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  1. THE Best gnr tribute band ever ?

    he can actually hit the high notes in the video, he has a wide range for sure
  2. THE Best gnr tribute band ever ?

    and this is SCOM. The ending vocals are fucking sick dude... Powerful and sounds like axl
  3. THE Best gnr tribute band ever ?

    Yeah my thoughts exactly !
  4. this is their rocket queen cover. The vocals are fucking insane. And so are the rest of the band. Ya'll should check their other videos too. This is some good stuff
  5. Yeah Axl's 2016 vocals with ACDC is comparable to his 2010 level.
  6. Yeah Axl's 2016 vocals with ACDC is comparable to his 2010 level.
  7. I mean, madagascar is good now. The intro he sounds raspy, but on the 2nd verse and so on, he switches to falsetto sometimes. But listen to this 2010 madgascar. its just fucking insane and he looks so relaxed like its not difficult at all. I have no clue why he doesnt sing like this anymore... 3:15-3:30 mark, that scream...
  8. Tokyo 2009 VS Los Angeles 2017

    Tokyo's vocals are far more better than todays... Cmon guys, just because Slash and Duff are there doesnt mean LA show was better. Axl's voice is the bottleneck
  9. I think Axl's vocal range has started to decreace. Many singers range gets worse by age just like Axl. Axl cant hit the TWAT notes anymore, he simply cant go high as he used to...
  10. I hope Axl reads this and gets his shit together man. Fuck falsetto
  11. He sounded amazing on verses. Raspy mid-range, sounds just like the album. In higher parts he used falsetto, but its ok. This performance is equal to his 2010 level on some parts. Amazing
  12. GUYS WTF. Axl singing verses of Madagascar with rasp. Holy fuck it sounds amazing. A LOT better than the last one
  13. Maddy is a great one. It sounded good but I dont think that Axl gave %100. He doesnt sound bad, but not good either
  14. Guys just look at this. And now tell me he has lost his voice... AXL DOES NOT care about gnr anymore. Unless they ll make a new album, he will keep sounding clean and will use falsetto on every concert. He has nothing to prove with GnR now. But look at ACDC. He has the SAME raspy voice of his youth. He s bored and done with the GnR music thats all.