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  1. US Politics/Elections Thread

    In his book Paxton makes a distinction between fascist regimes or movements and dictatorial regimes which may or may not have fascist elements (e.g. Pinochet in Chile), based on some basic traits that have historically characterized fascism. In the 2017 article he addressed the possibility of the Trump regime developing into a dictatorship (elements of which he observed as present already), saying he would expect Trump to "impose martial law and stop the functioning of democratic institutions" after a terrorist attack - but yet it wouldn't be fascism.
  2. US Politics/Elections Thread

    From The Anatomy of Fascism by Robert Paxton (one of the best essays on the subject, published in 2004): Paxton's opinion on Trump (from 2017): American Duce Is Donald Trump a fascist or a plutocrat? https://harpers.org/archive/2017/05/american-duce/
  3. Interesting to see an indie veteran interacting with Axl.
  4. What? "Lying about policy positions" is radical left? "Lying about policy positions" is called opportunism. And calling out someone for lying about being progressive, because some of their track record is far from that, and at the same time labeling them as real "radical leftist" is both opportunistic and nonsensical.
  5. And yet the Trump campaign also called her "radical left". So which one is it? Because it can't be both
  6. She was also criticized for not prosecuting Mnuchin's bank https://theintercept.com/2017/01/05/kamala-harris-fails-to-explain-why-she-didnt-prosecute-steven-mnuchins-bank/
  7. "Cancel Culture" Opinions?

    Nick Cave expressed similar thoughts recently: https://www.theredhandfiles.com/what-is-mercy-for-you/
  8. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    Well, if it was an excuse, Slash kept lying to the press about it a fair bit then, to keep up appearances. I read a lot of articles back then where Slash said it was a record company decision. It could be that Matt got the order of events wrong in his book. I had posted this several pages back in the thread in regards to what was said in interviews of the time: So maybe the original disagreement occurred when Slash had announced that the band would be called "SVO Snakepit". And then, when the band was renamed again to "Slash's Snakepit" Matt didn't buy that it was a record label decision.
  9. Copyright Strikes....

    One of the clips was from the Robert John trailer that was discussed recently. The other one I think is Robert John footage that has been around.
  10. Copyright Strikes....

