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  1. The YouTube channel uploaded a video going through the contents of the Super Delux edition of the AFD boxset (the one that's $180 I believe)
  2. Think there’s any specific reason why they’ve moved certain songs around the setlist? Or is it because even they’re tired of the same order, same sequence?
  3. Hold on...is Axl wearing a scarf? I imagine it's cold there so it's necessary, but it took me by surprise lol
  4. Well, it's big for Axl, anyway. Slash and Duff always hang out with their families together, it's more so Axl who is the hermit. So to see him out like this with his fellow bandmates in his free time rather than bottled up somewhere, yeah, it's pretty cool.
  5. Fly GNAIR

    I'm not... I don't... Words. I cannot form any.
  6. Now we know why Axl sounded so good this show It's Dizzy FUCKIN Reed's birthday
  7. Goodnight motherfuckers! Axl killed that Nightrain
  8. Did Axl just say "Here comes the pain train" That's so cute lol, chatty Axl is my favorite
  9. Axl yapping away during Knockin'
  10. If you're not Fortus, you're against us
  11. "Hey Axl, I'm hearing you're gonna add another cover to the setlist. Is that true?" "Yeahhhhh Boiiiiiii!"
  12. Checking in right at the start of November Rain. Still so proud of myself for learning how to play this beautiful song on the piano. I can't play it half as well as Axl, but I feel like it's at least respectable. How has Axl sounded thus far? Any major hiccups?
  13. Wait... How can Axl be tweeting, and singing Yesterdays at the same time? I'll bet dollars to donuts TB tweeted from his account lol
  14. Or maybe he burned it.
  15. Imagine Axl Rose making a surprise appearance at a gig you’re at, Foo Fighters no less. So damn awesome.