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  1. I didnt understand, what was Axl saying to/about Slash at the begginign of WTTJ?
  2. Crypto, Bitcoin, ICO

    Im not saying it will solve the problem, at least not at first , just that it will be better then fiat. Fiat money is one of the few things cousing that inequalty, so bitcoin can only come as a better solution.
  3. Crypto, Bitcoin, ICO

    You are wrong there. Fiat currencys are heavily controlled and manipulated by countries, dividing people and worlds wealth. Ultimatelly, cypto is a chance for clean start. Can be used globally, isnt controlled by states, and it hase defitive number. No money printing!
  4. Crypto, Bitcoin, ICO

    Mining "creates" coin. And when all coins of one currency will be mines, miners will produce only transactions on the blockchain. So in short, generally, mining will not depreciate value of a coin. In regard to IoT, what is being said... Is that blockchain technology is already a solution for machine to machine payments, that will be needed in IoT.
  5. Crypto, Bitcoin, ICO

    I've been into it for a long time now, and I hold a part in 20 cryptocurrencies. But I'm not a bitcoin miner, and I agree with this huge power hungry mining being an eco problem. But mining is only a part of the crypto world. There ara many advanteges that crypto brings over the classic fiat currencies and assets. Also, you can find some reasoning why power consumtion is not only problem no solution kind of a deal: https://www.buybitcoinworldwide.com/mining/waste-electricity/ Overall, I see the crypto and especilly the blockchain being the new tech revolution that could change our lives dramatically in ten years or so. We are still in the early adoption phase, but crypto is slowly gaining momentum to the mainstream. If and when crypto becomes fully used, maybe bitcoin will not be THE currency (and most of the crypto's will fail in the end IMO) but I think some of them are here to stay for a long long time, and will ultimatelly change the world as we know it.
  6. Crypto, Bitcoin, ICO

    Till something new comes out with this band, just to pass the time, are you guys into this? I think it's gonna be huge in few years.