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  1. JoeyBananaduck: If you had read all my posts, you would tought of a better pun that actually make it in context...so your dick isn't bigger, sorry. In case you wanted to know what I'm saying, is that I can't think of another example beyond these two bands, with more music integrity...Also that I can listen to without feeling that someone or I could do it better...so be it in a two note passage, or a bigger part of a song...or in any form of their art, as to say image/style...whatever. Are we talkin' the best from the best in an all in package. I like Chet Atkins for learn more from my guitar and expand my knowledge. Howlin' Wolf when I want to seek my soul, he really sings... you know... Fito Paez from Argentina is like some kind of your Elton Jhon, he is good, in what he does. For a couple of songs I'll put Metallica from time to time, mostly when I'm feeling so Macho I search for Slipknot. For diversity I'll listen to Ariana Grande, she's very good, you should too. Punk.
  2. That being said, my personal taste, I prefer to have the best posible albums, not lesser quality, or lesser known...neither B-sides...and much less formation III album, formation IV album...and so on... From my point of view, I've got the best debut album in 87, the best acoustic in 88 among what you missed from roots of the band, the best and whole of what was happening from 89 to 91 among the songs that didn't fit in the first album in an 91 album, the best cover album in 93, the best live album in 99, the best posible albums...the best of the best in 04 album...and that includes the best Axl could to meet those standards in 08 album... With all my respect, some says Spaghetti is not a great album, for me it's the best cover album. Guns N' Roses always did better versions than the originals. But Izzy and Steven were no longer there for the best sound. Some says Chinese isn't a great album, for me it's the best that we can get without the original members. But we and they don't want the formation III album. The hughest hole in timescale was from when Slash went, to when Chinese finally came, that tells something I'm referring in upper posts. Taking into account that Axl didn't want to start a new project in 97, cause he did that hard work before and didn't want to lose what he had, He'd left you with the best posible Guns album past that. I's a solo project in the form of he was the only member to not jump wagon, but is clearly the best he found from others musicians inputs and that is far from a solo project. That dicotomy is bitter in the negative side. As is equally negative that the original members didn't learnt and come back to say sorry with a different state of mind. All of them learned the most hard way, doing the same Axl did in 85 and go on... You can't get more integrity than this! All things considered, I'm glad it is what it is. I'm glad there is Led Zeppelin, and Guns N' Roses, and the rest below that can suck my fucking dick...
  3. So, putting all this a litle bit more togheter... Axl had the vision and creative mind, intelectualy speaking, of a band named Guns N' Roses, only he knows where to go in what direction in the most part of the times...clearly we can see, that there can't be 2 bosses in any aspect in life. So, when the original band felt that he was in charge, they turn sick of it. Axl must have been learning that if you push the envelope so far, you could find yourself alone, or with something worse than you had. Slash can clearly fullfill his visions, and knows where to not go here and there from time to time...Slash becomed a succesfull boss of his own visions, but can't find the right singer to fulfill all of his...He worked with singers that he needed to polish, carry, lacking something, or being a junkie pain in the ass when he wanted to push the envelope...In some period of time he was in Axl's Shoes...The worst case and most learning experience the last in time, when Scott thought he was on an higher step for the Velvet Revolver camp being Slash in charge... In a Guns N' Roses piramid you have these 2 compliments in the upper side, with Axl on top of that...In the down side you can decode what happened to the rest, in every ambit of the business, personal relationship, or form of art. They were the best musicians from LA in the 80's, that's why all of them wanted to play among them...But they had yet to learn and mature in some things...And to now they couldn't find better musicians to work with...not even in a matter of presence to say some example. So tryng to get there more quickly... I feel the same as you, and that's the reason I didn't go to a lot of shows...Here in Argentina I've seen Guns in 2010, and reunion 2016 only...cause I can't stand the same setlist... So, I feel we were close to hear a monster old/new record if Izzy would have been learning quicker. All of the above considered, how can you dare to ask for the same loot as your boss, that you left behind misunderstanding him 25 years ago, now. Also without taking into account that you didn't do anything to take the brand alive to these days...???????? That utterly simplyfied THING, let us without new music, or a bigger reunion... Cause Izzy's the seeds and the link between them in the compositions ambit...and as I said before, Steven is light years from this kind of awareness, learning curve, or profesional form, so isn't truly needed as to move forward.
