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  1. Yeah Axl/dc is the closest we get. Since 2010
  2. I mean listen to this. Then listen to any show from 2016.(even Houston). This is the shit right here! Close to 80's
  3. still cant understand how can there be that much of a difference. Then and now, 2016 is nothing compared to 2010. But how and why ? Age? Weight? who knows...
  4. Maddy's intro is always great. That mid range with rasp is still there. He just uses it occasionally. This isnt about age... Just preference guys
  5. "EARLY DAYS" ? dude cmon.. his 2010 vocals were as amazing as his 80-90's. it was just 7-8 years ago. He still has the raspy mid range, but i think he cant use it any time he wants to because of his physical condition