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    Penalty may of been soft but rashford dispatched it under huge pressure.im not a utd fan but credit where it's due,to have the injurys they have and pogba out suspended and turn the tie around,some character they showed
  2. Hahaha iv not seen this but will have to go see it now.i never thought id be going to look for a Lenny Henry video ever 😂
  3. 😂😂 to be fair Lenny Henry has alot to answer for the unfunny bastard,that fucking adverts for premier inn alone should get the cunt the jail
  4. Yeah he is very well known here.he was really weird and everyone i know says the same thing.always gave off the impression he was quite poor etc but he was actually fairly well off.was always doing lots for charity,swam across loch ness before for charity if i remember right.if he could swim across loch ness id say he is a decent swimmer so doubt he would of drowned going for a swim like he was hoping people would believe.im suprised nobody knew anything about this to be honest as inverness is so small news travels very fast,but the first anybody up here knew of this is that video in america.he was seen in inverness just a couple of weeks ago
  5. This guy is from my city. was always abit of a weirdo and the worst busker known to man!! Then sold bracelets,bangles etc which were also shite Never heard anything about this till yesterday when i seen this video.was not totally shocked by the news to be honest as he always had young girls hanging about him.that said i never thought he was a rapist right enough,did lots of stuff for charity if i remember right but then so did jimmy saville so.....