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  1. For people wanting a summary of the interview: You missed absolutely nothing. Be glad you didn't waste 45 minutes on that like I did.
  2. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    You fuckers want something new? Fine, here you go. *plays Rock The Rock*
  3. I would be shocked if it was anything more, tbh. But who knows.
  4. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Well, I guess we know what Slash will be talking about in his interview today.
  5. Well damn, that’s a bit of a tease. It’s pretty clear that at this point, there is no real buzz anymore amongst the media with this band, but performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, which is one of the most-watched programs on TV every year, could have put them in the national (and global) spotlight again. This would have given them enough traction to follow up this performance with, say...an announcement of some kind. But alas, this is just another date which just so happens to fall during Super Bowl weekend. Guess I’ll just keep dreaming.
  6. Motley Crue, Def Leppard, and Poison 2020 Stadium Tour

    Oh hell yeah! They’re coming to my town. I saw Crüe during their “Final Tour” (lol), and I’ve already seen Def Leppard. To be honest I’m not super crazy about Poison. But Joan Jett?! I’m more interested in her than the main acts! I can only hope these tickets won’t cost an arm and a leg, but we’ll see.
  7. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Alright, I could use some tips from those more experienced than me. I have been wanting to get a turntable for quite some time now, but have yet to pull the trigger for a few reasons. One of those is that I’m not sure which one would be the best bang for my buck. I’ve done some research and found that the Audio-Technica AT-LP60 seems to be good, and then there’s the AT-LP120 as well. I’m not some serious collector or anything (yet anyway haha), but I do want something that I know I can rely on for a long time. What do you guys have?
  8. There have been a lot of Christmas movies added to Netflix recently for the holiday season. Anybody have any recommendations?
  9. MYGNRFORUM YouTube Policy

    I am too. I really try to give TB the benefit of the doubt, I really do. But when they go out of their way to let the fans know that their spirited discussion of their favorite band is not welcome...I mean what really can you say? Don’t know if this was ever confirmed, or even if it can be. But did we ever find out if Axl knew about the leaks?
  10. MYGNRFORUM YouTube Policy

    Much of this I think we all saw coming, as unfortunate as it is. What I didn’t know was that TB took it to the point of personally letting the mods know that they weren’t even okay with us TALKING about the leaks (sans links). Ya know...talking about Guns N‘ Roses...on a Guns N‘ Roses forum. I’m hoping, as mentioned, that as it pertains to links, users can either figure it out themselves to access them, or other posters here can help via PM or some other way. Just sad, really.
  11. are you ever getting bored with GNR?

    I can understand why people would say yes. They certainly have given us plenty of reason to be. But for me...I don’t know. This is my favorite band ever and there are a lot of sentimental reasons for that. So, yes I’ve heard Patience a million times, but there’s a reason I go back to that song. Their music brings me a sense of comfort. Because of this, it’s hard to get “bored” with GNR. Plus, as others have mentioned, we just had a whole locker leak. Safe to say I’ve been entertaining myself with those.
  12. Solutions

    This probably won’t work, but since we’re all spitballing, why not. Let’s say upon clicking into this private section, before actually getting admitted inside, there is a questionnaire type thing. I don’t mean some stupid “Who’s your favorite member of Guns N’ Roses?” But some questions formatted in a way that will actually help decipher whether you’re good or not, which most of us are. Then these answers would be sent to the mods who I feel are pretty level-headed, who will then grant access. I’m apart of some FB groups/fanpages and I know this was their method to get in. The biggest problem with this is that it’s very easy to lie on the internet. Anyone with half a brain could put together something that sounds good. So I guess with that being said...never mind, lol. I tried.
  13. Copyright Strikes....

    Wow, no more links at all. What a crying shame that this affects literally the whole forum. Sad that it’s come to this. I guess for any and every link someone may have, it’ll have to be sent via PM?
  14. What I mean is, all the fuckery that came with making and releasing that album, the lukewarm reception to it, etc. I mean, all of that clearly took a toll on him for a long time. But it's been 11 years now, do you think he still holds any resentment, anger, or insecurity about this album? Edit: I should clarify that when I mention anger and insecurity, I’m not referring to the album itself, but the process of releasing it and the reception of it.
  15. I gotta say, as much (rightful) bitching this forum does sometimes, this reunion is one of my favorite things to happen this entire decade. GNR is my favorite band. I never got to see them in their prime, but because of this tour, I got at least a taste of why this band is so legendary. I’m happy for their success. (With that being said, I will still be a said complainer on this forum about lack of new music and excess laundry bags )