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  1. Look at his hair,cheeks and beard UYI was over at this point.he look a lot more like in that performance with Bruce Springsteen from Hall of Fame
  2. GNR Demo Tape Soundcloud

    First of all thanks for sharing this,maybe can you tell us what tape deck did your friends use(or complete line age) i personally downloaded this into my laptop with a rip program and i want to ask you why does the title says 24/96 wich in fact when downloading this you will get 128 kb/s mp3,this makes me wonder does soundcloud compress the sound or you intentionally uploded like this? PS.i didn't read your last post,hence the questions!
  3. [REQ] Don't Cry 1985 DEMO (from the 1991 single)

    from what i know there are at 2-3 (maybe) don't cry demos,but definetly pre appetite and not 1988,the one where Axl talks over Slash's solo remains untouched,the other version eventualy a bit cleaned ended up on the don't cry single from 1991
  4. [REQ] Don't Cry 1985 DEMO (from the 1991 single)

    i know but in the youtube link above is also the official demo...i just pointed him to o better source
  5. [REQ] Don't Cry 1985 DEMO (from the 1991 single)

    it also on the don't cry cd and cassete singles from 91,i''l try to find for you aldo i have that maxi cd somewhere
  6. Why is Chinese Democracy so hated?

    to be honest i listen chinese democracy once in a year...one song or two like catcher in the rye or the blues street of dreams,and this just cause axl is there and i'm fooling myself cause his voice sounds like on the illusions albums....but not! chinese democracy is full of computerized era...wich is sad....it could have been a great album....but Axl creativity speaking, is not that great without his buddies behind him to save his ass and feed his ego's
  7. maybe home made reel to reel or fake bootlegs,i transfer also as a hobby afd vinyl on reel to reel but from what i know GNR is available only on cd,vinyl,cassette
  8. Tattoo's dedicated to GNR.

    take a look here https://www.dragoart.com/tuts/17084/2/1/easy-step-by-step-drawing-instructions-for-how-to-draw-guns-n-roses,-guns-n-roses.htm
  9. Tattoo's dedicated to GNR.

    still 30% to be done
  10. at one point in time i had it as my ringtone,the ''break down'' in the last part of the locomotive
  11. [Rare] Spanish broadcast of Paris 92

    nevermind the excitment but spanish speaking comentators certainly have a rare form of obsessive compulsive disorder
  12. W.Axl Rose VS Vince Neil

    Axl of course! he's a bad ass motherfucker!