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  1. With all the respects to the professional crew, I just don't like the NITL stage design. Too many video screens (is it really necessary to have video screens on bloody stairs? ) and the visuals are tacky and quite distracting. Also the lighting, while impressive, just isn't very dramatic imo. The stairs and platforms are quite distanced from the audience and are not used that effectively (compared to UYI tour). All in all, the stage feels quite cheesy and Vegasy IMO. Couple of examples: Welcome to the Jungle in UYI tour - after the main guitar solo in the breakdown (YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE?!) the stage goes dark except for the manic search lights, creating really dramatic and intense moment. Also the Live and Let Die strobe lights. While the UYI lighting rig was impressive as well, it seemed that they managed to achieve more with less compared to now. The platforms were well used (of course the band, especially Axl, was more fit back then ). The current stage is clearly made with big bucks and professionalism but I just think it lacks good taste.
  2. That You Could Be Mine final scream! He may be lacking rasp a bit here, but he makes it up with sheer power. His energy and intensity is almost on par with his 1993 self.
  3. Seeker already - Probably only 3 song encore
  4. Haha Axl: This is the time we used to start playing. Maybe we should start over? Duff: plays opening notes of It's so Easy
  5. Well I love the song and the band plays it beautifully and in addition, it fits Axl vocally. Sad thing is, I don't think Glen Campbell and that song were ever that popular in Europe so the song kinda kills the mood in the crowd, especially in large festivals. The song would fit much better in smaller venue with more intimate atmosphere. Also, with Blackhole Sun as well, it's been almost year since Campbell and over year since Cornell died so the tribute value for those covers has little dried by now. I guess the band just enjoys playing those songs. It's just sad that the set is so filled with covers IMO
  6. Looks great, but we might need a pic from the side perspective as well I don't actually mind how fit he is, but the cowboy boots and ripped jeans are terrible. He looked actually quite nice during the sound check
  7. What song? Cannot watch the streams at the moment.
  8. One sad possibility is that they didn't film the gig as a whole - instead filming only bits and fragments and individual shots to be used for the music video. I can't say for Cathouse exactly but that seems to have been common practice in the 70's and 80's, when filming music videos, as film stocks were (and are) quite expensive. That being said, I sure hope that they filmed the whole thing and it would surface someday, the quality is amazing and it looks like a wild gig I especially love the shot of Axl singing and standing staunchly while the audience is tearing his shirt off. They sure were menacing mofos back then!
  9. One thought occured to me: when was the music video for November Rain filmed? Obviously it was in late 1991 or somewhere in 1992, as Gilby was in the video (with Tracy and Roberta there to help them). I just always assumed that Slash sitting (or standing or laying) on top of the piano was a callback to the video, but I just noticed that he already did it in 1991 with Izzy still in the band as seen in St. Louis and Stockholm videos. So maybe the idea for standing on top of the piano in the video came from their live shows and not the other way around. I had never thought of that
  10. Maybe not a monthly subscription style, but a website where you can purchase shows individually à la Springsteen and Metallica. It would be awesome to include full concert videos as well. I think most bands with similiar services offer soundboard only - with videos GNR could offer something unique. Of course I understand the quality wouldn't be the best - I don't think they recorded that many shows on multitrack so the audio is mostly just the raw mix and the videos are probably just the live screen feeds. It still would be a goldmine for fans to finally explore the vault. I, for one, wouldn't mind if they didn't spend that much time remastering the footage - just put them online as they are and I would empty my wallet. Wishful thinking, of course, as I don't think the band would be very willing releasing concerts with possibly bad playing, bad quality and with all the tantrums. But in this time of internet, such service could be possible. Hope they would smell the money
  11. Fucking awesome quality! That audio is pristine. You can even hear Gilby's guitar