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  1. I
  2. Yes, I've read about that movie too. Marc said he was talking with a director, but then it was dropped, I don't know why. Biopics of this kind are rarely good though. It could work only with a great director, and a good screenwriter with deep knowledge of their story. And yes, Slash said he didn't want a movie. I'm sure Axl would be totally against it and he would try to prevent it.
  3. Lol, I don't know about a thesis (although I think that in America they do theses on everything you can imagine). I have seen essays, not on their history, but on their cultural impact etc. Their story would make a great movie though (with a good screenwriter and director) or even a TV series (it could have several seasons, lol). It has everything. I'm surprised that no big producers and directors have grabbed it yet. Have a great time at the show! Yes, we complain that they keep us in the dark about their plans, the circumstances under which the reunion happened, why Izzy/Steven are not involved etc, but for AC/DC fans this has been the case all along. Nothing about the inner workings of the band ever came out. Of course there has been no drama for them until recently, but now with what happened with Brian and everything else they are all speculating, like we do, without having a clue. Someone in their forum posted a recent Phil Rudd interview where he talks about other members and former members, and they say that it's the first time someone from the band talked openly about these things, the relationships etc. Yes, and also never talked emotionally about him. Scott said that his relationship with Slash was never more than professional and that the only one he was close with was Duff. I think Slash never really liked Scott much, although when VR started he was saying things like "Scott is a better friend than Axl"; and probably he didn't like STP (he has never mentioned them among the 90s bands he liked). But, like @killuridols said, he (and Duff) wanted a singer with personality; and, I'd add, an established name, since VR was an ambitious project and they wanted it to be big. I didn't like STP, but I saw him with VR and I think he was a very good frontman. Yes, I remember seeing one of your gifs - someone had open a thread with it! ------------ RE: Myles. To me he is the equivalent of, say, Bumblefoot. Both nice and likeable guys, good singer and guitarist respectively, but... nothing inspiring.
  4. I was looking for a 2010 Slash radio interview with Eddie Trunk. I didn't find it, but I found a TV interview with Trunk from the same year. Someone was looking for it in the Downloads section and I uploaded it there. Anyway, I watched it, and at one point one of the other guys in Trunk's show asked Slash this: If you could only have one of these next two singers in your band forever, would it be Axl or Scott? And Slash: Why did you guys have to go there. (laughs) I wasn't prepared for that one. (serious) Honestly, it would be Axl ... As far as singers are concerned... yeah.
  5. @Andy14 great selection of AC/DC fans comments The comments in their thread about Axl playing with Billy Joel are also funny: - So Axl isn't only taking Brian's role as an ac/dc singer, he is also taking his friends.. [Brian has been friends with Billy Joel and has played with him as well] - This appears to be really lacking class from Billy Joel. - How come ? - That he has the temerity to invite Axl on stage, given the awkward situation with Brian and all. Plus Billy Joel is also supposedly chums with Brian to add insult to injury. - Brian is in good company and shape at the mo judging by the new footage in Oxford. Who needs Billy fookin Joel as a mate when you have Rodgers and Plant in yer corner. Wouldn't surprise me if Daltrey offers him a slot to exercise his vox chords later on in the year...he was pretty outspoken about the Axl thing when it happened....stranger things have happened - Maybe in South America this fall when Daltrey and Axl are touring together... - Axl has no shame!...he must be after Daltrey's job too...what is it with him and deaf guys anyway? - LOL Axl isn't after Daltrey's Job- He already fronts Two bands! [apparently there are some GnR fans/"invaders" in there ] -------- Also... The members' sex is not visible to guests, but I have the impression that there aren't any women there at all - I imagine only hairy and sweaty guys behind the usernames