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  1. I was looking a thread from 2014 about a guitar workshop/Q&A Fortus had done in Australia (I think that was the main interview that had generated hope then that a new release was imminent). http://www.mygnrforum.com/topic/209727-aussie-fans-an-intimate-workshop-with-richard-fortus-nov-20th-2014 From a post by a forum member ( @rhiad85) who had attended the event and asked Richard a couple of questions: If Richard was honest there, it means either that Hardschool hadn't been revisited for a long time and wasn't considered for the follow-up to CD or that Axl replaced the lyrics with new ones. A third possibility is that Richard didn't pay attention to the lyrics of the songs.
  2. The "New Album" Thread

    From an interview Frank did last year: "I do use a click at the start of some songs but just to get us going. Duff and I have the grooves on lock down now. Count four and we are running." [SA Drummer, April 2019]
  3. The "New Album" Thread

    Speculating is entertaining (and free), but many times when we do it we forget that Slash and Duff know Axl (and they've known him for a long time and better than many other people) and we don't. They know what Axl is like, how he works and that he overthinks things, so they knew what they would have to deal with when they reunited. I'm also sure that Duff prepared Slash for the specifics he'd have to deal with, Axl's current mindset, TB etc., and that's probably how the "initiative" to play CD songs came about. Plus, they're big boys now. I think they all want the reunion to work (Axl included). So, even if the situation is not ideal for Slash and Duff in regards to new music, they'll stick around and there's no way it'll be 1994-96 again. This doesn't mean that Slash and Duff are the same as Fortus and Dizzy, and that Slash has taken over Fortus' role in interviews (which seems to be a popular opinion on here). With all due respect to the people who believe that (and to Richard himself), they're way off in understanding the history and the dynamics of the band, imho, if they think that Slash's word is as worth and has the same leverage as Richard's. Sure, it always comes down to Axl in the end, because Axl can't be forced to do anything (including releasing music) - not by Slash, not by TB, not by the label or anyone else. But that's how it's always been at least since 1988 (if not since 1985). At most, probably, if he's in a positive state of mind, motivated and trusts someone, he can listen to opinions and be influenced. Hopefully, he's in in such state of mind now. Slash is not being Fortus. He's being Slash and does what Slash always did when in Guns N' Roses in regards to interviews, always being the one who did the most press (and literally having done thousands of interviews over the years): he's not speaking for himself, but for the "collective GnR mindset; which, a lot of times, was Axl's mindset (like with the trilogy videos or the 1992 big band, for example) that Slash and Duff agreed upon in order to keep things going. The only exception of that was 1995-96, when Axl and Slash were fighting or not talking to each other, and Slash was speaking for himself and antagonizing Axl in public. So the current mindset is, likely, that Axl (in classic Axl fashion) is overthinking what to release and how to release it in order to be successful and make an impact; and that's what Slash is expressing, putting it through a filter, in the interviews.
  4. The "New Album" Thread

    Yeah... The only thing everyone agreed upon in the interviews of that time is that there was a lot of material accumulated through the years (some of it dating from Slash's last sessions) that was worked, reworked and re-recorded, which I believe is true. So I don't think Richard and Dizzy were lying; they just chose to show the "bright" side talking about what they knew about the material that existed and generating hope. But they really had no idea if or when any of it was going to be released and what Axl was thinking.
  5. The "New Album" Thread

    Yeah, Tommy said that that lineup had de facto disbanded at the Vegas residencies, long before each one of them announced their departure officially at different times.
  6. The "New Album" Thread

    Personally I don't think Axl ever really wanted to release an album with Ashba and Bumblefoot. And, like I said earlier, he probably was already thinking about a reunion in 2014 (he even mentioned in the Globo interview that the discussion between his and Slash's "people" had started by then, before the two of them talked in person a year later) and of the distant possibility of reworking CD II with the reunited lineup, if the reunion finally materialised. All the "noise" about new music with the Ashba-Bumblefoot lineup between 2010-15 mainly came from Fortus and Dizzy (who probably felt they had to say something when asked in interviews - unlike Tommy, for example, who didn't answer those question in a way that left much room for optimism) and from "sources" and rumours, which people ended up believing as facts.
  7. The "New Album" Thread

    That quote was from 2014 (Revolver mag), not from 2010 or 2012. http://www.a-4-d.com/t2494-2014-05-xx-interview-with-axl-in-revolver-magazine That was the first time Axl actually talked about wanting to release a new album (CD II specifically) after 2008, and he was referring to the period after the Vegas residencies ended ("But after Vegas, we're going to start looking very seriously at what we're doing in that regard."). In the same interview he was asked about the possibility of continuing working with Duff, and he said it was open. I'd guess that at that point Axl had already the reunion in his mind. The next time - and last, to this day - he talked about wanting to release new music was in China Exchange, where he added that, like, before, "soon is not the word."
  8. The "New Album" Thread

    Slash also has his own label, so he doesn't have to deal with a record company (except for distribution) to release his albums.
  9. Main criteria: - Avoiding the "greatest hits" logic as much as possible. - Representative of the versatility and evolution of the band (and telling its story, in a way). Welcome to the Jungle It's so Easy You're Crazy (Lies or Late Show version) Nightrain Rocket Queen Used to Love Her The Garden Don't Damn Me Civil War 14 Years Breakdown Locomotive Estranged Ain't It Fun Madagascar (Rough Mixes #1 version)
  10. I don't know, I just think it would be too... imaginative? for the person we're talking about to think of making up a fax page and not a simple document page. --- I'm posting the picture for the people who don't know what we're talking about:
  11. The "New Album" Thread

    Slash said this 4 months ago (in September): ----- Slash also talked about whether GUNS N' ROSES fans can expect to see new music from the band in the form of standalone singles or as a full-length record. He explained: "I think at the end of the day, everybody wants to have a full album released. I don't think that's really changed all that much. But there's a different way of putting stuff out initially nowadays more so than… I mean, there's always been the single, but now you sort of look at that preliminary release a little bit differently now. All things considered, it's like the Wild West out there; there is no formula for any of it. [Laughs] I haven't seen any routine kind of thing that works. I mean, you can do any one of a million different things to releasing a record. But at the end of the day, I think that we will ultimately release a full album." http://www.a-4-d.com/t4222-2019-09-09-sirius-xm-trunk-nation-interview-with-slash
  12. Or because the date wouldn't fit with the claim about a 21st CD etc. The date isn't exactly obscured. It's supposed to be on the top left part of the page that is not visible in the picture.
  13. In the picture it looks like it's really a sheet paper from an old fax. So the fax is probably real (I don't think anyone would think of making a fake fax!) but the information given about it (i.e. that it was supposedly the track list of a "21st" CD) was fake.
  14. The "New Album" Thread

    I don't think Slash's answer is as vague as if he said something like "Yeah, we want to do it, we've started it and we'll see what happens." He said something more specific here and provided a reasoning. The reasoning doesn't make much sense, though, considering that the band and the label released the AFD box set - based on the assumption, I guess, that there are still people who buy records and even overpriced ludicrous box sets. Unless Universal thinks there's a market for GnR mainly as a legacy act and there's not much interest in new music from them, so it doesn't want to invest much money on a physical release, packaging etc.