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  1. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Just my impression or Frank was laughing? Not fun... I thought I could laugh, but geez, that felt painful (and more painful to watch as anyone seemed to care, and I can only excuse Slash as he really goes into another dimension when he is playing). Axl had to grab a towel and do the service himself... like, really?!? Btw, that scene made me feel sad for him, I don't know why (well, actually I know, but don't want to start with the whole talk again, but I still believe that doesn't matter how many Lebeis ppl he has beside him, he is still a loner - he sees them as family, but have my doubts that they would be at his side if any paycheck would be involved). Hope he is well (he tweeted about it today, and apparently he knows that those who care would blame those boots ).
  2. Best non-Guns Slash song

    By far, By the Sword and would LOVE to hear Axl to sing that song. It fits him perfectly, I love, love, LOVE that song. Fall to Pieces is my second one, I love that guitar riff. Well, Slash is a genius, whatever he creates is out of this world.
  3. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Just read the last couple of pages, and I was about to respond to some of the replies... But nah... I won't waste my time, I have better things to do. Some of you do not agree with whatever I wrote here? GOOD FOR YOU. I never asked you to agree! You can have your POV, and I can have mine. For the record, in the beginning, I was pretty much joking around, until some people decided to tell others that it is time to look at ourselves (!) I've been following this band for the past 20 something years, I LOVE THEM, but different than others, I'm not an ass kisser. I care about health way beyond looks. But why others (including myself) can't talk about looks? Oh right... there are SOOOO MANY other things to talk about in the GnR world... Ah a new album! Ah, a new interview! Wohoo, a new videoclip! Oh yeah for sure, same tour for the past 3 years and toy trucks as merch! What a "cool" topic, "wohoo". Oh, yeah, "for sure", let's kiss Axl's ass - Nope, I'm not one of you (thank God).
  4. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    ok, dumb moment when I cant figure out how to post a picture here again... whatever - I was referring to the Axl's "green" picture on twitter, with back shorts, black t-shirt and no rapper's jewelry. WHY CANT HE SIMPLY DRESS HIMSELF AS HIMSELF DURING CONCERTS? Why its so hard to keep it simple?!?! Btw, it looks like Mr. Rose saves a ton in clothes... his sneakers are the same one as years ago - unless if he keeps buying them over and over again. Well, maybe he has a collection of grampa's sleepers (I would never forget those sleepers... lmao) Let's keep talking so perhaps he can dump those rapper's jewelry (those necklaces are the worse ) and hats. I don't care how much they cost. Money doesn't buy good taste . KEEP IT SIMPLE SIR! YOU CAN DO IT! Or nah... let's talk about something else.. I'm bored. Will try to sleep. Gnight.
  5. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I do Well, actually I don't, but when it reached 999 it caught my attention. But it's been so slow... SO SLOW that I'm really writing on here now (and I rarely do it). We're getting tired of even bitching around Mr. Rose's looks. Until I see this. Wait a sec, brb.
  6. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Yup, that dangerous waistline. It makes me to stop and wonder HOW can't anyone from his entourage really help him to understand that is not just look bad because it does look bad - but because it can be really dangerous for his overall health. Mamma Beta please help your child (he calls you as his mom afterwards) and help him to wake up and take proper care of himself. I really wish Axl could have a real passionate WIFE that could help him to take proper care of him. For love, not for money. I can't barely watch him anymore either, unless I only focus on deep inside his eyes. And it breaks my heart. It really hurts to see how he left himself behind. The whole GnR thing... getting so tired of how it looks... same songs... same clothes... same tour for over 3 years... Tacky merch... Nah... yup, I'm tired. As for wearing make-up on stage... @Alja yup, I know that very well... and it doesn't have to be ORANGE. It doesn't have to be THAT bad. Steven, Mick, even Sir Elton (just watched him live btw). Even those guys, WAY OLDER than Axl, know that better. Again, enough of excuses, period.
  7. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    never said it was... and totally agree with you. Out of nothing people are blaming meds even without knowing the real reason, and even if that's the reason behind, that's my point: way too many excuses. This simply means not caring enough (not even saying about "look" but not caring about HEALTH), or having a bunch of ball lickers telling you how great you look. No excuses, period.
  8. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Lol - it is not a beard issue. It is that Trump orange makeup issue - lol. Axl hates DT so much that is starting to look like him... (sorry but not sorry, it is true). So yes, PLEASE AXL, FIRE YOUR MAKE-UP ARTIST, WTF! As for the hair... I really liked his hair - comparing to how he was wearing before cutting it. Could he afford the best hairstylist in the States, in the world, treatments, whatever? Yeah, perhaps, but you would never, EVER, be able to have the same hair as you used to have when you were 20 (unless if you're Tom Cruise - have no clue what that guy does, but he sure cares about what he eats, and he can count with an entourage that REALLY takes care of all these details for him). Give the a guy (Axl) a break... lol His hair looks better than before / last year, period. Huge improvement. Happy for him. Now what needs to be improved: ORANGE makeup. That is ridiculous. Belly: no comments. You're Axl F@ Rose. Blame medications? Find better doctors, look for more options, work your ass off, eat healthy, and change your wardrobe. No excuses. It makes me cringe when some girls post some current pictures of Axl on Instagram capturing "Oh my Gosh, look at him, so handsome, so perfect, his face, his nose, his whatever". Give me a f@ break. I love him, but he looks REALLY bad (a part from his eyes - inside his eyes). That same wardrobe (3 years and counting), horrible makeup, exceptionally white teeth (nice to have healthy gums and teeth, but those are too damm fake white), and, of course, the huge belly. The problem might be these type of people: "oh you look so good, look at you, so hot, you can get any 20 year old slut that knows nothing about you but your money" when he doesn't. No Axl, you do not look good. We will love you still, but yeah... it makes me a bit sad. EVERYONE AGES... and I still a crush on a bunch of people that are over 70 - because they accept themselves as what they are.
  9. Full ridiculous wardrobe is back, Mickey is back. Love this guy to the moon and back, but don't have to see/hear him like this. Good night, I'm out of here. Zzz's time.
  10. Someone here said "you guys are getting used with Mickey". Nah, he did sounded great - HE DID - until he before Rocket Queen. Now Mickey is back. Anyone can't hear?!?!
  11. Oh Jeez, full costume is back... Why... Why... WHYYYY????
  12. Hat is back, Mickey is back? Burn that f@ hat!!!
  13. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Is anyone watching tonight's show? FINALLY it looks like Axl has found peace with his hair (thank God). No ugly hat. Nothing covered his butt/jeans. HUGE protuberant abdomen (HUUUUGE - sorry Ax we'll love you still, but yeah, looks HUGE) but sounding GREAT. Phew. He must ready you all here - your wishes were heard Yup, I never post here, but I'm usually here Whatever. Huge improvement. Happy for him. I love that guy and will always wish the best for him. Always.
  14. FINALLY it looks like Axl has found peace with his hair (thank God). No ugly hat. HUGE protuberant abdomen (sorry Ax...) but sounding GREAT. Phew, finally some improvements. Way better like this.