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  1. I just need a moment to process this. The same guy who incited the Montreal Riot, the St. Louis Riot, the Philadelphia Riot (among many others), just gave us new vocals for the first time in 10 years for...Looney Tunes. You just can't make this stuff up.
  2. Late to the party. What in the actual fuck did I just watch?
  3. How’s everything so far? I just got back from seeing Elton John. Totally blew me away. Now I’m gonna follow Guns last show of the tour.
  4. And this was literally under Duff’s tweet that said that Axl was sick. Moron.
  5. Anyone else would have cancelled the show all together. Not Axl. Big props to him for giving them 2 hours. If it was up to him he clearly would have kept going. This time, his body simply said no. And that's fine. I hope he heals up quickly.
  6. I know we go through this every single show, but This I Love... Clearly, that song does not love Axl back.
  7. Oh My God is still on there. Any chance at all hearing it before the NITL tour is over?
  8. With this being the last leg of the NITL tour, I am expecting Axl to bring out the big guns on this show. Setlist to include Perfect Crime, Reckless Life, Pretty Tied Up, oh and a special appearance by Izzy to play 14 Years.
  9. Trump Using "Sweet Child O Mine" at Rally In Montana

    You know Axl will have Twitter fingers once he catches wind of this
  10. My one and only front row experience was with Guns in San Antonio last year. As everybody has said, you have to queue up pretty early to even get a chance at front row. A little before noon, I’d say. When you get there, a line more than likely will have already started, although that means jack once you’re actually let inside, then it’s a foot race But while you spend all that time waiting, make friends with those around you. That is really the key right there. That’s what I did. When I was waiting all that time, I chatted up some nice folks from out of the state, told them how excited I was to see Guns for the 2nd time, and that it was my first pit experience ever and wanted rail They all seemed entertained and amused by my excitement so I had a whole crew who was going to help me get rail! Once inside I hauled ass as fast as I could, some other people got in front of me when the man who was checking our wristbands was going slow but as soon as that was done, a nice guy had a spot saved for me touching the rail, front row. I was very thankful for this as I am really small As for the bathroom situation, I had to go a few times throughout the night, and was let back to my exact spot each time. I’m also small so those that didn’t comply, I could just weave through them Merch: You can get that outside a few hours before doors open. If you’re at the very front touching the rail, there’s a little bit of space to set your stuff down in front of you. At least there was for me. And again I made friends with everyone around me so I wasn’t concerned about anything being stolen Sign: If I had known before the morning of that I was going to be in the pit, I would have made/brought a sign but honestly I think I’m glad I didn’t. It just takes up too much space, and you’re too worried about the sign than enjoying what’s happening in front of you Axl ended up smiling and waving at me twice that night, once during Estranged and once during Nightrain. Moments I’m taking with me to my grave. I still giggle like a little girl when I think back to it. All that waiting was 110% worth it. It was even better when after those moments happened, I felt people pat me on the back, and some people gave me high fives after. I guess because they were happy for me. It was cool TL;DR: MAKE FRIENDS! Be nice to everyone around you and it’ll only help you out in the long run
  11. Been waiting all day for this!! Finally out in the US!! About to blast this through my headphones
  12. Damn! Hold on. I clicked the unembedded url that was posted and all the tracks came up, but I'm unable to click and play them! Gotta wait till midnight I guess?
  13. Somebody should tweet Ashba that these solos have leaked and see what he says.
  14. Dammit. Got our hopes up for nothing. At least that’s confirmed.