izzy had climbed that tree right before they went to the studio It seems that Steven's appearances in interviews became scarce after 1987. Could it be that he didn't want to go? He didn't seem to be the type that didn't like interviews though. Maybe they just stopped taking him with them in interviews?
  13. Yeah. The funny thing is that Axl was asked too about SOYL in his Rockline interview (at 53:30 minute mark) and he said he had written it with Paul Huge without mentioning Izzy as a co-writer (could it be because Izzy had left the band recently?). He added though that Paul was the guitarist in the band he and Izzy were in back in Indiana (earlier in the interview he mentioned that Izzy played drums in that band).
  14. There are moments where they're yelling (is it Izzy the one who shouts "hi, hi!" in high-pitched voice to a girl who called? I can't tell for sure) or sound uneasy and the interviewer tells them to calm down. But yeah, I guess the incidents mentioned in the L.A. Times article happened off air. From early articles and interviews it seems that Slash and Izzy handled most of the band's business then. Later Izzy started phasing out, but Slash continued through the 90s. It's also worth noting how Izzy reacts to bootlegs in this interview.