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  1. What happened to GNR Marshall amps?

    Cabinet heads also,but i ask about Marshall stacks
  2. Slash In A Maiden Shirt

    GNR never opened for Iron maiden! They decline that tour
  3. Slash In A Maiden Shirt

    Axl also doesn't like Iron maiden .fact 1988 donnington monsters of rock Q do you have something in common with Iron maiden? Axl :i hope not!
  4. You might be right,but togheter van halen,Aerosmith or the Stones ain't shit in front of Bee gees Stayin' Alive.fact
  5. Yeah,really?? one don't have to click to find out that Rolling Stones is the biggest rock n roll band on the planet! And by the way 1978 should belong to Aerosmith
  6. What happened to GNR Marshall amps?

    Well,it's year 1986 they got signed by David Geffen,concerts grow equipment suck! 1987 concerts bigger fanbase also grow equipment suck! 1988 first album gets to be known all over the world ,better drums,better quitars,clothes every single thing was better and the Marshall amps we're there.1989 rolling stones opening ,no amps,axl pissed,slash getting his dope minutes before concert....1990..break,1991 rio brazil equipment suck ,1992-1993 equipment suck,so what happend?it got stolen,?(like slash's original top hat) do they sell it?or was just a borrow thing...to me they look fuckin badass with those amps behind
  7. I guess you might be wrong concerning this wholla lotta rosie '86 version,first time GNR cover this in a live concert was in june 87 at the Marquee London,you know when Alan Niven brought them to old bloody England for the first time,later that year they travel to Dusseldorf,Amsterdam...
  8. Were Axl words something like this in Rio 2001: "For the past 7 years i ve been talking care of a brazilian family" and at the end of the show a naked Axl hugs a woman(interpretor(Beta was) this is for you Axl "But everybody darlin' sometimesBites the hand that feeds
  9. COVID-19 Outbreak

    This reminds me of the reverend Jim Jones from the People's Temple "you are healed"
  10. COVID-19: Quarantine Self Help Group

    I swear to god man,if i can understand a word yu're sayin!
  11. COVID-19: Quarantine Self Help Group

    From total freedom ,now this fuckin cage,they should let me go man,i jave no fucking virus,7 days already and my mind is plain tricks on me,fighting with gf already,finish the weed, the booze,throw up 1 time come back to sleep what else can i do ,i put loud music ,no one gives a shit,nobody is lowd to enter my room like im some kind of monster!
  12. COVID-19: Quarantine Self Help Group

    Doesn't we supposed to stay 14 days isolated at home? So why you 33 days?
  13. COVID-19: Quarantine Self Help Group

    For mr beer and vodka still arrive daily
  14. COVID-19: Quarantine Self Help Group

    On his declaration he said i saw a guy outside and come running to me,I said i saw a guy outside in black and i thought i can be in this garden also but than i had a pannic attack when i saw this dark tall creature runing to me and i ran also,but there we're no witnesses ,how can he act like Nostradamus and thought i try to escape w h en i got only my cigarrettes and lighter with me and light clothes,by t h at time temperature was close to 0 degrees ....anyway this was the Jandermery(the ones from french movies with Louis De Funnes) and the said we will hand this over to the Police ,i said wow they will get back togheter to handle my case,I must be lucky