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  1. 08/11/17 - Winston-Salem, NC - BB&T Field

    Oh man, you should have taken some photos
  2. Tough choice between UYI and NITL. Voted UYI, but it was a close one. He is technically better today, but I like the energy, improvisation, guitar tone and wildness of his UYI performances.
  3. 07/27/17 - St Louis, MO - The Dome

    Bad Apples as opener... ...It's gonna be same old setlist. Not sure why are you getting your hopes up every time, thing are crystal clear the whole tour. No major changes, they are playing it safe. It would be cool to see a RQ as a starter with an apology, but not gonna happen. Eventually, Axl is gonna say he's sorry: Sorry for you, St. Louis, not sorry for me.
  4. 1992 at wembley was probably one of the last great performances before Slash and Duff left. Love that version, truly great live performance.
  5. I went to just one show, and I'm sorry I didn't went to one more. Shows are really great. Yes, Axl's voice isn't on his 90ies level, but it's good overall, and great at times. The band may not be at their musical peak (wich is very logical), but they are good, they are pro. And it was not all roses before with AFD and UYI tours. They had many memorable performances, but also the other ones. They were many times late for hours, a lot of shows were cancelled and band incited more then few riots. Riots people! Axl had rants that were longer then their songs, and their songs tend to be long. Sometimes they would show up totally fucked up, drunk, stoned, couldn't hit notes and played poorly. On this tour, guys are being complete pros. Not a single show was cancelled or they were late on their behave, and the shows are mostly 3+ hours of great music. The band is good, and a few years back we could only pray for something like this. They have lost their hungry, sex drugs and rock, edge, they are not the most dangerous band in the world anymore, but thry still play great RnFR. So enjoy it while it lasts. If they come to Europe again, I will go to see them again. Hoping for another EU leg. PS - The Seeker rules live!
  6. You where there and you know what happened woth Izzy? You are sure Steven could handle few years of NITL? Cuz he was a cry baby after not being called for more shows last year and changed his opinion every other day. Not saying it would go that way, just arguing a different opinion. What I said might be a cliche, but it's being backed up with their history with the band, wether you like it or not.
  7. It's not being advertised solely as AFD30 gig, it's also a NITL NA second leg warm up show. About Izzy and Steven... They were in the play for NITL. Izzy wanted too much cash, so they say. But maybe it was just an excuse to not go on a big tour. He is known for not likeing big tours and events, left the band for that long ago. And Steven.. I like his drumming, but can he truly stay clean, in shape and focused for a few years of touring, with 3 hour concerts 3 times a week? They are not part of NITL, they will not be a part of this event. This will be similiar to the NITL setlist, shorter, MAYBE with less covers and a few more AFD songs. Don't get me wrong, I'd like to see Steven and Izzy there, for this event and the tour, but it's just not realistic. Not gonna happen. But I'll take what I can get. Axl, Slash and Duff together in GNR that's just great and more then we could hope to see few years ago. Enjoy it while it lasts
  8. Yeah. It's a surprise to see RQ so far in the lead.. But, that's the all time best album for me. Every song can be No1, except Anything Goes and Think about you.
  9. Hard one. I could easily go with WTTJ and MM, but I gave my vote to RQ this time. Many memorable and different performances, the song is very versatile. From fantastic groove of Steven's drums with classy hard rock sound at the Ritz 1988, the drunk performance ''you can dance to this shit, come on honey'' in Nobblesville 1991, and now experimental solo contest Slash vs Richard. Like them all. Just a bit sorry they didn't let Steven perform this song instead of OTG and MM. He would kill it.
  10. 07/15/17 - Tel Aviv, IL - Hayarkon Park

    Few videos already up:
  11. 07/15/17 - Tel Aviv, IL - Hayarkon Park

    Ok I'm sorry, cut me some smack.
  12. 07/15/17 - Tel Aviv, IL - Hayarkon Park

    Chill out Litti, I was only joking Thought it was an obvious joke, since we already wrote the show was over an hour ago
  13. 07/15/17 - Tel Aviv, IL - Hayarkon Park

    They are doing Mother intro with Axl singing Uuuuuh baby, Trump should've built the wall.
  14. 07/15/17 - Tel Aviv, IL - Hayarkon Park

    So it's done... Bohemian tragedy was the best