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  1. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    They are still available in the fan presale. Go to slashonline.com and click on the ticket button for the Amsterdam show. It will take you to the presale at ticketmaster.nl. Or just try this link from their Facebook post one week ago: https://www.ticketmaster.nl/event/227293?CL_ORIGIN=ORIGIN8 Good luck!
  2. Personally, I also liked the Expressen GT poster that was handed out outside the stadium before the gig because of the yellow news paperish quality, but also because that picture was taken at the show at Soldier Field in Chicago on the 3rd of July 2016, which I also attended...
  3. So, yesterday evening I had an accident with my racing bicycle which resulted in 4 fractures in my shoulder. I was told that next week, I will need to undergo surgery. One of the first things that came to mind when I was on the ground was the show two days later in Göteborg. Currently, the painkillers (including morphine) are doing very well, so if that stays that way, I will still fly tomorrow from Amsterdam to Göteborg to position myself at the back rail of the Golden Circle, and hopefully without people moving against my arm. So if you see a Dutch guy with his right arm in a sling, please be careful and gently give me some space at the back of the GC so that under these circumstances I am still able to enjoy my 8th (and for now last) NITL show in the beautiful city of Göteborg ;-)
  4. How do you know? No activity outside?
  5. Flying on Saturday morning from the Netherlands for what I thought would have been the last NITL gig, but that was before Iceland and Asia were announced :-) Anyway, the 8th (and probably final) gig for me in just a bit more than 2 years time. Anyone any idea where they (or the big acts usually) stay in Goteborg? Quite a compact city, so I might drop by to see whether I can catch a glimpse...
  6. Is the time schedule already available for all acts?
  7. Golden Circle tickets are available again through ticketmaster.no
  8. The Locked N Loaded box was discussed on Dutch television last Friday: https://www.rtlnieuws.nl/rtlboulevard/voor-de-echte-fans-guns-n-roses-box-van-1000-dollar Not sure whether the video plays outside the Netherlands
  9. Duff, Frank and Melissa dancing to her music at the left side of the stage
  10. Well, Angus lives even closer to Gelsenkirchen than Nijmegen... hope he will be a guest at both shows...
  11. Mine arrived today. Shipping from Japan took only 3 days, paid much more than you including shipping fees and customs, but anyway, I like it! Thanks for the advice rockphantom!
  12. Also going solo from the Netherlands, also in FOS 1 rechts. Will be a busy week with the Foo Fighters the day before and Pearl Jam the day after :-)
  13. Maybe just personal, but I have never understood people buying signed stuff at ridiculous prices. It's the priceless experience of having it signed by the artist just in front of you (like my Les Paul after a SMKC gig a couple of years ago) that really counts...
  14. And ask whether they know more (although I am sure all the record companies have strict orders not to say anything)...