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  1. What I disputed was that they all had equal stature as far as recognition/exposure goes and that there were as many Izzy fans as Axl (and Slash fans). I'm not saying that was fair or anything, but that's how it was.
  2. I didn't say there were no covers with Duff or that the other members didn't get any attention at all. I pointed out that even then Axl and Slash got more exposure in articles that weren't interviews but were generally about the band, i.e. news, reviews etc.
  3. I'm not so sure about the latter sentence, based on the exposure each member had in the media. If we look at magazine covers and at the illustration of the articles or of the reviews back in the day, apart from band pictures in the early days, the members that were mostly featured were Axl and then Slash, which made them more recognizable. I'm not referring to the case of an interview, where of course there would be pictures of the person interviewed (and Izzy didn't do many interviews). But even then, there were examples like this, where the magazine had an interview with Duff but had Axl on the cover:
  4. In the interview with Rolling Stone that took place in the end of 1999, the interviewer described Axl like this: At 36 Rose looks a bit older and more solidly built than the lean rock god of his ''Sweet Child O' Mine'' days, the result perhaps not just of the passage of time but of his kickboxing regimen and a lifestyle that's said to be largely nocturnal but zealously healthy. He's dressed tonight in Abercrombie & Fitch, with his reddish hair intact and cut to a Prince Valiant-ish mid-length. So he had let his hair grow again. http://www.a-4-d.com/t2207-2000-01-xx-interview-with-axl-in-rolling-stone The video from the NBA finals was in June 2001, i.e 6 months after Rock in Rio.
  5. This pic of Axl getting one of the leg tattoos must be from the same year: And in this one with Sante D' Orazio he has short hair and it looks natural:
  6. One of Axl's favourite albums from the 70s, I think
  7. You know, I hope, that this is sophistry, at best.
  8. It's related to lying. Actually is more related than what Axl does, ie. commenting on Trump's domestic and foreign policy issues and not on what he's done in his personal life. You use present tense. So you're sure Axl is all these things today or if he's been in the last few years? Again, I'm under the impression that in your mind Guns N' Roses are one-dimensional, non-evolving characters in a soap opera. I think that the story of GnR resembles to a soap opera indeed, and I like it for that (), but I also realise that they're real people.
  9. First of all, I don't think the hypothetical example of Slash preaching against alcohol is comparable to being involved or comment on politics, because it isn't politics. Second, I don't know if it's due to cultural differences, but this idea that someone, even if famous, has to be completely "unsoiled" in order to comment on politics or criticise people in power is foreign to me. Maybe this kind of moralism is an Anglo-Saxon cultural thing (puritanism)? It's like if an entertainer, known for lying to his wife and cheating on her, criticised Bush Jr. for lying about Saddam's "weapons of mass destruction" and starting a war. Should the entertainer be called a hypocrite because "they're both liars"? It's ridiculous. Where I'm from, Axl wouldn't be accused for hypocrisy, unless maybe if there were inconsistencies with previously expressed political views - so the only thing that he would possibly be called out for by some (if it was taken as a statement) would be OIAM; but I think it would matter that it was only one thing and that 30 years ago.
  10. Axl by no means was as vocal about politics in the past as he has been recently, but he didn't appear to be uninterested either. It's not only Civil War and other songs with social comment insinuations. In 1992, he would comment onstage on the elections of that year and the candidates. For example, at the show in Indianapolis: [Axl] referred to Indiana as a state that produces corn and drugs and is overrun by Japanese car factories. He blasted Indiana for being the conservative, backward state that sent Dan Quayle to the vice presidential office. [Source: Journal and Courier, July 24, 1992]
  11. Bach is ...outspoken on his own twitter too
  12. His tweets get reactions, both positive and negative (I saw mostly positive for this one). I understand that you don't care. I guess then that you could just ignore his tweets/don't pay attention to them.
  13. What does Axl's interest in politics and tweeting has to do with his not releasing new music? These are separate things and unrelated to each other. Slash posts on instagram and twitter all the time (and he has liked many anti-Trump tweets) AND he releases music. One doesn't prevent him from doing the other. It's not politics and twitter that take Axl's time or prevent him from releasing music.
  14. Axl Bio with pics

    For anyone who is curious about this stuff (from the Women's Thread index, second post on the first page of the thread): Pictures of Axl's family members: Axl's mother Sharon Bailey
  15. Axl Bio with pics

    Yes, I have. I had found it in the archives of Journal and Courier.