    I would think that GnR/UMG don't have authority to take down performances of covers, as they don't own the rights to the songs and, in this case, they don't own the footage either.
  11. I see that, on the other hand, Duff and especially Del James are very happy. I would guess his dislike for Trump is much bigger.
  12. Yes, Slash played both lead and rhythm guitar. There is also additional guitar by Mike Staggs, who was Axl's friend from Indiana and played in the band "AXL" they had there.
  13. Yes, he did. Izzy was on some of the songs that were recorded during the UYI sessions, but Gilby replaced his parts (with the exception of Ain't It Fun where neither Izzy nor Gilby played). Gilby talked about it recently: See also here https://www.a-4-d.com/t4995-13-july-november-1991-use-your-illusions-are-out-so-is-izzy#19567
  14. Axl had also bought the house in the Hollywood Hills when he was married to Erin (it's the one he gave the Famous Last Words interview from). He intended to have it as a family only home (and keep the condo as an office for his GnR business - and visits from friends etc.) but I don't think they lived there much as a couple, if at all. I'm not sure where he lived in 1991 and 1992 (mostly during tour breaks) before he bought the Malibu house. Maybe he lived in the Hollywood Hills house until he sold it, or maybe he had rented a temporary place. Martin Chambers was the drummer for the Pretenders. Adam Maples was in a band called The Sea Hags. Mike Clink had produced their album, so probably he was the one who had recommended Maples.
  15. Fernando said in the discord chat back in May that there had been no discussions about a NITL blu-ray and the only plan was the (short-lived, eventually) "selects" on youtube. Now he's saying a NITL blu-ray/dvd is on the way. So it seems plans changed along the way. I'm not sure if I believe Fernando's explanation on why Axl trademarked his name. It probably will result to nothing significant, but I'm not buying that Axl just randomly decided to do it now. As for Slash working on SMKC, it's not a problem per se. He's forced not to tour for more than a year, so this would inevitably happen regardless of whether there's been work going on with GnR, since he has a lot of time to do both and wants to keep himself busy. The problem is which one comes out first, and that will depend on how much progress will have been made in regards to GnR (because there's no question about SMKC - the material will be all written and ready) when the circumstances allow for actual recording in a professional studio - in other words, on whether they'll have all the material together and Axl will be ready to record and release.
  16. Of course he didn't answer about new GnR music. But there is an interesting non-answer at the end of the interview about whether he was involved in the AFD box set. Also an answer to a question that was not asked: "The guys in the band like my drumming".
  17. We have some information about that time period. Based on that, it went like this: - In late 1989, the band finally got it together and went into pre-production. There were still issues with Steven though. They started recording the album with him in early 1990, but soon the sessions were halted. - In or around March 1990 they tried other drummers, including Adam Maples and Martin Chambers, with the intention of scaring Steven off but also, if that didn't work, looking at recording the album with someone else. It didn't work out either way, and on March 28 they decided to put Steven on probation for a month as another effort to make him come round. During the same month Axl brought Dizzy into the band. - During Steven's probation period they played Farm Aid with him and then recorded Civil War, which didn't go well (according to the band because Steven couldn't get his shit together despite the probation - according to Steven because the opiate blockers he was taking had fucked him up). Before Farm Aid, Slash and Duff went to see Matt playing with the Cult. - In early to mid May 1990, after Steven's probation period had ended, Slash called Matt. They recorded KOHD with him for the End of Days OST and they rehearsed for 2-3 weeks so that he could learn the material. After that, according to Matt, Slash asked him to officially join the band. - In July-August 1990, the actual recording with Matt started. According to Matt, more ideas came up during that time (probably the Locomotive outro was one of them). The basic tracks took likely about a month and a half. - Then, probably around October, Slash went to the studio to record his parts and overdubs (which, according to him, took five weeks). A little later, Axl started recording vocals (although he probably had recorded some vocals already) and, for a period, Slash was working in one studio and Axl in another. Axl, in the meantime, had problems: Erin miscarried, then there was the incident with his neighbour in late October, and then the break-up with Erin. - In December 1990, after Axl broke up with Erin, he moved into the studio to finish the vocals. He didn't work every day though, but when he felt like it. He spent Christmas there being in a bad state and friends (including Shannon Hoon) stayed there too to keep company and an eye on him. - Around that time, probably in early 1991, Bob Clearmountain was brought in to do the mixing. According to Clearmountain, Axl's mind wasn't there and he would disappear for a week, Slash didn't go to the studio when Axl was there and they were talking over the phone. Finally, after Clearmountain had mixed 21 songs, they fired him. - In March 1991, they got Bill Price to do to mixing, while the vocals hadn't been yet finished. According to Price, it took time because Axl and Slash wouldn't agree on the mixes. Then he finally managed to get Axl and Slash in one room to agree. - In May 1991 the band went on tour and the remaining vocals, overdubs, production and mixing were done on the road.
  18. No management has ever made Axl do "what he had to do" - with the exception of Alan Niven before the band became big. Fernando grew up with Axl doing chores for him. Do you think Axl would listen to Fernando (supposing that Fernando knew what Axl has to do and told him) when he didn't listen to experienced managers he had before?
  19. It wasn't. See my post on the previous page: http://www.mygnrforum.com/topic/223695-axl-rose-has-trademarked-his-own-name/?do=findComment&comment=4824101
  20. This is from the same show
  21. @Gambit83 a little something about the parties at the Old Homestead restaurant Doug mentioned As the party surged into the wee hours, waiter Randy Steinman revealed to Axl that he’d likely miss court-reporting classes the next day. Axl wrote this note for his teacher, “Dear Mr. Sacco, I’m so sorry Randy was absent from school as he was working hard to feed starving heathens. Please excuse him, as with any luck it will happen again. Sincerely. W. Axl Rose.’’ https://www.a-4-d.com/t3790-1992-07-30-new-york-daily-news-homestead-act-of-92
  22. Axl and Kurt...friends.

    I guess she meant this
  23. Axl and Kurt...friends.

    yup Cobain got arrested in March of 94 for this. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/kurt-cobains-downward-spiral-the-last-days-of-nirvanas-leader-99797/ I think the reason he never gets called a wife beater is bc noone thinks Kurt could beat Courtney's in a fight. It was in June 1993 (in March '94 it was a different incident where he was suicidal). It seems there was physical violence (and according to the police report Courtney had called 911) but they both dismissed it and no charges were filed. https://ew.com/article/1993/07/23/domestic-disturbance-kurt-cobains-home/ (Courtney didn't pass on the opportunity to involve Axl )