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  1. The Boxing Thread

    What in the utter fuck was that? Fury robbed big time and how he got up from that knockdown is the best thing iv seen in years.if i seen that in a film id of said fuck off as if that could happen but fury got up and ended round on top,take a bow son
  2. The Boxing Thread

    Think the fight was close,really close but GGG shaded it for me I said before the only way GGG was winning is if he got the ko! I hoped he would,doesn't mean i don't think it was a close fight,it clearly was but for me GGG won a close battle,like he did the first time around. But! It's all subjective i guess and there are folks who will argue canello won but i think like first time around GGG did enough to win,close yes but to me he won A 3rd fight? No thanks as it will be close again and the judges would spoil it again