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  1. This doesn't fit the timeline though, because the interview Duff mentioned it was on July 25, 1996 and he referred to it as something they were about to record.
  2. Actually we were discussing this a couple of pages back in this thread with @SoulMonster and some other posters. A theory is that the main part of HS (the verse-chorus part) without lyrics yet was written by Axl (or co-written by Axl and Huge), then worked on by Duff and Matt and then maybe Slash added guitar on it, a solo etc. Then, after Slash left, it was reworked by Finck etc with new guitar parts and Axl wrote lyrics on it - or maybe it had different lyrics initially, when it was supposed to be for the Jackie Chan movie, and then Axl replaced them with the ones of Hardschool. And maybe the lyrics changed again after that and that's why Axl referred to it with its initial working title, "Jackie Chan" and not as Hardschool. But, of course, all this is just speculation. I'm so curious about it that the main reason I wanted/want them to play HS live is that Axl would have to introduce it somehow, and hopefully he would say something about its origins.
  3. Just to clarify, the song for the Jackie Chan movie wasn't just a rumour. It was mentioned by Duff in a 1996 interview at the time when the band was reconvening in the studio for what was meant to be Slash's last sessions. This is why the association was made after Axl referred to the song (until then only known under the made up title "Checkmate") as Jackie Chan. Of course it's possible that it's a coincidence or that Axl was joking about the Jackie Chan title. But I think it's legitimate to assume that it could be the same song Duff had mentioned. Moreover: Iirc Tommy had said that the vault included songs that were written before the classic lineup broke up, which would see the light of the day someday. And Marc Canter said that Axl had told him in 2001 that he was thinking of using songs Slash had written on and he would have Slash play on them if he apologised. So there were songs from that time, although most likely they were not completed in 1996.
  4. Unreleased songs with vocals that have leaked: Hardschool Atlas Shrugged Perhaps State of Grace Eye on You Quick Song (only guide vocals - no lyrics) Nothing (same line repeated) Silkworms Going Down (Tommy Stinson vocals) Tommy Demo #1 (Tommy Stinson vocals) Knocking On Heaven's Door -------- Leaked rough mixes with vocals of songs that made CD: Chinese Democracy The Blues Catcher In The Rye Madagascar TWAT Prostitute IRS Rhiad If The World ---------- Seven hasn't leaked.
  5. The Time article was about "The 10 Greatest Electric-Guitar Players" (but 11 were listed). The 10 Greatest Electric-Guitar Players TIME Photo Aug. 14, 2009 TIME's music critic Josh Tyrangiel 'picks' a pantheon of six-string masters. But much like our custom amplifiers, this list goes to 11 It doesn't seem that there was a rank order: http://content.time.com/time/photogallery/0,29307,1916544_1921910,00.html
  6. Lies

    And some more quotes from Roger Taylor and Brian May of Queen, from a review of the tribute concert in Rolling Stone: After the lineup was announced, the AIDS activist group ACT UP London began screeching about Guns n' Roses' participation, first demanding that Guns be dropped from the bill, then urging other artists to shun them and the Wembley crowd to boo them off the stage--a concept the members of Queen found ludicrous. "ACT UP will have no influence on the audience whatsoever," said an angry Taylor. "And I have a two-word message for them, which I'm prepared to give them at any moment they want it." "People seem so blind," said May earnestly. "Don't they realize that the mere fact that Guns n' Roses are here is the biggest statement that you could get? We think it's time that everybody realizes that whether you're gay or straight, you're entitled to your feelings. You cannot come down on anybody because of the way they feel. That's got to be an outdated concept, and I hope that the concert will help to bring that about." http://www.a-4-d.com/t1902-1992-04-20-freddie-mercury-tribute-wembley-stadium-london-england#14577
  7. Thanks for posting! Axl was indeed late at the first San Diego show (according to reports, they took the stage 20 minutes before midnight). He also ranted quite a bit. In one of the rants he called Motley Crue "cockroaches" http://www.a-4-d.com/t1891-1992-01-27-san-diego-sports-arena-san-diego-usa (Axl's rants and a review from the Los Angeles Times)
  8. First ever GnR song that you heard?

    1988, when I had started to listen to music more "seriously." I think I heard SCOM first, on a radio show that played the new entries in the US and UK charts. I wasn't impressed, though, before I saw the WTTJ video (I don't remember if I saw the SCOM video before the WTTJ one) and then PC.
  9. I think it's also possible that Axl had written it with Paul Huge in 1995/96, during the time GnR wasn't doing almost anything as a band, and then it was worked on by Duff and Matt and then possibly Slash. It probably didn't have lyrics yet by that time.
  10. Hasn't this thing worked? https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/jun/20/yondr-phone-free-cases-alicia-keys-concert https://www.nme.com/news/music/jack-white-bans-phones-gigs-2227093
  11. I guess if that's true it had to do with the contracts between the touring entity and Live Nation, not with Slash and Duff being under contract for being members of GnR.
  12. Copyright Strikes....

    Well, he said that his songs being posted on youtube amounted to his work being stolen, so maybe he believed that the uploaders monetized the videos.
  13. I do believe that the band has probably been working on something, but only because this information has come straight from the horse's mouth (Slash interviews and Fernando - if it's him - on reddit) and more reliable sources in general, not from "insiders".
  14. Yes, and mostly to his sources - which, I assume, are the same "insiders" of the NuGnR era. I remember some "reliable" rumours about a couple of years ago, like that Slash and Duff were just on contract that was going to expire in the end of 2017 and also that Axl was going to record an album with AC/DC.
  15. As much as I'd like these rumours to be true, I don't think those "insiders" have any reliable sources. Maybe these "sources" had some kind of access during the NuGnR era, but after the reunion they became irrelevant and I doubt they know shit about anything going on. Besides, the previous claims by these "sources" since the reunion have been proven false.