  4. default_: With much respect, I tell you, Prince was soloist, and apart from that...when an artist dies, the company give you what's been in the vault for their reasons, not the artist. Think about the quality of music you've taken from alredy dead artists. Think about the quality of Hendrix post mortem albums. Guns N' Roses is about quality, and what most people misunderstood is the reason why Axl doesn't want you to hear what he thinks you can't hear. Ok, we are not talkin' about the music only, let's talk about the image, why you won't see the better video, because that isn't the best form of image to represent this band, lacks the quality Axl think the brand deserves. Search for the Mr. Brownstone video, better than better video, but canceled too, cause it lacks in notches for that quality. If someday all that becomes official realeasings, you would see unfinished works, and the picture you have retained from the artist will change for a lesser degree.
  5. Learning about all of this unsimplyfied or examplied, is how you understand why this band raised the rod so high, and then why they fell so apart, and how to reconstruct from there...and then what? A record isn't that far from now, nor the Izzy's back, but how well they learned and how are they acting now... I feel that Izzy's near that land...but Steven so far from that. Would change anything when Axl feels how is it to be on the other side? As an employee for Aguns Young boss demands...
  6. Another problem is when you put that togheter knowing who is the boss of the brand. In example, you can find a work, sign as an employee, you can take the brand to a whole new level if you work that hard with your talent as an important part...But that doesn't mean from then you are in charge, or your boss will then follow your visions, nor the pie would be in your hands. It doesn't matter taking that example to a Cooperative society, cause in life there's always be a hierarchy. In this case the piramid could be in other forms apart from the musicality...as in some form of "I wake up in the day and doing interviews, while you are doing drugs living the night", "I'm acting more to the audience, practicising, and you are just standing there forgeting how the songs goes about" or " I'm thinking about all these legal papers and inputing with management while you're drunk flyng in your skate ramp"... So the only way for learn this is, you can make your own band, find yourself in the other side and make your mind. There's lot to talk about, It's hard to simplify. But I'll give you 2 notes: 1- Izzy in 02 arena as guest, walking to the upper catwalk. As guest for Aerosmith moving around so far in the catwalks. 2- Slash asking his boss for a salary increase. What that means for you?
  7. Ok. Loose ends. Follow me...When you make a good pie, you know the ingredients to achieve a goal in flavour. You can taste it and be aware if something is missing. You're fully counsciously that you can make it better, in your mind. Now let's transport this to music...How many bands you can count with only one hand, that you can listen to, unconsciously agreeing that a note, a section, a song, or whole album, is as tasty and perfect coocked as you can get the pie. Meaning, you don't find yourself above that piece of art, in that case you are below the motions, waving with the dynamics, just enjoying it. In the opposite case, when your mind is playing above, you find yourself running a solo, thinking a different note for the bridge end, feeling uncomfortable with some backing vocals, singing different melodies, or adding/sustracting parts. It can be in the form of an error, as a hole, some fault. In this case in particular, what Axl and Slash are clearly saying, is that they doesn't have flaws, they aim for the perfect melody, note, or part. If that goal is not achieved in any form, there's dalayings, messed mixes, or b-sides. Ok now here is the problem from my point of view...For Axl to get NEAR that goal, he needed a lot of messing with the layers, no matter who was playing around, he can find an almost perfect wall constructed from lot of different tools or parts. I sayd almost, cause he need a perfect wall of sound, to sing the perfect vocals against. Now, all things considered, it's easier for you to understand why Slash has been making good records, but failing to achieve the best vocals for those pieces of art. That is the synergy between artists pushing themselves to the best they can. Now is easier for you to understand the other parts of the puzzle, being Izzy with Duff, Izzy with Slash, Duff with Steven, or wathever.
  8. AslatIE: I made a topic days ago about the album cover...You can read it IN THE JUNGLE... There's more...beyond the red hand... Feel free to tell me your toughts...I'm interested... Most people will tell you the art is garbage colleage trown in...
  9. Chinese Democracy Cover Meaning...?

    So... The parallel between this album and that game is bigger than I tought... Both starts the same... Can't neither use the bike...
  10. Chinese Democracy Cover Meaning...?

    Move the threads...Leachers up your arms... Before a monster...got thrilling Skulls in hands... Learn to see... To reach the skies... Then grab your star...
  11. Guns N' Roses was here?? Appetite for Democracy or Chinese Destruction?? Hungry monster or fed up Basket Case?? The inhability to move forward... To work freely... Into a closed street?? From Freedom... To Hapiness... There's so much Weight... Colors fade away... When you can't ride... You take a walk... But with emptiness ahead... And all those things behind... You're stuck in past... While on present glued to ground... Chinese Democracy... Like the godfather in disguise... To blame those who care... Is to blame those who taught... To be known where you are... Or for heal some more scars...