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  1. COVID-19 Outbreak

    This reminds me of the reverend Jim Jones from the People's Temple "you are healed"
  2. COVID-19: Quarantine Self Help Group

    I swear to god man,if i can understand a word yu're sayin!
  3. COVID-19: Quarantine Self Help Group

    From total freedom ,now this fuckin cage,they should let me go man,i jave no fucking virus,7 days already and my mind is plain tricks on me,fighting with gf already,finish the weed, the booze,throw up 1 time come back to sleep what else can i do ,i put loud music ,no one gives a shit,nobody is lowd to enter my room like im some kind of monster!
  4. COVID-19: Quarantine Self Help Group

    Doesn't we supposed to stay 14 days isolated at home? So why you 33 days?
  5. COVID-19: Quarantine Self Help Group

    For mr beer and vodka still arrive daily
  6. COVID-19: Quarantine Self Help Group

    On his declaration he said i saw a guy outside and come running to me,I said i saw a guy outside in black and i thought i can be in this garden also but than i had a pannic attack when i saw this dark tall creature runing to me and i ran also,but there we're no witnesses ,how can he act like Nostradamus and thought i try to escape w h en i got only my cigarrettes and lighter with me and light clothes,by t h at time temperature was close to 0 degrees ....anyway this was the Jandermery(the ones from french movies with Louis De Funnes) and the said we will hand this over to the Police ,i said wow they will get back togheter to handle my case,I must be lucky
  7. COVID-19: Quarantine Self Help Group

    They will try to put me in court for this shit, I am not infected but i swear this mother fucker idiot should stay away from me,and am a pacifist myself, I do love people like jim morrison,janis,jimi,grace slick,greatful dead so this fucking cunts they can suck me!
  8. COVID-19: Quarantine Self Help Group

    No this shit is going though rought now, I just step on an open window at floor1 and some fucking guard run at me aldo i was still, I told them i saw the window open and someone else outside i just get out to get a breath of fresh air,some dude ran after me he thought i was truiynnt to escape,I told them to fuck off ,I just wanna some fresh air and take a piss 3m away from the builiding, they charge me for attenpt escape
  9. COVID-19: Quarantine Self Help Group

    The good thing is that they still allowd that people from the inside could reicieved goods bought from outside markets, just 5 min ago my buddy brought me 4 bottles of 0.5 L of water but is vodka inside and 2 L of orange juice,my jbl speaker so i can blast some GNR out of it and throw a small party in room ,my mom is next door neighbour ,this ia the first time we are neighbours so later on i will invite her to share a drink with me!
  10. COVID-19: Quarantine Self Help Group

    Here is my story: Ariving from Eindhoven to Bucharest on 18 march, they told me from the airport to stay in home 14 days, i want one time to nearby market 300m ,next evening ambulance and police arrived and they took me and my mom into a isolation center wich was an old students home,20 march they took us samples from inside the nose and tongue, tommorow will results arrive and i don t know what next ,also to mention this so called center is 100 km away from my flat into the mountains, the mountain trees are 15m away from my window,i see foxes sometimes,dogs and i hope this evening to see a bear
  11. When does Izzy sleep ?

    on heroin you psisically sleep all the time or at least your body and some part of the brain take a rest,i experience this by myself,but during nighttime when the heroin left the body by piss,eat or o hot shower is very difficult to get some sleep so i i used to do a little but the little got more and more just to get some some sleep cause god u do wish to get some sleep on mr.brownstone
  12. Colorize old GNR black and white photos!

    This software is fun but somehow i get a feeling that i'm having an acid trip 🍄
  13. Colorize old GNR black and white photos!

  14. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    GN'R and Metallica would't go hand in hand nowdays, they have diffrent fanbase ,this kind of tour will never happen ,even back in 1992 the Metallica fans thought they we're supreme, most of my buddies we're die hard Metallica fans in 1992 now they listen to dance music and think about Metallica as childish joke,i believe in GNR since day 1 and about my buddies i consider them middle-aged retarded idiots-jerks!
  15. Cancelled show in Oslo, 1991.

    The last show at Madison Square Garden on 13 december 1991 was fuckin great ,besides that we got to hear breakdown and locomotive at the very same concert ever